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Found 24 results

  1. Does anybody know of someone around building display quality timber stands ! I know about Gary Maher - he does not deal with the public so I do not deal with him ! Then there is Aquariums'r'us - cheap and cheerful , will last for years but I am hoping for something a bit prettier . After a pair of identical 24x18 stands 700mm or 800 mm high ! At this stage it is looking like I will buy from 'r'us unless I can find something better .
  2. Hey everyone I'm looking for about 50m of 50x50x2mm thick box section steel anyone know some places north brassy that sells it cheap
  3. Hey guys I'm just putting it out there to see what would come of it ! I'm a trade qualified boilermaker/ welder and I'm making custom galvinized stands and racks for fish keepers. The stands/racks can be made at my place or on site at yours to order and built completely to your design and specifications to meet personal requirements. The stands can be made in any length height width and configuration to suit your needs and any size materials depending on tank sizes and weight limitations. Basically there's no job to big or small you design what you want and how you want it and I'll build it if this is something you guys might be interested in pm me and we can discuss things and go from there thanks again hope to hear from you soon!
  4. Looking at getting a steel stand made sunshine coast Brisbane area recommendations anyone
  5. Hi guys, anyone here do welding in the Southwest area ? I have a 3 level steel tank stand that I need the two rear uprights, repositioned as they currently encroach on the tank holding area. I can deliver it to you and pick it up, would it take long to do ? Thx, Phil
  6. Hi guys and girls. I have a hobby of making cabinets stands and hoods. Im located west of brisbane in ipswich. My page is on facebook, if u search custom built fishtank stands/ hoods. Timber designs. While I build to order, I still make up stanfs in meantime. Currently have a 4 ft by 470 wide stand. Selling at a great price. Pics can be found on my fb page. Cheers
  7. Has anyone tried these to make knock down steel stands??
  8. We now stock a range of locally made Pine Stands & Hoods. Exceptional build quality at a decent price. All sizes currently listed are in stock. They will be loaded on to the website shortly. Hoods and Stands are also available for seperate purchase. Prices listed below are for Stand & hood sets ( tank not included ). 610mm x 305mm Stand / Hood $109.00 910mm x 380mm Stand / Hood $189.00 1220mm x 380mm Stand / Hood $229.00 1220mm x 457mm Stand / Hood $269.00 1220mm x 610mm Stand / Hood $389.00 1830mm x 610mm Stand / Hood $519.00 Deduct 10% off these prices for QLDAF Members as pr usual.
  9. Hello anyone who reads and just wanting to hear thoughts on some experiences with big tanks on tiered stands.... Organising a makeover on the fish lovin room and was wondering what people think when it comes to strong sturdy stands for multiple large tanks... I'm leaning towards pallet racking....this will mostly be for 7 x 3s(maybe only 18" high to make room for 3 levels) and hoping to go 3 tier...so its a lot of weight on a tiled but concrete floor...other option I would consider is using a custom made steel stand (in case measurements are hard to work in with pallet racking)... Just curious to hear what others thoughts/experiences are like with tiered stands for big tanks...things to watch out for,etc ?? ...anyone know if you can you get pallet racking to suit 7 x 3s ?? :confused: Cheers
  10. Hey, I'm a fabricator/ welder, In 2013 i'll be setup to make steel tank stands, Mild steel and stainless ( can mig and tig) Anyone one looking for one hit me up. Cheers Geoff
  11. As the title suggests I am looking at building metal stands for my breeding setup, does anyone have any suggestions on what I should use that is cost effective and will be structurally sound? Any suggestions are welcome.
  12. I'm looking at buying a 6x2x2 but I don't want to go all out and buy a stand too. What is the a method of making a stand that will be reliable and efficient? Milk Crates are one idea but will this even work with a tank that big? Any advice appreciated.
  13. G'day, At last my tank stands arrived, and I've been waxing for a while now to get them looking great. I've had one tank set up with water cycling with a few guppies and plants. My other four ft tank has the substrate in ready to go for planting. I've looked through this forum on the live goods section for a while, but it seems that very little comes up with plants on offer. I want to set up a planted tank, and have a decent substrate with laterite and vermiculite mixed beneath small black gravel. I was wondering if any members have plants available regularly, or currently - and if we can set up a section (or direct me where to look more closely) for this type of information.
  14. Hey guys if your looking for a custom made fish tank stand and hood just let me know. i also have a some basic types i build which are still 100% more stronger then the timber ones you buy at the aquarium shop plus alot cheaper. Here are some basic stands that i can do to order . If you are looking for prices for these don't hesitate to call matt on 0422883933 or PM me thanks
  15. was down at bunnings today and had quick look at what appears to be a new range of pallet type racking systems, appeared to be reasonable quality for the price and simple to erect with very little tools, just a hammer i think. was very impressed with the rigidity of the racking and can only imagine its worth as tank racking...check it out.
  16. hey guys, im going to need to make a stand out of steel for a 8x2x2, i want to make it 2 teir to hold a 4ft sump under and another 4ft tank... just wondering best place to get steel etc? cheers
  17. Hey everyone, Just wanted to know if any one on here makes/sells basic unpainted steel/metal stands? I need one for a 2x2 tank, I'll be covering it my self and painting it just need a somthing basic to build off. I want the stand to be 800mm high, So if theres anyone out there that can do it just send me a pm. Thanks, Skinnyman.
  18. Just wondering what everyone uses on metal stands under the fish tanks. I was thinking of marine ply, not sure of the costs. I want something that is not going to go bad if some water goes on it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance Rob.
  19. Will be making my own with help of neighbour in the next few weeks so will put up my own progress pics as I go. Here is the link. Might help the guys who are considering a ADA style tank stand. Thought I might post to help other forum members if they are looking to create the same style stand. http://www.projectaquarium.com/plantedA ... Stand.aspx
  20. I am going to order some rhs and was wondering what you all think for this sized setup? I was thinking 40x40 2mm wall? Steve
  21. hey guys i know and have delt with their tanks, to be honest didnt have much bad luck apart from sharp edges, but i am looking for a stand and was wondering whats peoples opinions are? for the price they seem to be pretty good there, but for quality???? can anyone please tell me your thoughts and opinions please?? thanks
  22. G'day everyone I am hoping to start makin some stands for myself soon but am unsure what size steel to use. The stands will (i hope :worry: ) need to hold a 6'x2'x2.5' on the bottom and a 4'x2'x2' & 2'x2'x2' on the top. The bottom isn't a problem as I can add a few extra supports underneath. But I would like to avoide putting an extra brace between the top and bottom as that would get in the way of the 6'x2'x2.5'. (I hope I am makin sense :gurn: ) Could someone please tell me if 50x50 box with a 3mm wall will support the 4x2x2 & 2x2x2 without a sopport in the centre? Or should i use 75x50 with a 3mm wall? Would REALLY appreciate any help with this :upsidedown cheers jono
  23. I am after a stand for my tank, does anyone make them or know of someone who can make them??? Cheers
  24. howdy everyone, gunna try get back into the whole forum and fish thing again. well as some of you know, i have an apprenticeship as a chippy, and im pretty handy with timber, and you would know if you saw some of the things around my house ive made. from retaining walls, to bridges to stands and hoods. my question to you people is, would any of you be interested in buying these stands and hoods?? the stands would be made from mgp-12 (the stuff they make houses out of) and both glued and screwed. so theres no question of strenght. so feel free to express you thoughts of this idea in this thread and weather you would be interested or un-interested. thanks nicko
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