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Found 78 results

  1. I've just established a New pond (triangle shape 4mx2mx400mm deep) in my front courtyard and have decided to experiment stocking it Current stock(all fish either wild caught or juvies I have breed) White Clouds Tiger Endlers Blue eyes(from Conondale) Rainbows(from Conondale) Firetail gudgeon(from Caboolture) Pair Kribensis Pair Blue-eye cichlids Pair Paradise fish 50 odd glass shrimp 6 mystery snails dose of black worms Fish have been introduced gradually over last 6 weeks All going well....cichlids in breeding colours Will be interesting to see how each species fare....what will be there next year??
  2. Hi, I'm new to the forum I have had an Australian bass for about 3 years and I need to upgrade I've found a range of ponds from 800l-1200l I plan to stock: 2 x Archerfish 1 x Snakehead gudgeon 1 x Australian Bass I'm massive fan of natives and I am wondering if there is anything that I could add? It doesn't matter if it isn't native but that would be preferred The pond will be heated, and the 1200 litre's dimension are 175cm x 118cm x 60cm Thanks, catfishcrazy
  3. Hey guys, I'm a serial mind-changer and I can't make up my mind for my 6ft 138g tank stocking. Dimensions are 183cm long x 48.5cm deep x 60.5cm tall. Filtration is either a FX6 or sump, still undecided. I've gone through several phases: a full community tank, a rainbow tank, a discus tank, a tanganyikan tank, and mbuna tank or a 'monster' tank. Yet I still can't make up my mind... SO I wanna hear your guys suggestions. If you had this tank what would you want to stock it with? I'd love to hear any and all suggestions! I look forward to hearing them all!!! - Fuzzy Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  4. i cant decide what size cube to go. 2ft, 2.5ft or 3ft. love a 3ft but cleaning could be abit of a problem. 2ft is looking abit small. im thinking 2.5ft would be the best size. what is peoples ideas? the next problem would be stocking ideas, throw them in too.
  5. Okay so recently i have set up a pool/pond under my house that holds around 900-1000 gallons. It will be unheated and i plan on stocking it with: 1 longfin eel 1 coal grunter 1 golden perch 1 aussie bass 1 sleepy cod 1 tandanus catfish 1 pleco (maybe) 1 black shark (maybe) and a school of silver dollars over the warmer months. How do you think this mix will go? any other suggestions?
  6. Hi, I recently bought an aquarium and would like some advice on how to stock it. I like the look of cichlids but want it to be a planted aquarium, any tips? I am leaning towards picking discus.
  7. Hi guys, I have recently set up a build that I started a long long time ago due to not having the time to finish it sooner with work! It now has water in it and now the partner and I can't decide what we want to put in there. The tank has black quartz gravel and a black background and we want to put driftwood and either real or fake plants to make the colour. My partner was thinking discus but I don't like the idea of keeping a tank at 30 degrees throughout winter and getting a power bill.... I suggested a peacock display? can anyone help suggest a stocking list with plenty of color? Filtration is 2 fluval fx5s. thanks in advance chris
  8. Hi everyone very new to aquariums and been doing a lot of research on what to put in my new tank. 200L tank. I like tiger barbs and neon tetra but just wondering will the barbs just be too aggressive?
  9. Thoughts on this community Lake Tanganyika list? Cyprichromis Leptosoma x 16 Julidichromis Regani x 3 Xenotilapia Ochrygenys x 6 Tanganicodus Irsacae x 6 Neolamprologus Multifasciatus x 6 Synodontis Petricola x 5
  10. Hi all, avid reader of the forum, but never really participate (just in the background soaking up advice!) I have a new 6x2x2 aqua one aquience aquarium all set up and nearly finished fishless cycling, set up with a FX5 so plenty of filtration. I'm looking for stocking suggestions along the lines of s.a. cichlids . Going into the tank will be a 10cm BGK and a 15cm sailfin pleco (both from one of my other tanks) With this in mind, what do you suggest? Open to all ideas, I'll do plenty of reading regardless. Also open to sales if anyone has something of interest, I'm in the Logan area. Thanks and compliments on such a helpful, friendly community. Chris.
