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Found 8 results

  1. Where is the best aquarium store in Brisbane? I have been doing most of my purchases from Exotic Connections Rocklea near the Brisbane Markets. But I find that store to be small and does not have any variety. Its stock is alright, but the variety is limited to the basic freshwater fish, and even lacks some of those. I live in the south west suburbs (Indooroopilly, Toowong) etc. I don't want to travel to the outer rural regions. Whilst on a holiday to melbourne, I visited the LFS, it was 80m long, underground store with so many tanks, so many varieties of fish, aswell as supplies etc. They even sold rare bettas for $25. The type you get imported for $40+. And it made me sad because I have never seen any shops like those in brisbane that I know of. Also would like some cherry shrimp... any sellers close to those suburbs mentioned? reply below
  2. So I dropped into mappins the other day for a look and was quite surprised with the amount of awesome stock they had, every tank was stocked with some really nice fish. They had a heap of nice looking mangrove jacks, heaps of coal grunters, Harvey creek blue eyes, and other types of blue eyes, a massive school of salmon tail cats which was quite fun to watch, nice rainbows and the list goes on, honestly I've never seen it looking so good. By the way I don't work for or have any affiliation with them, they just had some nice fish in stock
  3. We received our ADA order in today including some snazzy little tanks, Soils and Powder in 9 litre and 3 litres. We have a pretty good range of ADA and you can check it all out ----> ADA Aqua Design Amano
  4. currently doing a bit of experiment with one of my tanks in a 4*1.5*1.5 i've got an eheim 2213 with altered media. instead of the original media i've pretty much filled the basket with bio balls and tubes. so no sponge in the filter apart from the piece dividing the two different bio carriers. Where the intake of the canister is i've used coarse sponge to block any debris from even entering the canister so that there won't be any debris built up in the canister. at the same time i'm running a 2000lph internal with sponges only to mechanically filter the water. theoretically the 2213 despite being a very low flow rate canister should still take care of the bio part of the filteration and the internal filter will do the mechanical part. the idea is that the bio filter should never ever need a clean as long as the sponge at the intake's cleaned daily to prevent blockage. then the internal can be cleaned as many times as i want even under tap water cuz i don't need it to carry any benefitial bacteria at all. wonder what you guys would think of this idea.
  5. Just grabbed the camera and banged off a few handheld........... tank lights only so they're a bit crappy. f2.8 20th sec 50mm. It was just too good to miss seeing them up and about at feeding time
  6. Had undergravel filters in this for 5 yrs without a clean. Complete strip-down and UG's removed.....Jeez there was some crap under there! Discus tank now completed kev
  7. 5x2x2 tank will be home to 1x jd, 1x gold saum, 1x cuban, 2x feather fin cats, 1x robertsoni. i know filtratrion will be key, currently running 1200l/h cannister filter. any advice will be much appriecated.
  8. Hi, saw this pic today when having a general web surf dont really know what to think some may have come acroos this before http://www.malawicichlidhomepage.com/aq ... ronto.html Luke
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