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  1. Hi all, Decided to post a worklog on my latest project. I'm going to replace my 4 ft with a 6ft and turn the 4 ft into a sump. Will be a long term project, but gotta start somewhere. Here's a piccy of the existing setup, i have to build a stand to fit into that alcove. You can see part of the steel frame cut out and laying on the floor. This is the stand in planning stage, its 50x25x3mm steel. And here's a plan with the tank and sump on. Thats not the finished product, after i make the stand its off to the cabinet maker to get "dressed" in some sort of quality timber with mini orb steel trim. Here's what im hoping to achieve, Let me know what you think, any suggestions, ideas,thoughts, etc. Off to the shed now to get a piccy of the half built stand. Brendan
  2. Has anyone looked into these tank and stand combos? http://www.aquaone.com.au/2015-04-16-04-47-04/2015-04-16-06-00-17/aquariums/item/3157-56168 They look like a pretty neat little setup for the money. I am thinking of one for a small planted display tank (comes with T8 if I remember correctly) to keep a few bristles, some tetras and some shrimp. I have a better filter to replace the under powered hang on one that comes with it. Opinions?
  3. They're on Facebook located in Pimpama.They got 6x2x2 tank stand and hood for $880 on facebook. Im thinking of purchasing one. What are your opinions? Cheers..
  4. Tech Den Deal of the DAY!! Have you been thinking about setting up a display tank? Would you like super clear, low iron glass and a beautiful wooden cabinet? Well then we have the deal for you!! ADA Cube 45cm Tank and Wood Cabinet 45- WAS $1459.30 - NOW ONLY- $485.00!!! That's a saving of 67%!!! And, of course, all forum members will receive a further 10% discount!!!! This tank looks incredible and will be a stunning show piece in anyone's home. Due to the size it is Pick-Up only. Click on the link below to check out this amazing bargain!!! LIMITED stock available. http://www.thetechden.com.au/dealoftheday.asp
  5. Hi Everyone, I have been restoring a timber tank stand. Is the standard finish gloss or satin polyurethane/varnish? Any opinions on what to use much appreciated. Thanks Chris.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. hey guys, hope this is helpfull for some people, just how to build a simple but strong 2 tier stand. all up cost $45 and 3 hours own labour. all structual pine. this will hold a 6 x 2 x18 on top and a 5.5 x 2 x 18 custom tank on bottom...................... happy tanking guys mike
  8. Hi all Just wondering where everyone else has been to get a custom made tank and stand and if they found the quality of their work lived up to their standards. Im looking to get a Quote for a 6x2x2 With Starfire front and side. Then a quote with just the front in starfire. Cheers, Jake
  9. A little stand I've made for a cube tank I've ordered I almost forgot why I'm enclosing it looks pretty good open style, I've made it all square to give it that modern look.
  10. Hi guys, not sure what to do I have a 1500x600x600 tank on an 1800x600 50mm box steel stand. I have just purchased a 1800x700x700,and my question is will it be ok to have the 100mm overhang? should I use some ply under it to distribute the weight?
  11. My stand for my 6x2x2 was quite low, so decided to build a stand to raise it up a bit. Watched a video on youtube of a bloke Joey DIY aquarist on youtube so decided to copy his video and give it a crack. Im no handyman by any stretch but the build turned out OK. Bought a cheap drill and mitre saw and away I went, with some help. Stand is now 900mm high, so once tank is on it should sit roughly at eye level. Put some aluminium tube on the back to hang my light between also. Should have enough room to put a hospital tank under main tank also. Few pics
  12. Anyone know of someone in the gold coast or Brisbane region that can quote me for a custom stand (enclosed) in black finish, 2pac doors? to suit an 8x2x2 with 5x18x18 sump? I had a pm string with someone years ago on here, but have since lost that original contact. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Cheers
  13. Anyone know of someone in the gold coast or Brisbane region that can quote me for a custom stand (enclosed) in black finish, 2pac doors? to suit an 8x2x2 with 5x18x18 sump? I had a pm string with someone years ago on here, but have since lost that original contact. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.