  11. .Hi everyone. I think I might finally take the plunge and get my first 'big' tank. Something around the 3ft mark or a little bit bigger. I need some help with the stocking. So far I am thinking: 1 x Coral Blue Dwarf Gourami Neon Tetras (how many?) Corydoras (how many/what type?) Kuhli Loaches (how many?) ^^^^ Those are the fish I am really set on having. I would also like to have some guppies and/or mollies, but I am not overly worried whether I can have them or not. I think I have heard that mollies are extremely aggressive. Is this true? I will do sand for the substrate and somewhat planted (combo of fake and real, depending on what I can keep alive). Any suggestions for what else I can have? Will they get along? Will I be overstocked if I get all of these fish?
  12. Hi Guys, Ive been researching alot for good colour in a cichlid tank and compatibility for 55g/4feet/230l tank and this is what i came up with. if you could tell me what you think and if they will fight for any reason. 5 x Red Zebra 5 x Pseudotropheus Salousi 5 x Rusty Cichlid 5 x Cynotilapia Afra Cobwe [h=1][/h]My only worry is the Afra and Soulousi, they might be too similar and fight?. Ill be swapping males for females once the get older and can easily be sexed. The tank will have a 2200LP/H filter so no problems in overstocking Thanks Francois
  13. So I'm slowly converting to larger natives and been buying some fingerlings as I enjoy watching them grow. Currently I have the following: 1 Murray cod 5 cm 1 barra 12 cm 1 jade perch 30 cm 7 bass 7 cm 4 tandanus cats 12 cm 1 saratoga lei 10 cm At the moment the barra and the perch are in a 4x2, cats and bass in a 3 ft and the saratoga and the cod in separate 3 ft tanks. They'll be moved to larger tanks once they get to 20cm or so. The long term plan is to have the cod in its own outdoor pond and to have 2 8x3x2 ft tanks for display. My main concern is that they'll all have different growth rates that they can't be moved at the same time to bigger tanks in a year or so and end up having more tanks running..... is there anyway to try and have them grow at a similar rate? From my understanding bass are slow growers and everything else is fast Also should I be putting them together when they're small so that they'd be less agro to each other when they're big? And with the current stock list and future plan would I be able to get more fish now or should I just leave it? I haven't fully decided on which fish are going with each other yet so ideas and opinions would be great
  14. Im new so sorry if this is in wrong section.. Im in the process of planning my first low light planted tank (I currently have 150L fancy goldie tank) Tank specs: Aqua one aquience 1200rt 320L 120cmx50cmx65cm 1250 Aquis external canister filter 1400L/hr = 4.3x tank volume 2x 150watt heaters 4x 39 watt T5 bulbs (1.8watts per gallon) Ideal water parameters: (from my research on below stocking plan and aqadvisor) Ph: 6.5-7.5 Water hardness : 5 - 15dH Thermostate set to 22C Proposed stocking idea: 6x sterbai cory 1x bristlenose 8x rosy barbs 5x male swordtails 8x galaxy rasboras 8x danios 5x dwarf gourami (2x male 3x female) Im not sure about the dwarf gourami numbers though in this size tank so any advice would be great? Aqadvisor says im 98% stocked
  15. hi all was wondering if my tank is overstocked? my tank measures 48l x14w x20h and the fish I have in it are as follows, 4 black widow tetras,1 silver dollar,3 angels,2 serpae tetras,11 neons,8 rummy nose,2 red eye tetras,5 mollies,3 platys,5 peppered catfish & 2 bristle nose catfish.also was wanting to add maybe 10/15 guppies so was wondering which fish I should cull to add these?using these tank measurements how many guppies alone could I stock in this tank? any feedback will be muchly appreciated cheers craig
