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Found 53 results

  1. Before i start this project, i was wondering if there are any members keeping salt or fresh water fish that over 80cm? Also any considering selling? ? Ty
  2. Received my Co2, changing Substrate before adding the pebbles I had in are losing the colour off them. I'm sure its not good for the fish Before: After:
  3. Hey guys, Ive just started up a tank after months of thinking on it so I don't know a lot about the technical sides of what species go with what other fish. I know all the basic's. But James from Caramel's Fishy Friends @ Flinders View referred me here. Anyways, for the last week I've cycled the water and got the Ph levels right at about 7.8-8.6. Water temp at 24 degrees. Using a AQUA ONE filter doing 2000L per hour, very big for the tank but thought id go all out I will attach photo of my set up. At the moment I have 2 clown loaches, 1 peppermint bristlenose, 1 red top zebra. I'm wanting to add 5-6 iceberg blue cichlids and 5-6 electric yellow cichlids and maybe have a couple of others like mpangas, flamebacks, peacocks. Is this an okay set up? Will i be facing any issues or if this isn't a good set up what is an example because I've done a lot of research and can't really find out too much help with this.
  4. Will post some more pics want to have black belts top tank agentas if i can find them in the middle tank and not sure about the bottom tank yet
  5. Hey guys, I've been keeping SA Cichlids for a while now, currently have a 6x2x2 of mid-to-large specimens, but I'm looking to switch things up and am considering an Eartheater tank instead. Never kept Eartheaters before so looking for some advice. For starters, what substrate do I need and where should I get it? I see pool filter sand mentioned a lot, are there any particular brands that have nice dark colours as I assume these fish are much like most others in that their colours "pop" more against dark backgrounds/substrates. Do these guys have any preference for filtration/flow levels? I've got a 4200lp/h pump going on the tank at the moment which keeps the water crystal clear even with my big Americans, but I've read Eartheaters prefer slightly lower flow. What kind of tank decorations work with these guys? Do they prefer the thinner, tangled driftwood pieces or will they be perfectly happy with the more standard large pieces of driftwood? What about plants - obviously nothing that roots in the substrate, but how do anubias and java fern go when tied to wood? One of the reasons I want to switch out my species is that my current Americans destroy any greenery I put in the tank so it makes it very hard to decorate. Finally, stocking: I'll be aiming for about 6 Red Head Tapajos to start with because they seem to be a fan favourite and they do look really nice, but I also really like the look of the Heckelii and the Altifrons. Guessing I couldn't keep all three types in a single 6x2x2 though. Also dither fish - what works well, what gets eaten? Any advice from more seasoned eartheater owners welcome.
  6. I am replacing a 3ft tank with a 4ft tank, I have moved all fish to another tank, still have 2 large internal filters running in 3 footer, can I run filters in large bucket of water out of tank and then put in 4 footer when set up to seed it? If so how long can it be kept before using. Hope i have made clear what trying to ask as not sure how to word it. Will also be using large canister (new).
  7. Hi I've just moved my new male to his home 3days ago. He has just started bubbles this morning I awoke to this. I have 4 very happy females in their own community tank. Both tanks are heated. His is a filtered, Heated, 55lt . Not sure if I can breed in his tank as he has a filter on low flow but grills for water flow... can you move him and the nest? And which girl? First time poster so any tips are welcome. This is my male tank. He is the only one and in the middle. betta-aquariums.php
  8. Hey guys, So I've been keeping Africans for a couple of years now and was thinking of changing into Americans just for a change. I have a 4x2x2 tank with a 1400lhr filter. I was wondering what are the larger more colourful Americans I would be able to have and how many of each. I'm not looking to breed Oh and please no one say convicts :') Any other advice is greatly appreciated Thanks Roy
  9. Fellow fish keepers, You know how great it is to start a new setup, and that's exactly where I am at present. This is a sweet rack from Mudskipper, formally one rack of his fish empire holding 12 of 3'x2'x2', and 2 of 6'x2'x2'. I've just moved the rack to my new house, and we'll see where it goes from there. It's been condoned to a storage rack of late, but we'll see what we can do about that. A few tanks will start to move into the shed over the coming weeks, I'll keep you posted Andrew - Fishtraderlau in Blackwater...