  14. Just thought I would show off my new stand built buy Mick and Rob at Aquarium 3 its awesome the lads did a fantastic job and great price! cant recommend them enough! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aquarium-3/1498886103685932?fref=ts
  15. Could anybody possibly assist lifting a tank onto its tiered stand with me and hopefully 2 other mates? Its only a 5x18x2 but its 12mm ALL SIDES, so it weighs an absolute tonne. Stand height is 1.6M Was looking for possibly tomorrow arvo/evening but I'm easy if people are willing to help I can work around of course. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. .Hey All For my yr12 timber major i will be constructing a timber stand and possibly a hood if i have enough time. Id like it to be a decent sized tank around the 8ft mark. Im going to post the progress of it here so it could possibly help others and also to get some tips and advice along the way. So far i haven't committed to a size yet because id like to get the tank first before i start building. Here are some ruff plans i have drawn up. (wont upload for some reason) I have an idea of a slide out step coming out of the center of the aquarium as i want the stand to be quite high this would help gain access to the tank without having to use a step ladder or something like that. It can also double up as storage space with drawers.-What are peoples thoughts on this? Thanks
  17. Hi all, Thinking if moving to a 4 x 2 x 2 in the lounge and putting it on a solid entertainment unit we already have. It's 18" wide however (plenty long enough tho) and I would be using styrofoam. Can this work? If so, can it work with the 6" hanging over the back? If not, is 4L x 18w x 24h a common size?
  18. After a long time ignoring the tank, my 6x2 metal stand got some rusted places. I am reading around and got some ideas but not sure if it works. Please help me. 1. Get metal brush attached to the drill and take the rust of. Clean with WD40. 2. Get the fine sand brush and sand all the rust and the painted area as well. 3. Paint the rust area with zinc paint 4. Repain the whole stand with black marine rate paint Will those steps work as I am looking as making it a main display tank again. Thank you.
  19. i got a banch to put my new fish tank on but its 1 cm to short iv sat it so theres like half a cm hang over on each and i dont see that effecting it at all but would like to see what people think will this effect my tank sirport and crack over time or exsplode or will it be fine cheers
  20. So have been chasing a 2ft cube on a decent stand for a while and not finding anything. Anyway I found a 6x2x2.5 for $50 with a suspected cracked bottom, turns out it just needed a reseal. Decided to cut him up anyway and have a crack at cutting up my own glass and making a tank and stand. This is what I ended up with. Lots of looking through cichlidwifes posts I'll tell ya!
  21. Hey guys! I've decided it's time to get into the breeding game! Been tinkering around on google sketch-up a bit and sussing a few different designs by people and came up with this... Stand sits at 1610 high (top of timber), 1380 wide and 610 deep. Made from 70x35 pine. I've looked on Bunnings but there's a number of varieties of pine they have... which one would be recommended? Currently planning on bolting/hex screwing it together. Ideally I would like to have 4x2x1.5 tanks (potentially hard to get?), but I have allowed 250mm clear from top of the tanks to the underside of the frames above to allow for 4x2x2 tanks with some clearance. I would like to make the stand bigger to allow for 4x2x2 with 200-250mm clearance above, but I'm worried the extra 300mm or so will make it a bit too tall with the tank on top and I fear it might topple over... Also, I'm planning on adding a plywood base that will sit underneath the tanks to spread the load a bit (as well as a layer of polystyrene for insulation etc). Anyone have any thoughts on a more efficient design or would this suffice? I just feel a little nervous about whether it's going to hold as each tank would weigh a fair amount. Thanks a lot in advance
  22. Hey guys, I'm getting a 4x2x2 tomorrow or Tuesday, it is currently on a stand but I'm after a cabinet to hide the sump, and keep the little ones out of it. So I was thinking of adding ssome boards to the side and doors to the front, also removing the bottom shelf and adding a frame on the bottom for support, is this as straight forward as it seems, or am I best of getting a cabinet built from.scratch.
  23. Hi all! I've had a browse around and unless my eyes deceive me, which they do sometimes, there's bugger all info on here to help an eager fish keeper to build their own tank stand! Surely there's plenty of you out there that have done this, I've seen some nice stands being built, particularly [MENTION=2664]cichlidwife[/MENTION] but there's no one thread that gives you all the important tips to read through if you want a go at it yourself. So maybe we could all post a few points here and make it a sticky thread?! So it's easy to find?? Tips like pros and cons to wood and steel and do's and dont's. I myself am about to embark on a 10ft stand in timber to hold three separate tanks. I'm good at building and over engineering but suck at documenting my processes. I've build plenty of stuff from my daily job of building pumps/ motors to my spare time building new extensions on house so I should be okay building a stand for a fish tank but it's be nice to get some tips from the pros before I start! Last thing I want to do is put my tanks on a pile of matchsticks!! So have at it, and give me your thoughts. I intend on putting a 4x2x2 on each end of my 10ft stand with a nano shrimp tank in the space between. Cupboards underneath to house filters etc and one big arse common hood to cover them all!!
  24. I have just been gifted a four foot tank (43.3W, 125L, 42H) and was wondering if anybody has a cheap stand/cabinet for sale. This will be kept in my garage so does not have to be flash
  25. some one wont let me post pics so no one can see,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, happy with result. looks hot
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