  16. I was just wondering if I can get some opinions on stocking an 8x2x2ft tank which will be filtered by a 6'x18"x18" sump, most likely with 6000lph return pump (two eheim compact 3000's) I currently have a 6x2x2 running two canisters, with weekly water changes that stocks 4 oscars, 2 sailfin plecos, 1 banded leporinus and 2 rivulatus. My fish are pretty good, very, very rarely does anyone injure anyone else- my two red tiger O's have paired up, as have my two lutino red o's- they defend their buddy, and otherwise leave the other fish along and just swim around together, in their respective pairs. Usually the only bickering I've ever had was when I had 4 rivs, the rivulatus seem to have little quarrels more frequently but rarely to the extent of injuring each other badly. The rivulatus leave the oscars alone, and visa versa. Fish I was wondering about (though I wouldn't get all of these) - dithers e.g. silver sharks, spotted silver dollars, tinfoil barbs? would these contribute to the tank by reducing aggression at all? - Blue acara - Severums- probably green, or possibly 2 green 2 gold, or just 1 of each - bocourti - 2 more rivulatus (one gold one white) - 2 albino sailfin plecos - uaru - braziliensis If these were compatible, what sort of numbers would be sustainable with this setup? I usually do water changes every 1-2wks, never over 2wkly. Edit: actually while I'm posting/asking anyway.. what are your thoughts on heaters? I always liked the idea of the jagers, but two of the last ones I bought ended up with moisture inside the heaters themselves- and no they were never dropped or anything. Has anyone used the shogun heaters? and would I be best with two 300w- would they be enough? vs. one massive heater... All suggestions are appreciated
  17. I have a 5'x18"x20" tank with 4'x15"18" sump which I am in the process of restocking. I have a some ideas so far and would like some opinions/ideas on which I should go for. Feel free to share pics or previous experience with similar set ups. 1. All male peacock ( with possibly a few haps ) 2. Peaceful South American; tapajos, festivum, tetras, severums etc? 3. 'Peaceful' Central American; mid sized cichlids with some sword tail dithers? 4. Mbuna
  18. Which of the forum sponsers sell SEACHEM products ?? A quick look on aquaholics,age of aquariums,the tech den, shows none of those 3 carry the products... Alternatively where do you buy your SEACHEM products, thereefshop,guppys or local LFS ??
  19. Hey guys, I've just had a mass extinction of my neon tetras in my planted tank(too much co2) I've already got a Central American cichlid display tank as well as an African cichlid display tank.. what too next? i don't want to go tetras again, i want something with personality. ph is low at 5.5-6 but hardness is still an issue as the tap water here is very hard and alkaline. was thinking dwarf cichlids, but have heard they are quite difficult to look after? was also thinking Rainbows and other natives. throw me some ideas guys, feeling a little down after my mistake, lost 60 neon tetras overnight. Nate
  20. Hey guys I am getting out of discus and plants and getting into bigger cichlids Just wondering how many larger Americans I could keep in a 4x2x2 Was contemplating things like Green terrors Jaguar cichlids Synspilum Or flowerhorns I think the flowerhorns would have to go on their own if I got them Would it be better to only have one of each as they may get territorial if they pair up? S unsure as I have only ever kept discus I would just like a tank with some decent size fish in it .. Any suggestions would be great
  21. Okay guys help. Got a 5x2x2 and not real sure on what to fill it with. Was thinking of a mass rainbow tank but still not sure. Its a outside tank and gets plenty of sun in that area. So their WIlL be a pleco. Throw me your ideas. And i want more then just one fish so no jacks or togas or anything along them lines. Cheers RJ
  22. Here is a planned stocking list for my 60cm*30cm*27cm aquarium: 4x Leopard Cory (but not until the tank has been established or around 2 months) 6x Celestial Pearl Danio 1x Steel Blue Killifish or 5x clown Killifish. Is this stocking list suitable for my aquarium? Note: If you have to replace the killifish please suggested another top dwelling species. Because they are being used as dither for the Pearl Dainio.