  10. I have recently come in to some ponds, three 1000L ( 1mx1mx1m) and two 80cm round 2m tall unused septic tanks. I’ve cut the septic tanks in half and now have two 500l (.80x 1m) ponds. I want to use the top sections too but I need to put a liner in as its open at both ends and has a couple of 200mm holes cut for what was the display pipes for the tank. I’m thinking about using pond liner but it’s an awkward shape, I’m guessing ill need to get the liner made to fit if I want a reasonably clean look. I intend on getting some 50% ( would be persuaded to get a higher % if others have had success with it) shade cloth as a cover so I can still grow plants and cover the top from birds leaves and escape artests. Does anyone have any experience getting liners made to shape or D.I.Ying it ? I’ve seen there’s pond liner tape to join it together so I guess if I planed it out right I could make it work with that. I’m aiming to use the ponds as grow outs for Rhads and rainbows maybe some honey blue eyes, and a pond will be used for gudgens (feeders). I’ve got a few tanks for selective breeding indoors ( 2x2ft 2x2.5 & a 3ft). so when the weather warms up it should be all set up and game time! Ill post some pics of my progress soon…
  11. Hey guys Im getting back in the game after 4-5years of being without a tank so im brainstorming ideas for a new 3 tier setup for the first time, ive only ever had individual tank setups of various sizes before. The tanks sizes im contemplating are 3 x 15 x 18h or 4 x 15 x 18h Ill be building the rack from timber or if I can find a good 2nd hand steel one up for sale ill grab that depending on price differences. Ill be sources tanks new or second hand but want them all the same matching sizes. The one thing that has me a bit stumped is the filtration and water flow setup, I want to keep it simple yet effective and trying to keep the price of things down...taking power consumption into consideration also but not really a priority haha. Which way should I go with it, external canisters, internal filters only or sump....which I don't really want to do as space is a little limited in my garage as I tend to work on my car a lot....with tools, engine stands, benches ect in there also. Any pics, suggestions, thread links or even items for sale would be much appreciated Cheers
  12. Hiya all, I am looking for my first batch of shrimp, I was wondering how easy it would be to keep Daydream shrimp? Are they expensive, and if anybody have some for sale that would be great. Babblefish
  13. Hi there my daughter whos turning ten has been wanting guppys currently we have a 4 foot tank with sharks in it of different types i looking at geting her 2 x2foot tanks one for males one for female i am not sure if this is the right way to go or not any and all advice will be greatly recived thanks rob
  14. Hi guys, I thought I would throw out a few questions and see if anyone can steer me in the right direction. I am keen to start a colony of Leptosoma in my 5 long x 1.5 wide x 2.5ft high tank. I would like them to be the predominate fish in the tank. I have been looking for a few weeks now and found there to be heaps of different types, however I am leaning towards the utinta. I noticed these have blue, yellow and red tails. And sometimes they are referenced as neon or fluorescent variety. The attached picture is of a Fluorescent variation . Now for my questions, and apologies in advance if they don’t make much sense: My preference would be for a brighter blue or fluorescent variety, but is there any difference between these and the other utinta’s? Are these fluorescent/neon varieties some sort of hybrid or is it just selective breeding? As I understand a pair utinta’s with a blue tail can throw yellow tails and vice versa. If I was to have a couple of red tails in the school would this be an issue as I hope to bred and sell some of the fry? Will different types of lepto’s interbred or could I have the utinta’s and perhaps Jumbo’s in the same tank? I also have a small school of Paracyprichromis nigripinnis I would assume these will not breed with the lepto’s? Also any advice on tank mates would be appreciated. I have a pair of leleupi which I am concerned they would eat the lepto fry. They are good with their own but I am not sure if they can be trusted. I have a few multi’s I was thinking about putting in with them? Perhaps similis? Or perhaps ventralis or would they pick of the fry? Any advice would be much appreciated as I do not want to outlay $$ for a school only to find I will have issues with the cross breeding etc. Thanks Dan
  15. Hey all new to the forum and new to the fish world! I'm currently in the process of setting up a tank so keep americans ( jack dempsey) I have two large bits of drift wood in which I want to attach plant's to but my knowledge on plants is 0 , can anyone please recommend some basic plants I can keep without the need of a co2 controller either that will attach to the wood or in the gravel.Any other basic info/ tips on jack dempseys wouls also be appreciated Cheers , Mitch
