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Found 9 results

  1. I bumped something and the plug for my eheim biopower 200 slipped out but was still hanging in there. The filter itself also got bummed. When i plugged it back in there was no water flow however the unit had some vibration still. This means something is working but maybe something got fried or jammed. does this sound like a throw away job or a possibly fix? Any suggestions before i pull apart or bin?
  2. Hello guys and gals, got a question for ya. As I was leaving for work this morning I did my usual round of my fish tanks, saying morning/goodbye etc like every sad w@#$%r does. However, this morning I noticed that none of my sponges/air stones were working. Looks like my diaphragm has finally packed in as I can hear the air pump humming but the air output was low. I didn’t have time to change it and am not likely able to do anything about it until tomorrow. All the tanks are plumbed to a 6x2 sump that contains copious amounts of media, including Marine Pure, Matrix and K1. I have a lot of surface agitation in the tanks and have turned on all the wavemakers to provide extra circulation. All the water parameters are good (Am 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 20 PH 8.2) and the temp is 24. So my question is simply, should I be concerned I have no air going through the tanks or am I good seeing as I have a well-stocked sump and surface agitation for oxygen exchange? Thanks in advance…
  3. Ok guys here goes. Does anyone think it would be safe to treat straight rain water with pool chlorine, let it "age" for 24 hours with a small powerhead circulating the water, then treat the water with a dechlorinator?
  4. .I brought a fluval 306 and I've been using it for a little bit now and it has been working pretty well until one day it just stopped working, i have no idea why it stopped the motor could be heard running but the water wasn't flowing, i took apart the filter and checked the pipes for blockages(they're fine) but haven't been able to pinpoint the problem, the primer is starting the prime but the flow isn't following though. regards
  5. Hey guys and girls I have the Blue Planet SereneLife 100L tank and it's amazing! But just yesterday the aerator in the filter media has stopped blowing bubbles in the tank. Basically it looks like this filter but has a plastic screw on top of the return hole to aerate the water which causes bubbles. I'm going to take the lid off and see if anything has moved or been clogged up to prevent it from aerating properly. When I turn the pump off, wait a out 10 seconds and turn it back on, the bubbles are back but will only last another 30 seconds maybe. Has anyone got any ideas. It's probably something simple. Cheers
  6. Hi everyone, just looking for some advice on course of action to get hopefully not kill my fish in while fixing my Fx5 filter. Tank set up: 650 liter tank (4*2*3ft) Inhabitants: 2 blue rams, 19 cardinal tetras, 2 LF bristlenose and 5 corys Planted with anubias, java fern, vale, Ph stable 7.8 Previous readings (on Monday 12/3) 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5ppm nitrate Current readings this morning .25ppm ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5ppm nitrate tank temp 28.5 - 29 Running Filtration Fluval fx5 and Aqua One CF1200. Currently no carbon/purigen in tank. Running 2 air-stones I have been watching my Fluval fx5 filter thinking it was not working…. But just kept assuming that it was having its ‘break’ when I looked at it… So last night I took another look and its definitely not working – there is no way its having a break every time I look at it (at different times of the day, and plus does not start the priming process if I turn it off at the wall and back on like it should). I do have an Aqua One CF1200 canister filter running on the same tank to provide some back up incase this exact situation happened, but there will be a large drop in good bacteria levels. So….. I dropped the water level down to about 400 litres as the CF1200 does not filter such a large volume of water, until we can figure out what has happened on our bigger filter and get it going. Tested for Ammonia this morning and .25 ppm came up, so added some Sera brand good bacteria stuff to try to prevent any major spike in ammonia while the Fx5 is out of action (only had one full small bottle which I emptied in one go, at around 250 litres. Have I done the right thing? What would be the best course of action to try prevent loosing any of my beautiful fish? Would the bacteria in the Fx5 be dead by now? Should I clean it with tank water or tap water this afternoon? It has been 3 days since the filter stopped working I think. Going to take a look at the impella this arvie, but not sure where I can get one of these at a moments notice if need be, from around Brisbane somewhere (I am from Ipswich but happy to travel if anyone has any suggestions)…. Has anyone had problems with the chip in their Fx5? Where do you get the chip from if it needs to be replaced? I purchased my Fx5 second hand so no warranty on this one. What would be the best course of action to try prevent loosing any of my beautiful fish?
  7. hi guys i have a problem 2 yesterday morning my guppy give birth to about7 babies and than she topped but her belly is still full can some tell me what can i do?? she is quite big
  8. Hi people, My new (2 months) fx5 has decided not to pump any more..... How long can 30 cichids last in a 6ft? ie will they be okay till midday tomorrow after I visit Russ? and Has anyone had this happen any know a quick fix? It seems to be spinning but no suction nor output. Have had a quick look and there is nothing obvious Cheers!
  9. My caninster filter stopped working, think it is the pump. Nothing at all when I plug it in. It seems such a waste to thow it away, is there any way to get these fixed or to buy spare parts for? It is an OTTO PF300G canister power filter made in Taiwan by the Tai Girm Aquarium Corp. Any help would be much appreciated.
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