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Found 21 results

  1. Hi All, Does anybody know if Spotted Raph cats in Qld/Australia. Pretty keen to get my hands on one/some. Steve
  2. Years ago I had a spotted gar that was probably the best fish I've ever owned. I'd love to get another one, but it's my understanding that they're now classed as noxious? Is there any practical way of getting some kind of permit or something? Google hasn't been too helpful in this regard. Cost isn't too much of an issue for me. My work means that I have to go with a 100% legal method, even if that method is a loophole etc. (Just in case anyone is interested) I got my last one at about 9-10cm. At that size he was happily taking pellets and bloodworms. His growth was rapid and he seemed quite sociable with his tankmates (Sailfin pleco, gold spot pleco, silver dollars, clown loaches). I had initially planned to move the smaller fish before he grew large enough to eat them, but they seemed to interact in a friendly manner, so I wound up leaving them together. Within a week he was recognising me and would get excited when I approached the tank (gars have an adorable waggle when they're excited). At that point it was probably just the food he was interested in, but later he would actually rub himself against my hand in the tank. It was almost like having a puppy at times. At 10cm his only obvious marking was a black line along his side. The spots began to appear by about 12cm and he was completely patterned by 15cm. As he got bigger I started giving him live food as well as his pellets and worms. Initially this was feeder gudgeon and small shrimp, though later it included some small cichlids that a breeder friend didn't consider up to standard. He'd eat as many as I put in, getting to roughly 3 times his normal circumference, then spend a few days digesting and growing at a ridiculous rate. While he'd eat anything new that I put in, the fish that he grew up with didn't seem to register as food to him. More than once I saw a clown loach doing that lay on their side/nap thing on his snout without any problems.
  3. Hi , got this juvi today , it was advertised as a red spotted green , but the seller mentioned it looked like it has some Turk in it . i bought it anyway because I liked the look of it , but It just looks like a Turk to me , as it has no spots and is more blue than green.
  4. Being as I now have three baby blue eyes, am I allowed to post in this section?
  5. Hi guys, not sure if these pics uploaded properly. I have purple spotted gudgeons in my tank, is anybody able to id them for me as to whether they are northern or southern purple spotted gudgeons? Thanks
  6. Hi all, can any one id these as to whether they are northern or southern spotted gudgeons? Thanks
  7. <BR><BR>At my Lfs and saw these and anyone have information on these? Google wasn't too helpful.
  8. Hey guys, just wondering if spotted silver dollars are easy to find? I'm wanting a school of them, I bought two small ones today... but wanting at least 4 more. The two I have I need to grow up a bit before they can go with my Americans and I'd prefer to grow them all up together if I can't get bigger ones.. Anyone have some they are selling or know of a store that has them, and prices? I'm considering going to exotic fish connections, pauls aq. At oxley, and maybe pet city but bit of a drive for me if not necessary! I'm also after bocourti, green sevs, white saum and gold saum rivs. thanks heaps And sorry if this was in the wrong section, wasnt sure where to post it.
  9. on Saturday I "spotted" my smallest(4 cm) spotted gudgeon swimming upside down, then last night I found it dead and missing all its scales? I'm very puzzled, does anyone have a clue why it died? thanks Jake
  10. Spotted talking cats REGION: Sunshine coast interior PRICE : $50 ea, or $45/10. QTY : plenty SIZE : 4cm SEX : ???? CONTACT : Pm Available immediately. Can be freighted anywhere, or meet me in Brisbane. Trevor 0438 146 484. Sorry, no pick ups.
  11. I have a 100 litre round concrete pond. Imitation half barrel. Have weeds, bullrushes, three PSG's amd a school of gambusia. I have been feeding the PSGs bits of chicken, fish, leftovers really and they seem to be doing well. On of the PSGs is about 12 cm and expected the gambusia to be reducing gradually but they are not. So either I have been feeding them too well or they are not interested in the small fish? Do PSGs eat gambusia? If I stop feeding them would they be ok?
  12. Hey Kids, Here is a quick video of my Spotted Blue Eyes Pseudomugil gertrudae ............. They are so awesome when they are out (which is not normally when people are around) and showing off!!! Enjoy..........!
  13. I have been told that the above fish is great for ponds & IBC's. Where can I get them from for a reasonable price?? Any help appreciated. Cheers
  14. I got 3 new Spotted Dollars yestaday to go with the 3 I already had (Thinking they were the same). But they look a bit different. My old ones have red/orange belly and front fins, normal colour eyes. The new ones have red/pinky cheeks, Black eyes and one has a red mark behind the eyes. The original ones I have a "Metynnis lippincottianus". Anyone tell me what the name is for my new ones? Here is a video of them all together.
  15. Hey guys, I'm just chasing someone that has experience with these little guys to run some questions by. Just not sure what happy behavior and not happy behavior is. Shoot me a pm or reply to the thread if you can help. Cheers, Sam
  16. hey today i was scooping some shrimp for bait and i came across some purple spotted gudgeon just wondering if its illegal to keep them in my fish tank, thanks.
  17. I took a video of my Spotted Dollars today and was wondering are they doing? Fighting, Playing, Mating? Also how do I sex them?
  18. just want to know a price on what i could sell these guys for, around 5cm to 10cm
  19. Hi all just wondering if anyone has heard of a gold spotted sailfin pleco. Looks a bit like a golden pleco but has fins like a sailfin. Need help with info on these as considering buying one from a petshop at 7 cm and r concerned its not what they say it is.
  20. hey guys just after some info on these guys i have found there ph is ok between 6-7.5 , i'm also curious as to if i would be able to put these guys in my african display tank they are 10cm and my africans are 12-15cm but my african tank is at 7.8ph any info or help with these would be great cheers Terry
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