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  1. Good Afternoon Fellow fish nuts. Need some new backup Filtration? Something quick and easy for your quarantine tank? Or even a simple cost effective filtration system for your shrimps? This week we are happy to announce our Sponge Filter Bonanza Special. Follow the below link for all the details, and sign up for our up and coming specials. http://us13.campaign-archive1.com/?u=72 ... 155f3b8fd0 Cheers Josh
  2. Hi, could anyone help me out in suggesting a air ran sponge filter and air pump please, have ordered a mid range priced canister to play with but am also interested in perhaps using an air sponge set up instead of the canister for a 45l tank which will eventually house a smallish group of Spotted Blue Eyes, Peacock Gudgeons and Glass Shrimp, planted lightly with Vallisneria nana, Lilaeopsis brisbanica, Native Penny Wort in natural aquarium gravel, thanks.
  3. Ocean Free Junior Jumbo Sponge Filter- Sponge size is 14cm x 16cm. Perfect for larger aquariums as supplementary filtration or keep a sponge filter going in your tanks for those times when you need a fully cycled filter in a hurry. It can be a life saver!!!! Head on over to our website to snap up some of these massive sponge filters today! http://www.thetechden.com.au/Ocean_Free_Junior_Jumbo_Sponge_Filter_for_up_to_68_p/qhu124.htm
  4. Was just thinking, would you be able to run one of those single or double sponge filters through a solar air pump? Would it be strong enough?
  5. Can someone help me understand what sized air pump i need? My set up is going to be 6-8 nano tanks, each is almost exact 10 litres on 2 racks (4 on top and 2-4 below). Im using ATI Hydro sponge filters in the mini size for all the tanks and want all of them to run off the 1 air pump with a gang valve to split everything. At the moment im using my TetraTec ASP100 but even though it seems to work, water flow isnt great- this model does say its for 50-100L but i dont know what its LPM rating is. How many litres per minute does a pump need to be rated at for this sized nano tank to give sufficient filtration?
  6. Need to supply air via sponge filters to 35 tanks. Would a Hiblow HP80 be sufficient?
  7. Wondering if you cover a sponge filter in gravel or sand will it aid in the filtration area. Any thoughts?
  8. Hey fellow forum peeps We have just received our container from our tour of china and have a couple of NEW goodies to share (more coming in November) First of all we have taken the every day sponge filter a step further and introduced 2 NEW models Model # 1 HI-FLOW XY-380 The HI-FLOW filters are much the same as your old sponge filters except they are now made with a different grade of sponge. The new sponge increases the flow through rate and prevents clogging. The new HI-FLOW sponge filters are also MUCH MUCH easier to clean compared to the traditional sponge filters Here you can see a comparison on the materials used The New HI-FLOW models are available now for only $7.95ea ($7.20 after forum discount) or if you buy 10 they are only $6ea ($5.40ea after forum discount) xy-380 Sponge Filter Large Aeration HI FLOW Model # 2 HI-FLOW and SILENT XY-380 That's right we have engineered a HI-FLOW sponge filter with 0 NOISE... the unique design of this filter produces many micro bubbles to create it's current draw. The creation of these micro bubbles in return give a flow that is completely silence (no more blop blop sounds from the fish room) The use of micro bubbles also give a greater flow into the filter with the use of less air. What this means is 1 you have a greater oxygen exchange rate in the water and #2allows to to run more filters off the same air pump The NEW HI-FLOW SILENT models are also available now in our online store. They are $8.95ea ($8.05ea after forum discount) or if you buy 10 they are $7ea ($6.30 after forum discount) xy-380 Sponge Filter Large Aeration HI FLOW We also have a NEW HI-FLOW jumbo model available but more on that one later
  9. Hi All. Great price today only on the popular Large Sponge Filter. Link - Age of Aquariums - Bio - chemical sponge filter ( upto 480 litre ) Ben
  10. Got a heap of small tanks to set ? Looking for a cheap Filter ? Then we have a BUY for you 10 x XY-2835 Sponge Filters for only $29.95 ($2.99ea or $2.70ea after discount) Use your 10% discount code QLDAF10 to receive an addition 10% OFF These filters are also IDEAL for placing in transportation buckets in replacement of a air stone (not much more cost than an air stone also) xy-2835 Sponge Filter Large Aeration. Don't forget about our flat rate postage of only $7.00
  11. Hi All, I wanted to use sponge filters for the following breeding tanks; 1 X 6ft with two 750L sponge filters 2 X 3ft with two 500L sponge filters each Does anyone know if; This filtration is sufficent? What size air pump would I require? I really want to keep the power usage down as its just for breeding.
