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Found 8 results

  1. I got a colony of Malawi Gold Peacocks of Butch awhile ago. They have been breeding pretty much non stop but due to RL being crazy, I haven't had a chance to save any. Well I bit the bullet tonight and stripped my first girl. Didn't even rip her head off. Lol. Pretty happy about the number. :-)
  2. I know everyone does it and its really not that difficult once u have done it once, but yeah stripped my first fish hurray, got 21 frys. :0 all i did is open her mouth with a cut off piece of zip tie (the narrowest bit) and moved her back and forward. took a few spits but she got them all out in the end. is that how u are meant to do it or is there an easier way? do i wait for her to spit them out or will the fry swim out or both?
  3. Hello all I throught I would share with everyone my first mouthfully Orange Bemba stripped today. I only expect 3-4 maximum from 6-7cm female but I surprised that I got 7 little one now, her first or second hold were not successfully but this time she hold till the 18 days. Now is the challenge to raise up the little one. Cheers, Ryan:)
  4. hey all!! my red zebra female was holding, and we counted approx 18days worth of holding this is my first attempt at stripping... (fish that is lol) so im worried i might have taken them out too early?? they came out nice and easy, swimming free enough... they have a fat sac like belly, almost like what a tadpole would have i think (pic attached - not the greatest quality sorry) how much should they be moving about? (some lie on their sides but move when another one swims past it) how soon should they get their 1st feed? is there anything specific i should be feeding them? ive heard about brine shrimp and flakes etc any advice would be GREATLY GREATLY appreciated!!!! im not holding my breath that all will survive, but a few would be nice for a first timer like me!! thanks heaps for ya help!!!! simon
  5. Just stripped my mates saulosi and one of the fish was holding 45 juvies! Wow thats a lot for a saulosi. All the others had 20-25 which is good. Also when we finished stripping the fish and put them back in the main tank we noticed they got a little deep red spot on the front of their noses. What does this mean not quite sure? Cheers, Matt
  6. Ok so i just stripped her and majority of them are fry with egg sacks still attatched, although egg sacks are still decent size so probably 1 or 2 days early. They are pindani's how much should the eggs be tumbled? Should i tumble the fry with egg sacks or should i just leave them in a ice cream container in the tank (one with mesh in it so water can pass through) until they start to come off hte bottom or should i tumble them? also do they need to be fed or does the egg sack give them all of the nutrients required?? thanks guys
  7. Ok so just wanted to post i tried 1st of all the just stripping with no assistance and that did not work so i got the toothpick out and it worked a treat and straight away only lost 1 egg during the stripping and will see how my DIY fry savers / tumblers go and will keep you update. I am so excited just had to post something, got 51 eggs out of her (blue Pindani) how do i no there is 51 you ask?? I took a photo of them in the tumbler and counted any tips would be awesome thanks guys
  8. Stripped one of my Ngara White tails last night after 10 days she had a woping 67 eggs, but only 12 where fertilised. Damn male must be a permature ejectulator or something lol >< dammit there eggs are so small i couldnt belive how many there were. i think they need alil practise :S do many people get this sort of thing? cheers Adam
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