  16. So I have been thinking for ages now about starting up a petshop I'm only 20 so it's either now or never I think who else has thought the same and what are your reasons you haven't started it or have you started one. All a learning curve for me I'm very serious about it and understand there's a lot of work so was just curious what other people have done with this same sort of dream lol
  17. Just bought tank first marine tank got caribsea as sand what do I start/put in water eventualy want some coral and fush all advice wanted as petshops sell you a load of crap mostly
  18. Just bought tank first marine tank got caribsea as sand what do I start/put in water eventualy want some coral and fush all advice wanted as petshops sell you a load of crap mostly
  19. Mods please delete it posted twice lol
  20. Hi all I'm new to this, I'm looking at starting a salt water tank. i won't a tank with fish and coral. I'm just after any advice and a brake down on a set up. I won't to get a 6 foot tank just a bit Nervous on it all. Thanks
  21. Hey everyone, haven't been on in a while. Hope you're all well A friend of mine mentioned today he was planning to breed his Red Devils and it got me curious about breeding. I asked him a bit about it and mentioned I was interested in giving it a go. He told me I should start with either some generic Bristlenose or Peppermint Bristlenose because it's reasonably easy and you can sometimes make a little money out of it. He said you just keep a pair per 2ft tank and use sponge filters run by an air pump so it uses little electricity. To me (knowing nothing about breeding fish) this sounded too good to be true. Is this the case? Do aquarium stores/private buyers regularly purchase baby Bristlenose or is it one of those sort of fish where you won't sell any and then become overrun with no tanks to put them. I just wanted to check popularity of them on this forum before I venture out and buy everything. Thanks for your time, Dave
  22. HELP - I have taken today off work to set up my new tank but the #!@@ Coral Sand hasnt arrived in the post yet. Does it matter if I fill the tank with water, get the canister started and put the gravel in later? Or would that just be a messy disaster? Im on a time limit as they purchaser of my other tank is picking it up on Friday so really need to get this done today if at all possible. Gravel will be here tomorrow by the latest so it will still give it a day or so to settle down and I am using the water and part of the media from my old tank to start the new tank up. Im just worried about the gravel damaging the filter if I put it in later.
  23. Hi all, I'm looking at setting up a 5 gallon planted tank. I'm going to set it up with low light plants as I want to keep the lighting costs minimal. What would be a good cheap lighting option for a tank 1 ft long and where would I be best to source it from? As far as filtration I have a small internal filter but have read that a sponge filter could be better as it keep the babies (assuming that my shrimp breed) safe. I would rather not use one as I've always heard they're no good and I would have thought that the plants would provide enough shelter from the filter. I want to spend some time cycling my tank before introducing any shrimp but when the time comes are there any people here living in the redland area who would be interested in selling some shrimp? Those are the main questions that I'm wondering at the moment. Any other tips would be great (eg hardy plants that would be suitable for this type of setup) Thanks in advance for all of your advice, Asdfyuiop
  24. I have an 8x(almost)3x(almost)3 and a 6x2x2 that I am starting from scratch again, no Africans...any suggestions on what I should keep? I want to do plants however I think it will be too expensive in the 8 because of how deep/how bright lighting will need to be. I want to keep power usage to a minimum... Any ideas?
  25. Just rebuilding after my marriage has ended and getting my kids sorted with custody issues and property issues. Had to move out of my property and now reside in an old queenslander owned by a family member. Small but it keeps a roof over our heads. Have had my tanks running for a few years now but they took a huge back step when all this was going on over the last 12 months or so. I was keeping a few frontosa and assorted catfish in my tanks. (although i lost a few fish over the last few months) Have a 6 footer on top and below 2 x 3 footers plus i also have a seperate 4 footer as well. Also have a 6 ft stand that was from a display tank i had that cracked so i dumped the tank and am in the process of sorting out to get another one made for it + trying to organise some more tanks from a forum contact (close to home). Thanks to Scott (hareysfish) for the help with the restocking of some fish. Well hopefully i can organise all the new tanks into some area in this small house and get going again properly.
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