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Found 95 results

  1. Been having people looking at my fronts and pointing out white spots above the middle bars saying y bars or could split or something? What does this mean?
  2. Hey all.. Our urchin has been hanging out in the same spot if the tank for the last week. Yesterday it moved away and I noticed this white mossy looking stuff. Can I get an ID if what it is please google failed Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  3. Hi all, We are relatively new at keeping fish and have made some stupid rookie mistakes and just when we thought we were getting a grasp on everything we have noticed white spots over a proportion of the community population (2nd day now). In the 200L tank we have: 4 Gourami, 5 dwarf gourami, 3 honey gourami, 40 tetras, 14 danniios (spelling), 3 corys and 2 bristle noses. Equipment wise we have an aqua one cannister, hydra 40 ( cartridges removed ) and an air line with 2 outputs. So far I have dosed the tank with Blue Earth white spot treatment (tetra strength) and am slowly pushing the temp to 30c. The medicine instruction doesn't say anymore than redo in 3 days. (Doesn't mention water changes etc) Can anyone offer advice on what else we should be doing? Thanks Mat Sent from my SM-P350 using Tapatalk
  4. The smaller guy in the pics is my concern. He has always seemed skittish compared to my big docile gold spot. When the light is on he seems to drop his colour. He can sometimes even look like he is on deaths door he goes so light. Then he pops off to his log and comes out 10mins later nice and as dark as the big fella...30secs later he drops his colour again. Is it just his natural camo going into overdrive against the white sand and perhaps the light? Or does he look stressed? He is a eating and pooping machine, growing steadily and doesn't otherwise act worrisome....
  5. Hi there, I have an Angel fish with a white spot that suddenly appeared on her eye today. She has got fry at the moment is there anything I can treat her with that won't kill the fry. Also I don't know what the white spot is or what has caused it. There is only one other Angel fish and two bristle nose catfish on the tank. Any advice would be appreciated I will try an attach a photo
  6. So i did what i didnt want to do and turned my discus tank into a community tank, 6x2x3 heavily planted and now stocked with 12 large discus school of cardinals school of embas, 5x rams, cherry shrimp and 5 threadfin rainbows. just recently added the rainbows, on the weekend to be precise, and now the 3 males appear to have early stages of whitespot, however are still feeding and displaying to females showing nosign of stress. i realised just now after doing a water change on the weekend i havnt had my heater on, so before i put these fish in the temp has been somewhere below 26d, so ive just put it back on which willbump my temp up to between 28-30d. my question is, having never had whitespot issues in all my years of fish keeping, will the disease go away without treating? will it pass onto other fish reguardless of their immunity? what can i treat the tank with thats not going to kill my plants? my water parameters are perfect, ph 6.5-7 and temp will soon be back up to 28-30. please help!
  7. In my system, that's funny This little guy in the has been in the second tub for ages and I neve noticed the blue and green spots before, i would have thought the little blue ring in there would have taken it out, the three little cuties in there seem to be able to avoid it nicely!
  8. Hey so after losing 90% of my fish to white spot recently I would like to ask now that I have it under control and most of my left over fish seem to be doing ok except my electric yellows they are still dying off around about one a week could that be cause of the damage caused from the white spot?
  9. My sil has got a small tank with Mollies, a couple which I've noticed have got a white fungus growing around the eyes & some spots on the body. Looks more fuzzy fungus type than spot to me. Anyway she went to her lfs & has treated the tank with white spot treatment, but the fish have not improved. I suggested she do a full water change & gravel vac then treat again. But Im not quite clued up on the best way to go about clearing this up. I have heard about salt baths, raising temps etc. Can anyone run me through a proven treatment method for this condition? Thanks Sent from my HTC_PN071 using Tapatalk
  10. Hi just want to know if Orange Spot Bristlenose will breed with a common or are they like Peps
  11. How do you knock white spot off quickly before it nails all my fish?
  12. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has ever treated ich or any other parasites with triple sulfu at all? I don't need to treat or anything but the brand I have says it can be used for this. I also have one reference saying the same (sort of) but very little detail. Aquarium Medications Part 2 | Antibiotic & Antimicrobial Treatments Many thanks!
  13. Hey, I'm a new member here, as I have recently bought a Motoro stingray. Everything has been going fine with him, he's in a huge tank (400lt) for a still very small guy. I do 2 water changes and week and make sure to give him a decent feed every day. His tank is heated with nothing sharp or potentially harmful in it with him. Today I noticed on his belly he has a single little red spot. This is the first I've seen it, and it's definitely appeared either yesterday or today. He is still swimming actively, eating all his food and acting normally but I'm worried as its just come up. Has anyone seen this before? Or have any tips on what it is, is it harmful or do I need to worry or anything? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
  14. hi, bought this juvi today , it was advertised as a red spot green, the seller mention it looked like it had a bit of Turk in it , I bought it anyway because it was a nice looking fish, but to me it looks like a plain Turk , not a red spot green x, as it doesn't really have spots and looks more blue then green.