  23. Hi all, First of all hope I'm in the right place here, am more than happy to be shifted if the mods think it better suited in another thread. As the title suggests, I've been stalking various fish forums for sometime now. Have picked up a couple of goods buys through this one's trading section, and have done quite a deal of reading via this and others. I now have a 6x2x2 set up with an FX5 and a 300W jager heater. Its currently pumping away in the lounge, cycling with 4 comet goldfish hopefully 'filthing' up the system and developing the necessary bacteria for me. Been on the go with fish for about 2 weeks now. The filter came second hand, and was only off line for about 12 or so hours, so I'm hoping I've managed to keep some culture working there. I've found what I think is a nice piece of wood, cleaned it up and soaked it for 2 weeks, and its now in with some pool filter sand and river rocks. I'm hoping to set up a SA river system of sorts. Don't have any planting yet, as the stock list will probably dictate whether that will be a waste of time anyway. With that in mind, I've now come to stocking and that's my question here for now. I have an older tank (picked up from a relative years ago, about 3") and it currently has 3 x 'Orange heads' geos (the largest, male I think, about 3", others about 2", have seen two batches of eggs from a pair. gobbled up in time by tankmates), 2 x native rainbows (each about 3"), 2 x clown loaches (about the 3" mark) and 3 x black tetras. Pretty sure the loaches have dined on some cavier here! My intention is to take the Geos out and put them into the 6"er, along with some mates. My current thoughts are: 3 x Orange head Geos (existing) + another 3 Some Jurapari Geos 4 or so Severum Blue Acara Uaru some dithers (tetras?) How does this sound? Am I overstocking? Am I mixing species that won't stand each other (I understand that egg laying can provide a whole new set of issues here.)? Any suggestions/advice are/is welcome. Thanks for the read, Cheers, Geoff.
  24. Hi all, I've just had a 7 x 2 x 2 tank built and I'd like to set up a planted tank. At the moment I'm thinking 6 x discus 4 x neon blue rams 4 x gold rams 1 x flagtail 20 x rummynose 20 x cardinals 6 x whiptail catfish 8 x corydoras What do you think? I'm not 100% sure about keeping discus either so welcome to different stocking ideas!
  25. I’ve kept fish all my life but I’m new to Africans. I recently managed to buy an 8 foot while my long suffering, but patient wife was in Canada. It came with about 110-120 mixed Cichlids. Lost a few in the move home. Once she calmed down I was told I could keep it, but I had to move it to the garage and cut a hole in my office wall to view the tank. So I did. Spent some time making the space work to fit the tank. Called a few mates and moved it. Somewhat surprisingly it fits perfectly! Unfortunately in our haste to drink beer and eat pizza, the tank I was holding the fish in got unplugged and did not get plugged back in. I now have about 35 fish left and a slightly angrier wife. The Tank inside left and right views, - I need more lights, there are lots of rock, but I will add a bit more (sorry for crap pics….)- out in the garage and the survivors. Left Side right Side Out in the garage The Survivors After a few more beers and some choice words I found that I have the following: Various peacocks, 3 Hongi’s m/f 1 flameback, m 2 electric blue f, 2 geo’s, a venustas f. and 5-6 blue dolphins 1m 5 f. 2 loaches and 2 bristlenose. Since I can’t afford full size fish I will buy some fry. After some research it seems the best plan to ensure the fry I buy don’t get killed by the remaining fish is to start again, don’t put the fry in with the remaining fish or they will die. I have another tank the surviving fish can stay in by themselves. I want/need to keep this simple (remember the angry wife!) I don’t want regular or any murders to take place. I want to create a sort of cichlid community tank. What I have learned is that if I keep the colours and body shapes different I MAY be able to keep the peace. My stocking ideas are as follows – nothing fancy or expensive, but lovely and colourful: 8 foot with sump - pics show a side sump, there is also a 3 foot under the tank. So far I can't get both to work at the same time. 25/30 electric yellows 20/25 Electric blues 25/30 mixed peacocks such as German reds OB’s Maleri Gold Dragon Bloods Neon Blues Sunshine Lwanda 5/6 Venustas loaches and bristlenose I was thinking Maingano but it has been suggested they are angry and aggressive so I’m not willing to risk them. Are these good choices to meet my goals? Any other suggestions? Will they also possibly breed without interbreeding and keep my tank stocked down the track? Thanks Brooke
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