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Found 4 results

  1. got it from the search in google. would love to get a few pair hey??? who want them, put the had up. Good day sir. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ You are very welcome regarding the interest that you have for our stingray fishes,We have stingray fishes of various species and sizes available for sale and shipment worldwide.Our stingray's rare and noble fish that bear a close resemblance to the traditional Dragon of Ancient china. It is believed to be auspicious and symbolizes strength, prosperity, luck and wealth - and provides any aquarist with good Feng Shui. Renown across Asia for their symbol of wealth, they have a life span in excess of 20 years, and are a beautiful investment for the perfect tank.We supply​ stingrays internationally hand selecting premium quality fish from farms across Asia. We focus on providing the following: Exceptional Quality Control including selecting the best originating farm possible for each variety * Choose from stock, or import the specific fish you want * Send us a picture and we will match the fish and quote you a price * An unlimited range of varieties and species available directly to your door * All our fish are fully certified and licensed for sale * Show class fish and Rare varieties *An open honest service providing you with the facts and best prices possible. Exportation Sizes 5:inches to:36CM Leopoldi Stingray p12, p13, p14 Price:($350 $400 to $450)/Per Tail Including Shipping Sizes: 5inches to 36CM Availability :18 Tails Black Diamond Price :$350/Per Tail Including Shipping Sizes :6inches to 20CM Availability:25 Tails Pearl Ray Price:$350/Per Tail Including Shipping Sizes: 6inches to 19CM Availability: 18 Tails Hybred Price: $400/Per Tail Including Shipping Sizes: 5inches to 30CM Availability: 22 Tails Polkadot Price: $350/Per Tail Including Shipping Sizes: 5inches to 24CM Availability: 20 Tails All the above price are shipping inclusive, that is you pay for your order then we take charge of shipping to your location and the fishes are shipped to you from one of our fish farms below: Kenny Dang Fish Farm Douala Littoral Kenny Dang Fish Farm Victoria Limbe Cameroon Aqua Fish Farm Yaounde Central Region Poram Fish Fish Farm Extreme North Delivery Agency: Prompt by FedEx or DHL, 100& Guarantee: We will provide safe delivery of your fish.There be any (D,O,A) that isdead on arrival prove of photos must be email back to us withing 2 to 3 hours of arrival for your fish to be replace back or your money be fully refunded back to you.Packing: plastic Bags(air 50% : 50% water) with maintenance or keeping manual.Well i have a few questions for you before we can proceed do you or have you ever had any stingray before? how soon do you need the fish? Get back to us and place your order. Hoping to read from you soon. Best Regards, Kenny Dang Fish Farm. Sales Manager, Mr.Dave Bruna Tell:(+23770656822) or​ ​ (+23798026806) use a long distance card in dialing Email:(kenny_dang10@yahoo.com)
  2. Hello all I went to Pet city at upper Mt Gravatt today and saw a flesh water sting ray on special for only $500 He/she would be at minimum 25cm although I don't have the tank for this but thinking someone might interested in it so, if you want to grap this bargain should get to pet city. I don't how much he/she worth but last time I saw they sale it for $1100 each much smaller and $2100 for a pair. Cheers PS: Donny should able to vetify the price because he work there.
  3. Hi guys i was just wondering if anyone can give me some basic info on rays.....One question in particular is would one live fine with a jack 20cm a barra 40cm pleco 30cm and a giant gourami in a 8fter......? Overall are they a difficult fish to look after. I am looking at a pearl stingray that is about 11inches... Any info would be great would love to hear your own experiences....
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