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Found 15 results

  1. Just wondering where is the best place is to mount a sterilizer running 2 filters, pics will show how I am thinking of setting it up. Would have liked to not have hoses cross over at the back but I think the hoses will be long and bent to keep 1 filter and pipes on each side.
  2. I may be being a canister filter soon and i was wondering if a uv sterilizer would be a good buy? I run a divided 80L tank with longfin BN pairs and shrimp in each side and to lower chance of disease and anything else would it be worth buying one? My mate runs one on his 6ft and says it was the best decision ever in regards to water clarity
  3. I have restocked my DT (400lt) after 3 months quarantine. I currently have 6 fish ( 4 chromis, clown and flame hawkfish ). All my parameters are minimal ( ie 1st or 2nd on relevant colour charts ). I have installed a aqua ultraviolet twist 25w to help combat any future outbreaks. My question is when should I turn it on. The only fish that was infected with ich was a newly added purple tang which I lost, none of my current stock were infected. Would a sterilizer have an adverse effect on bacteria levels at this stage. Also since I wish to get another purple tang, a flame angel and blenny in the future would the sterilizer have to great effect on reducing aglae growth if I turn it on now. How long should I allow the tank to mature before adding these other fish? Thx for any replies.
  4. thinking about useing a UV sterilizer in reef tank like to get some insight on pros and cons from other people if people have done well or not useing them cheers
  5. Hi Guys Anyone had any experience with these for their tanks? Or am I better off getting a blagdon? Water Steriliser UV 25W 240V germicidal 1300 litres/hour, 6 GPM, stainless steel | eBay
  6. What are your opinions on UV Sterilizers? I'm thinking of installing one, are they a smart investment or a waste of time.?
  7. Hi all, I been thinking about buying a UV Sterilizer for some time now. Problem for me is i cant find one that im happy with, mainly quality and robustness im after. Found this today, Twin UV ultra violet water purification system availiable in Brisbane apparently. Anybody know anything about these, ya reckon there suitable for aquariums ? Any constructive thoughts / ideas welcomed Thanks Brendan
  8. Hey all, I'm seriously considering a uv unit for my 500 litre, sumped american set up.I want it primarily because im having some minor parasite issues. My research tells me it will kill green algea, does this mean if it works well, I wont have any algea growing in the tank at all ?? I ask because I have a nice healthy sailfin in there and I like the algea growing on the back wall for him to feed on. ( I clean the front and sides, display tank. ) Also can anybody with a UV recommend something, I'm looking for a quality product that i can easily buy replacement bulbs for. Thanks, Brendan
  9. You can see in the pic that my water is a greenish colour. Will a UV sterilizer fix it? My tank lives on my patio. I have a "curtain" hanging at the back of it and coolite against the glass. I have nothing on either end but am thinking of putting something on the right hand end (the outside end) to limit the light coming into the tank but most of the light comes in through the back. I raised the "curtain" today in the hope I have fixed the issue. Unfortunately the tank is not allowed inside. All water tests are normal. The green colour has come in over the past couple of days - its virtually new water. stays clear for a day or 2 then goes this colour. I use tank water.
  10. Have a 3ft tank and have been looking into uv sterilizers to control algae, viruses, and to generally help to keep the aquarium water clean. However some of these units ie. debary, pentair, deltec etc costs literally hundreds of dollars. I know you can get cheaper ones like attman, pro aqua and jebao etc only havent heard how good they are compared to the expensive ones. Basically before i got out and spend 400 bucks i would like to know what other peoples experiences with uv sterilizers are?? ARE THEY AS ESSENTIAL AS THE MANUFACTURERS CLAIM?
  11. I had 36 watts UV go down today (plastic case started to leak). What are people recommending or buying lately? Is running them 24/7 the best or X numbers of hours each day. Baz
  12. I had 36 watts UV go down today (plastic case started to leak). What are people recommending or buying lately? Is running them 24/7 the best or X numbers of hours each day. Baz
  13. if anyone has got or had a Cloverleaf UV Sterilizer just want to know what people think about them good/bad ? single tube or double? just looking into buying one any help would be great cheer luke
  14. I am just seting up a whole new setup atm and just need sum help with a couple things… 1st system is 2500L of water and is for Africans Pump http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/cata ... 14&catID=2 Uv sterilizer http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/cata ... 9&catID=51 2nd system is 2000L of water and is for trios of bristlenose and grow out Pump http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/cata ... 14&catID=2 Uv sterilizer http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/cata ... 9&catID=51 Will the pumps and uv be good that I picked for the size of system??
  15. dont no if this is possible but is it possible to make your uv sterilizer?
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