  15. Hi all, I have a couple of problem (what about I know in fact) in my marine tank. First of all, some basic information about the system… It’s a 145L set-up that operates for almost 3 months with a 60L sump. The temperature of the water is continuously between 26 and 27 degree thanks to the chiller. The skimmer is an AquaOne model, the light is provided by two G3 90W CTLite Smart LED. The lights work as full-day climate light cycling. The full light is about 6 hrs. I use a piece of LR and 2 bags of different filter medias (crushed coral and Marine Pure Spheres) in the sump. I do water change almost every 3rd week. I use API test kits for measuring the parameters. Nitrate continuously zero, ammonia is 0.25 and sometimes 0.5 (rare), phosphate is 0.25 from the beginnings, pH changes between 8.0 and 8.3. Salinity is between 35ppt/1.026 and 37ppt/1.028. I have read I should use more serious test kit for more accurate results. So I thought I will try the brand of Salifert. Are these test kits better than API’s or should I try another type? But my main problems are the next… There are unbelievable much algae (brown and green) on the glass, on the interior equipment and top of the gravel. Also there are lots of small gas bubbles in/on the gravel as well. Every 3rd day I need to clean the glass if I want to see fish… In my humble opinion, as I did some resource on the Internet about the possible problems it could be because of the high level of phosphate… maybe, please correct me if it’s false. Hence, I have read about Refugium also, GFO and Carbon Filter Media reactors, which could/can reduce the amount of the phosphate. If I needed to use one of them which would be the best solution for this system? I really like the Refugium but I’m afraid there is no enough space around the sump. Other problem, which appeared only yesterday that there is a quite big white “spot or something like that” one of the live rocks. What do you think what is that? Is it serious? How could I treat it if necessary? I tried to make some pictures about the problems, hopefully they will be visible to ID’s. Please give me feedbacks about the problems also, if you can see any other things or dramas do not hesitate! Thanks, Jani Lots of algae... Picture of white spot will be post in a next because the system didn't let me upload anymore here...
  16. found a couple of these big boys while moving fish out of my ibc, been awhile since i bred any so put a trio together and next minute we have a huge log full of eggs, females aren't much smaller, these were ones i bred a couple years ago,
  17. That was a surprise,there was a bit of bare glass a few months back near the front? Now there are all kinds of stuff growing around the place and where there isn’t the softer life forms, there are corallines covering what was a bare glass base, mostly just the layering mesomorphum coralline, so the tanks floor is coming up wards! So there are no bare areas of my glass any more where there is low to high light and good flow. I haven’t cleaned the glass front or sides in over 4 months, so I can’t see much of my tank, but something was glowing through the glass, so I took a pic from above. I do that some times so I can see what is happening in my tank. I will clean the glass one day, lol,one day!It’s the green/blue shiny thing to the right front, algae I thought when I got it, but I have no idea really! It’s nice looking what ever it is, lol, its blue through the glass that I can make out andaqua green/blue from above, very cool!
  18. Hi all, newbie here but been in fish keeping for a year or three. Started with goldfish on the misguided assumption that they were easy, now that I know how big they grow I re-homed them and went tropical. Anyway, I have a 4' tank with a couple of beacon tetras, some cherry barbs, a bristlenose and I managed to trap some Crimson Spot Rainbows locally (after paying $11 each for some store bought ones that died quite soon after). I'm having trouble with the crimson spots (everything else is very healthy, to the point the cherries are breeding in the community tank). They grow for a while start developing nice colour, but then a little pink spot (looks a bit like fairy floss) appears on the flanks, it grows over a couple of months, then they get thin and die. I also have a couple that have no sign of infection but are extremely thin (noticeable because their heads are massive in comparison). I don't seem to have any water parameter issues (ammonia and nitrite always zero, nitrate kept below 40ppm with fortnightly water changes). Temperature kept at 25 degrees They seem to eat happily, some tiny pellets, some defrosted frozen bloodworm, some flakes and some frozen brine shrimp on a bit of a rotational basis. I've tried quarantining them and adding medication but that doesn't seem to help. I don't know if they're diseased, underfed (or fed the wrong things), or not happy with the water. Also not sure if there's something sharp in the tank they nick themselves on and get infected, but that's a bit of a reach, I doubt it (I checked when I assembled the tank). I can't seem to find out what's going wrong and would appreciate some advice. I haven't had a fish loss (other than the rainbows) for over two years now, so I think I take good care of the tanks. Thank you.
  19. Have been away on holiday for 3 weeks and have come back to find white sPot. 150L planted aquarium with a variety of tetras and guppys and long fin albino catfish... Guppys look like someone has springled air bubbles all over them! Pet shop said raise temp to 28 degrees and use a white spot remedy.. He wasn't sure if the remedy would affect the plants! Help... What can we do?
  20. Sorry for crap phone pics, had to share :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Got about 10 of them to give away if anyone wants some..
  22. who has any of these Elongatus Jewel Spot Pseudotropheus Elongatus
  23. i have recently purchased 2 more clown loaches, and i already have 21 in total through various other tanks but these 2 seem to have black pigment poka dots on they're body ??? has anyone else ever experienced this ? or know what it could be ? - this is not my actual fish, but is the same issue, further reading has led me to believe its just a body pigment like freckles in humans ??
  24. I have these white balls appearing on my fish. It seems to spreading. I just wanted a confirmation as they DON'T seem to have the symptoms (itching on rocks and substrate, hard breathing, loss of appetite). It has also been lingering for 3 weeks or so and very gradually getting worse. All fish in the tank are complete pigs and no major fighting is going on. I have attached a couple of pics of the Blackbelt (and a Synspilum below it) whom seems to have it the worst. Should I be putting some salt in the tank, getting white spot remedy or going for some sort of fungal fix (API product maybe?). Any help is greatly appreciated as i finally have the tank exactly how I want it and don't want to have any massive losses. It is 8x2x2 so will have to treat the whole tank.
  25. hey everyone, i've recently set up a 10 2 foot tank stand system built specifically to house my bn pairs. I have 4 pepermint pairs 4 longfin albino pairs 1 shortfin albino pair and one orangespot trio. I have alot of experience with the other varities except the orange spots. just wondering as they look a little different to the common bristlenose family if there are infact slight differences in breeding these little guys. please and thankyou for your tips and advice =)
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