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Found 54 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. We have a variety of live corals and they start from just $15 - available in store only. They just came in yesterday afternoon and have not had time to open up when I took the pick but they are coming out now and looking even better.
  3. I want to add some API Quick start to my tank once I hook my sump back up to it do add enough Quick start for the tank plus sump volume or just the tank volume and is it safe to add it to the tank if I already have fish in it
  4. Hi , Looking for opinions on the two products ? I currently use the Aquasonic rift lake conditioner . My water changes are 1500 - 2000 litres a week , I run bare bottom tanks . So I go through a fair bit of product . Our water is extremely soft up here . Cheers Mark .
  5. Okay so i got my 6ft tank set up its divided for breeding and i filled it up today with tank water and added API Quick Start to each section. Tanks have drift wood. Sponge filter and one section also has hang on filter. Question is can i add my peppermints straight into it? As it has the api quick start. Also got ammo lock should i add a cap full to each section too?
  6. So far i have ADA plant & shrimp soil and crested java fern. once the water settles which should be this weekend the stock plans are. trio CRS trio CBS trio snow whites with maybe 1-2royal whiptails for abit and also a trio of high quality yellow cherries
  7. ...Fired Clay Bristlenose caves start from $6.25 with your discount - and Australian and professionally Made. When we dropped the price on the Zigzag bristlenose caves they sold out really quickly - we just received our shipment of over 300 caves. Sounds like a few but they go quickly.... Here is the link to them... ZigZagFish Breeding Logs and Caves
  8. hi all, tank has been running for 6 weeks, ran the filter for a week then added food every day for a week couldnt get the tank to spike. i added dirty water from another tank and washed the filters out in the dirty water still couldnt get a spike. ive never had to do it before but i added a 12 africans which have been in there for 3 weeks i think and still nothing. im no expert but ive never had problems with getting my tank cycled before any help would be appreciated! tank is a 6x2x2 with 1 FX5 running tank has not had a water change ammonia is 0.25 nitrite 0 nitrate 0 cheers, Hoody.
  9. Just wondering what small natives I can keep in a small 1ft cube setup with not too much fuss? Maybe even shrimp? Will most likely be locally caught on Brisbane northside. I am planning on having a breeding project in the not so distant future but thought it would be nice to have a few around for inspiration until the new setup is ready. I would also appreciate a "heads up" if it is a bad idea all together as I know a smaller body of water can be delicate. Thanks, Richo
  10. what temperature should my tank be using the dry start method? right now its 28c
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. hey there people' over the next few weeks I thought that I would put my 3f setup at each stage of the setup. I'm doing a fishless cycle as its safer for my guys.. so over the next 3 to 4 weeks I'll try to keep this updated. starting with the water test of the tank... looks good no leaks sweet as. :-)
  13. I Need some advise please. I set up a nano marine tank about 3 months ago (my first marine tank) & I'm not happy with how it looks. I'd like to empty it out & start again. Would my 3 clown fish 2 shrimp & various hermit crabs, star fish & snails suffer too much if I kept them in the tank water in a bucket for a few hours while I crushed up the coral substrate into finer pieces & rearranged the live rock? I also have some morphs attached to some of the live rock. How long can they be out of water before it affects them? Thanks in Advance Lisa
  14. i'll be getting a 3f tank soon, 36" long x 20" high x 16" wide here is what i know what i need to do.. frist clean the tank thoughly before anything else. wash gravel etc. now for the water i'm a little unsure of, i want to take some of the water out of the tanks i currently have as a starter however i dont think i can take much. i have to start with a basic air filter, and water cycler and heater due to funds. i also know that i have to cycle for at least a week before adding any fish. i was thinking on adding a couple of young mollies to make sure everything is ok, that way i dont lose any of my more fragile fish. a couple of questions i have are, when can i add plants? its a week long enough for that size tank? what amount of old water out of the tanks should i use, if any? i also have a small sponge from a carbon filter i had that is currently in my 20L tank that is due to come out, should i attach that to the air filter to help with the mico bio? what else do i need? when i can afford a decent filter system i will be looking into that @ AOA. i know i'll be in good hands there. any advice or tips will be welcomed, as i would like to get this right on the frist go. ( i am working on a short budget so DIY will be very much welcome)
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. Hey guys new to live plants just wondering witch ones are good to start off with and are pretty hearty? Thnaks
  17. set this tank up around a month ago low tech rainbow tank,5fter,has 3 4ft t8s as lighting,as you can see by the rock at the thick of the ghost wood (left hand side),wood hasnt quite sunk yet,thanks for looking
  18. Hey guys just moved out for the first time. So I've now re set up my 4ft tank with Africans and will soon make a start at cycling three tanks. 2, 2ft tanks and 1, 3 foot tank. I haven't bred fish before but am keen to start. I am wanting to start off with bristle nose as I like them and can get them from a friend at work. What else do you all think would be a good start? I really like all cichlids and just want something fairly easy to breed and just want to know what other tips you all have for how I should go about breeding. Thanks
  19. hey guys, i'm hopefully getting a 6x2x2 tank soonish and i'm thinkin of turning my 4x2x2 into an american tank. i've never owned americans but herd they are pretty aggressive buggers. i'm not sure what types can live together and are alright for a 4x2x2 but i'm interested in there types. may sound stupid but: Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Jaguar Super Green & Red Texas Green Terror any other awesome types? i'm guessing most of them wouldn't be able to go together in this tank, but let me know your thoughts and anything else
  20. Okay, So I've been researching the diana Walstad method, turns out I was already kind of doing it....Sort of. Anywhom, I stumbled across something about someone using blackworms in their aquarium which were helping them, in their walstad method, to avoid doing anything with their sand substrate. The basic idea was that the worms live in the sand substrate (which was the substrate this person, and myself, are using) The idea of using blackworm is for a double benefit, one being that they would mean I could spend less time on maintenance another being, a self sustaining food source for the angelfish. If it is possible, and not a bad idea, how would one go about taking action in beginning the process of creating a colony of them. (I have fed my angels live blackworm before, they LOVE LOVE LOVE it) Appreciate any insight, opinions and methods if such a thing exists -Kyrin
  21. Hi guys I've been thinking and decided that I wanted to start to setup a small breeding setup for bristlenose for my first time. The only problem is that I have heard if I setup in a room that the walls and ceiling will go mouldy. Is there a way that I can setup in a room that won't do this or any other problems. I was thinking of setting up 2x 4 Fts divided in 2 and 1x 4ft for colony and a few 2fts for grow out and spares. Otherwise if there would be some easier ways or some ideas on how I can do this please help thanks Anthony
  22. The other day I bought a baby Clown Loach and stuck him in the QT, but this morning he completely vanished. I frantically began searching around the tank in the hope that he had only just jumped out and was still alive, but half an hour later I still couldn't find him, so I looked in his tank again a little more closely; to my amazement I saw a tiny orange tail barely visible through a hole going straight through a piece of driftwood, wedged in tight by his ocular spines. Anyway, after savaging the piece of wood and carefully scraping around him, I managed to softly pull on his tail which made him start wriggling enough to get free These were taken after I had broken the end off and cut away the wood all around him. I have no idea what compelled him to go foraging inside a tunnel as small as he is, but thankfully he's safe and happy now as if nothing ever happened
  23. Gold Comps in. Now the wait to see how they settle in.
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