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Found 14 results

  1. Nice idea when you stuck without air stone
  2. Hi All Can any members share their experiences with using Sieryu stone in the aquarium and whether it has raised TDS and pH?. I'm also aware that perhaps a lot of material sold as "Sieryu" may be an imitation. From what I've read, weekly water changes have been sufficient in keeping the TDS reduced. thanks
  3. Anyone ever used Bakuhanseki stone aka barley-rice stone or Calcareous polite, they sell it at Daiso for aquariums and gold fish bowls as a water clarifier and purifier. Thought I might try some as a filter media. The Chinese call it Malfan rock. Anyone used at all ever ? I have some friends who are a bit alternative and they use it as part of their water filtration in their water cooler.
  4. Hi all just got a problem for my fish rubbed its body against to stone and sand any one know what's happen and how can i do. cheers
  5. Any thoughts on using stacker stone tiles as a background in an aquarium? I think it would give some nice dimensions, plus plenty of little ledges ect for the fishies to explore. My apologies if been asked before. Tiles, Bathroom Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, National Tiles, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. cheers bryan
  6. Hi guys I am new to this. I have recently seen underwater LED lights with a built in air stone made for aquariums on ebay. I was wondering if anyone has purchased anything similar and it broke. I love the look but a little concerned that if it breaks that it could send an electric current through my tank and kill my fish. Basic question : - are they safe to use? Thanks
  7. Yesterday a guy at the fish shop told me I should turn my air stone off because it will take the co2 out of the tank and make it difficult for the plants to grow. I really don't know much about plants AT ALL. So feel free to educate me all you like I have a four foot with only 2 x Anubias, 2, Java Fern and 3 clumps of Java Moss & Christmas Moss. And I'm not going to add much more but I just want those plants to be healthy and grow nice. Especially the mosses. I just bought some flourish to help them grow a bit too. Not wanting to buy a heaps of chemicals - that's why I'm sticking with the easy plants. So back to the point.. Should I have my air stone on or off? Thanks
  8. So I bought a 80cm and 70cm air curtain (not the black rubber ones, material is similar to typical solid airstone) and I joined them together. I am using a Sera 275 l/h pump to run it but I am only getting bubbles from each end of the stone and not much in the middle at all. Can anyone recommend an air pump that would run the entire 'curtain' of air? Preferably <20W and very quiet. Thanks
  9. Tried to call a few times in the last week but no one ever answers, Does anyone know if they are shut down or anything. If so is there anywhere else to get scoria rock at a decent price around Brissy??? Yellow pages isn't much help. Might just have to wait till AOA has 25kg of noodles back in stock.
  10. you can make apple cider AND give your tank CO2 too!
  11. Hi guys, I often search on the sides of creek beds around where I live, looking for interesting stones for either aquascaping or bonsai. I found this stone a fair while ago, and it's one that I've absolutely fallen in love with. It's what I consider the perfect looking iwagumi/general aquascaping stone (IMO). Anyway after finding it I spend numerous hours searching for any stones in the same area that resemble it, but found none. Any ideas as to where I could find some similar looking stones? I'm only looking for a cpl more just to balance out any scape that I would want to use it in.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Hi everyone, I have a newly setup tank with 9 plants (green rush, anubias etc) and I've recently come across some writings that say leaving my two airstones on 24/7 will be bad for the plants as the constant disturbance to the water surface will allow the carbon dioxide to escape that the plants need. Some of the writings go on to say that turning them on at night when the plants arent photosynthesizing is the way to go. I have two problems with this: 1) When I turn off the stones, there is no movement in the tank whatsoever. The spray bar on my 2200L/h filter is like 5 inches underwater and it's "holes" are pointing downwards. If I'm meant to turn the stones off, is it ok to have no movement in the tank all day like that? 2) I two of the below attached air valves in front of my air pump under the tank. Would they be designed for stopping the water? I don't want to come home from work and have a million litres of water free in my house...
  14. hi guys concerned about my fresh water stone fish has a white spot on top of his head (not good i know) wnt to a pet shop and they give me some itkaway water changed to green. is this all i can do?? is there anything else i can do for it.. cheers
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