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Found 14 results

  1. I was just feeding my fish ( NLS Spectrum Small fish formula ) pellets an sat down to watch the fish eat and low and behold a large creamy coloured Gecko pops out to pick up the pellets that I left around the feeding hole ( I am a little clutsy lately) . Firstly , my knowledge of reptiles would fit on a postage stamp in # 10 Helvetica but I thought lizards only ate live food ? Seconly - will the pellets harm the gecko ? It often comes out at night to get bugs attracted by my aquarium lights - but very surprised to see it eat pellets . My room is unscreened - with a ceiling fan ( old school ) so no chance of keeping bugs or lizard out !
  2. Just wondering if any one has changed over to the new Algae Max instead of the normal Cichlid Formula or Thera A pellets for there Mbuna African Cichlids and what changes have you noticed
  3. Today we had notification that New Life Spectrum are going to increase their pricing in the next week which will be across the entire range. If you want to beat the price increase or if you are running a little low on your favourite food it might be an ideal time to grab some before it goes up in price. With the way that the Australian Dollar is performing we are noticing a number of price increases lately so a perfect time to grab some. Here is the link to all the New Life Spectrum Food we have. New Life Spectrum
  4. .Well its finally arrived... All the way from Europe AQUAmunch Thrive Advance.. Aquamunch Thrive Advanced we sent out some sample to people all over Australia and if you were one of them PLEASE COMMENT HERE with how you found the product We are kicking off the product with some great specials 100g - $9.95 0n sale now $7.50 (Forum discount $6.75) 250g - $16.95 On sale now $12.50 (Forum Discount $11.25) 500g - $22.90 On sale now $19.00 (Forum Discount $17.10) 1KG - $29.90 On sale now $25.00 (Forum Discount $22.50) 3KG - $75.00 On sale now $65.00 (Forum Discount $58.50) These prices are for a limited time as we want people to try it for themselves... It is also available in a stage 2 size 1mm which will be released soon The images below are to show you size comparison as well as the pellets water stability
  5. I purchased a tub of nls nutri gel today from [MENTION=1338]The Tech Den[/MENTION] and thought I would post a review for others to get an idea of the product! It was simple enough to mix, 3:1 ratio of water to nls powder. Stick in the fridge for 20 minutes and you get this... mmm tasty. As you can see i cut a slice out and then halved it. I tried to stick the jelly like food onto the glass, which failed miserably although the fish (mbuna) didn't seem to care! I'm trying to figure out the best way of feeding so that it is distributed evenly between the fish and will post updates as I do so, thanks for reading.
  6. as stated, ive heard lots about how much people love it. is there any one who thinks its just another name brand? for the record i do use nls thera with no problems, just curious. cheers.
  7. Hi Peeps, You have been very patient and it has finally arrived. Here is a link, Age of Aquariums - Spectrum Mega Fish Formula 1.875kg Ben
  8. Anybody know what the equivalent of the Hikari Carnivore on the Spectrum (NLS) products?
  9. Does anyone know where the cheapest place to buy nls from?
  10. As I walk into my fish room all I can smell is a garlic smell as I feed spectrum Thera A thought that might be the cause anyone else have the same smell in there rooms thanks Gavin
  11. Im just wondering what are people's thoughts of nls do you rate it, or not If not what do you like Thanks
  12. Hey guys, I have been a long time believer in New Life Spectrum, but just recently I have noticed more and more people suggesting that I try Sera's Discus Granulated foods for several different reasons. I would like to hear peoples opinion on both products and perhaps some pros and cons of each to compare and contrast. Cheers, Chris
  13. Can anyone tell me are these two same stuff or they are difference. I know they are the same brand but maybe different stuff cus Im using new life spectrum cichlid formula for my Africian cichlids but the one that I enquired from the Redland pet center was new life spectrum grow. Reply will be appreciated. Cheers!!!
  14. hi all today i baught some new life spectrum chiclid forula and the seal was brocken. i have heared of cases that people open them and replace it with cheap crapy food. what do you guys think
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