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Found 8 results

  1. Unfortunately none if the LFS seem to stock any and the add on Gumtree never answers his messages. I'm struggling to raise brine shrimp atm but it's getting messy. Help would be appreciated.
  2. Deal of the Day - Aquatronica Freshwater / Saltwater Aquarium Control Set Starter Kit. Today only $595.00 !!. Includes the following, Control unit 6 way power board Temperature Sensor pH Interface pH electrode Water level sensor Electrode Hold Quality Italian Tech at a great price - Age of Aquariums - Aquatronica Freshwater / Saltwater Aquarium Set - Starter Ben
  3. Deal of the Day - Aquapet Glass 14L Aquarium Kit. Today only $12.00 !!!. Normally $39.95. Link - Age of Aquariums - Aquapet Complete Starter Kit 14 Litres This is way below normal wholesale so grab a bargain !!! AQUAPET Fish Home 2 Go contains everything a junior aquarium needs! Made from the best quality glass, this tank will hold and is suitable for tetras, shrimp etc. It comes complete with an internal filter, AquaPet Water Treatment, AquarWorld Fish Food, AquaPet coloured gravel, quality silk plant and a background! JUST ADD FISH! Dimensions 30.5cm x 18.5cm x 24.5cm
  4. Hey guys relatively new to proper fish keeping, looking to expand to live foods and possibly attempting to breed and raise rainbow fry. I would really love to know where I can obtain some starter cultures? preferably white worms to start with or even microworms, then maybe some daphnia at a later stage? thankyou in advance..... Is it as simple as getting them off ebay or is there things I have to be aware of about doing so? or is there anyone I should be concerned about dealing with? I would prefer someone local to the sunshine coast, less shipping distance etc.... I believe I have a bit of know how to achieve and maintain some cultures, specifically either of the worm cultures, I can practice before stepping up into other cultures. Regards Robert Also, I am looking at setting up 4 of 4x2x2 tanks, roughly 400litres each and around 1600litres total...... Looking to use sponge filters 2 large ones per tank, more if needed? Would the resun lp-20 be sufficient/more then required? How do you work out air flow rate required? I understand why people advise to get bigger then needed etc and bleed air off, but, how do I know what is needed, as I don't want go overkill and bleed 3/4 of the air, kinda pointless waste of power...... I am happy to bleed a small amount of air, as it is always better to have more then required, however within reasonable limits. I don't really have a massive amount of space and only keen to practice with 4 x 4fts in the garage running on sponge filters and my 6ft display in the house running with canister filters.... Thanks in advance
  5. Hi All. Here is what you get, Apex Base Unit Energy Bar 6 ( 240v AU plugs ) Apex Display Module Long-life Temperature Probe Lab Grade pH Probe Special Pre order price of $699.00 ( no further discounts applicable ) Normal retail $899.00 save $200.00 We will be listing all of the additional accessories shortly onto the website. Link - Age of Aquariums - Neptune Apex AquaController Starter Kit - Pre order for delivery late November 2013 No need to pay now you can select direct deposit on the checkout and we will contact you for payment when the stock arrives. Ben
  6. Aquasonic Fry Starter Food 1L Australian Made! Aquasonic, A Trusted Name In Australian Aquacultur FRY STARTER is excellent as a first food for newly hatched fry. Fry Starter stays in suspension longer than it's competitors, allowing more time for newly hatched fry to find food. Fry Starter contains a variety of sizes of micro pulverized food particles suitable for both egglayers and livebearers. Fry Starter has more ingredients, offering a larger selection of food types to satisy fussy eaters. Feed newly hatched fry at least 3 times daily. 3 or 4 drops may be sufficent dependent on aquarium size and fry numbers. Well that's what the product description is does any one use this stuff if so how does it rate ?? Regards Trevor Ps. Found this on eBay seller name is macs aquariums
  7. this looked interesting for i thought i would post it for everyone http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Live-Microworm-C ... 20b08ed549
  8. went into petbarn yesterday and saw a these little learner kits for $45 but if your a club member( have a friends for life club card) the'll drop the price down to 34.75, comes with everything you need! 21L glass tank, plastic lid, 350L/h filter, mixed black and white gravel, lil plant onament, and one of those statue ornament things, little tub of flake food, and water conditioner to start you off and also a poster for the back, and they give ya 3 goldfish all for $35!! I thought this would be a perfect fry saver tank and couldnt refuse the offer. Just letting everyone know, good lil present too for the kiddies.
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