  12. I've got 10 spongies that I want seed and use as soon as possible. If I have a tank of water that is cycled and then clean a heap of my existing sponges in that tank and then run the new ones in there for a day or so!!! How long before I could use them. ??? What are your thoughts. Cheers Marty
  13. Should I have the sponges in my canister filter on top or underneath the media in my canister filter as I have seen it in both places which works better
  14. Just wondering what size sponge filter is best for my 3 x 2ft breeding tanks as I have noticed some of our sponsors sell the xy-180, xy-280 and the xy-380 is it better to over filter or not also what is a good brand of 4 outlet air pump to run 4 sponge filters thought about the resun 4 outlet cheers Yellows
  15. looking at puting a sponge type filter in a 2ft for a fry tank, i have a spare aquaFX ca-8100 4.5watt 2outlet air pump, would this be big enuf for 1 sponge filter?? how do u clean sponge without losing good bacteria. thanks for any help
  16. looking for some rigid sponge filter foam similar to the following- can get it on ebay but looking to buy it locally in brisbane.. anyone know if there are alternatives for this that is aquarium safe? wouldn't really want to test it myself but if anyone can share actual experience with using alternatives would be good. clark rubber have a whole heap of foam but only one that is aquarium safe.. unfortunately it's not suitable for the above application as it's not rigid enough.
  17. This is the first batch from this pair that have gone to wiggler stage. As they started hatching, the parents transferred them and spat them onto one of the two sponge filters in my tank. Is this normal and what can I do to ensure the best possible survival rate for these wrigglers?
  18. I went to AOA today as I was passing and bought a mini sponge filter ! There new in and as lots of you are doing aquascapes or nano tanks I thought you might be interested There was a smaller one which had media in the bottom also Some of Tech Dens Macropore 600mls for size comparison As there both sponsors mods shouldn't have a problem with this thread FJ
  19. hey guys i have a breeding setup of 7 tanks i am buying brand new sponge filters today i dont plan on putting any fish in the breeding setup for atleast a week should i run my sponge filters in my established tank for a week or will they be ok if i just leave them in my breeding setup for a week??
  20. So I run a few tanks on sponge filters but have never really stopped to think is the rating on the filter ie (upto 100 ltrs) mean 1) tanks upto 100ltrs 2) upto 100ltrs p/h flow Ive always been overkill on it eg atm ive got 2 480's in a 2ft fry tank. I was thinking along the lines of tank size but have seen filters upto 1080 which is a lot to handle for a sponge? But then again how can it be flow everyone has different air pumps/ supplies?
  21. i have attached a link for sponge filters. just wondering has anyone ever done anything like this, if so how did it go.Swiss Tropicals Fishroom
  22. I'm in search of a sponge filter that I can put in a small fry tank, not too big and one that I can suction to the glass rather than sit on the bottom so as not to squash baby corys when I bump the filter or do water changes. Any suggestions where I may be able to get some or any dyi ideas? Thanks
  23. Thinking of changing all my tanks to sponge filters and buying a lp60.just wondering what size sponges everybody is using in their tanks? and what size i should buy? I have 6 x4fters & 7 x 3fters. and will be adding more in the future. shane.
  24. hey guys where to pick up prefilter sponge for intake on eheim 2213 12/16mm hoses? any help appreciated this will be on the new shrimp tank http://www.qldaf.com/forums/product-diy-technical-discussion-11/2ft-x-2ft-x-1-25ft-tank-57371/ cheers guys need it pretty quick
  25. The larger sponges i'm running don't fit under the waterline of my q tank. I was thinking i could either tank the top tube off or cut it in half. Would that work or will it effect how the filter works?
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