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Found 12 results

  1. Hey, I'm a new member here, as I have recently bought a Motoro stingray. Everything has been going fine with him, he's in a huge tank (400lt) for a still very small guy. I do 2 water changes and week and make sure to give him a decent feed every day. His tank is heated with nothing sharp or potentially harmful in it with him. Today I noticed on his belly he has a single little red spot. This is the first I've seen it, and it's definitely appeared either yesterday or today. He is still swimming actively, eating all his food and acting normally but I'm worried as its just come up. Has anyone seen this before? Or have any tips on what it is, is it harmful or do I need to worry or anything? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
  2. .Hi all, What's the best sand for housing rays? I'm choosing this option - over clear bottom - for aesthetic reasons and to allow the ray to burrow. Anyone able to link me to some proven winners? Not too worried about cost at this stage. Please also don't lecture regarding water quality or space required; this is not the thread.
  3. Hi guys, im going to be looking for 1 or 2 freshwater stingray pups in the near future. Is anyone planning to breed theirs this year? If so please let me know. Thanks, Jonas.
  4. Hey, do anyone knew any breeders that sell stingray species such as Leopoldi and Hystrix ray ? I do not want motoro stingray as they grow to 36" in the wild, however, I am not very sure about the motoro stingray max size in captivity and also I am not interested in the native Australian stingray as I know they are freaking large.
  5. Guys, I have tank 7*28*24 which I got 2 foot silver arowana, 1 blood parrot and one 10"Sailfin Plec. Last week, I lost my female stingray (about 15cms). All water chemical is fine. I got her in this tank about 2 mths. From my partner point of view, he said she got attack by Silver Aro. It was happen when I was not home. However, I seached for the answer in the net. Most people said I should not keep Ray with Plec. Now, I got anoter Male Ray (about 20 cms) which I afraid to add him to the big tank. What do you think or suggest.??
  6. hey, gotta move house in a few wks. anybody got tips on moving a 18cm motoro stingray? was thinking of polystyrene box lined with a garbage bag. ??? only has to travel 35kms. any info appreciated... anthryn:egrin:
  7. Am I asking for trouble growing a Mangrove Jack up with a Ray???
  8. hi guys how would a stingray size 15 cms go in a tank with a 53 cms jardini just want make sure first before we buy one if not the jardini will be going and the stingray will stay cheers neville and paula
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Check out this. A friend sent these to me. This is off the coast of Mexico, near the northern tip of Yucatan Peninsula. There were supposedly thousands of them.
  11. Does anyone have a blue spot stingray? i have had him 4 days have given him white bait, live beach worms, yabbies and mussels he just will not eat lucky for him hes so cute. can anyone help? thanks nikki UPDATE; Apparently if they do not eat after arrival it is best to use a dropper filled with mashed shellfish hold them and squirt it in to there little mouths. This will hopfully give him a taste for food again the same technique is used for eels that will not eat. I would rather let him go but he come from bali we do not get the blue spotted ribbon tail ones here . So now twice a day i have to catch him try and hold his little tail down with a net hold his nose and squirt food in his mouth. I have dunn this twice so far it is a little scary he can swing that tail like a stock wip. I hope it works becouse i have become a little attached to him nikki
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