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Found 47 results

  1. During winter the ulva goes nuts here in SEQ, especially if there has been rain. These two species are great for corals and fish health and I blend them in to my food mix each time as well, but this lot is for the freezer. A tiny two bits as examples of my fav two species of the heap I got.
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  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Can anyone tell me what this white stuff is on my glass? Its quite furry and it jiggles with movement of the water. It pretty much goes from perfect to this in 1 week...
  5. .hi, some of u learned gentlemen may be able to help me. I have two crimson-spotted rainbowfish among five in my display tank which have a tiny white substance/protuberance on lips. One has a white dot of this substance on upper lip, one has some on both upper and lower lips. both fish are otherwise displaying healthily, eating well and showing no signs of distress. It's pretty tiny in both cases, almost looks as if fish has rammed itself against something and possibly created a little abrasion but the substance is raised, white almost cotton-wooly in appearance but as I say, appears nowhere else on their bodies. The white stuff has been in evidence for about 2-3 weeks and has not changed in appearance or size, and, as yet, no other fish in the tank has manifested this or any other sign of ill health. cheers, kahuna
  6. .I have seen some references but they were both negative? I just wondering if anyone has bought stuff from there?
  7. Hey everyone. We've had our 4ft running with co2 for a good 4 or so months now and we have had an issue with this brown fluffy/hairy/dirty algae looking stuff. In the first pic that hair grass has been like that most of the time. We have just recently upgraded lighting that should be much better so hopefully they start growing . Even with the new lighting, this brown stuff grows. It is also leaving some brown *crumbs* so to say, on the top of the water. There is a bunch of flame moss in the tank too that hasn't gone a nice green but grows steadily, also has a heap of brown stuff on it. We have a stem plant that is growing nicely so it's unusual why this is only happening to the few mosses and hair grass. Any ideas? Water parameters seem fine. Fish arnt sick either.
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  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. well the story is i when to atlas aquarium and i was told take these six pill to worm my discus and to feed them to my discus so i ask how i do this the guy told me to leave the pills in the bag fill it up to certain point with vodka and it will seperate the stuff that i wanted out and then to pour it over some bio discus food is this right i think it gonna kill my fish any one help me plz are they joking with me
  11. Just went to tech dens today and saw heaps of barnacle clusters for sale. He's is trying to keep them for himself by not advertising them on his website Just thought I better let all the comp and calvus people know as mine had 20 breeding holes in it for them to choose from . Worked out to be $1 a hole . Thanks techy but the secrets out now
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Thinking of doing a fish pond out of an ibc I've got at home. What kind of filtration would I need if any? Thinking of keeping rainbows maybe some Africans or Americans and some bristlenose cats. Interested to know what fish have worked for others in the past. I'm not doing aquaponics. Just wanting to try other ways of keeping. Thanks guys and any other pointers would be great. Would be in a fairly sunny spot sorry if I sound like a noob but its because I am with this stuff hahaha
  14. Thinking of throwing a few of my larger deformed (missed culls and too big to kill, well my hearts to big lol) Ellioti in with my 5x2x2 tank, 2 30cm Oscars a 7cm salvini a 30cm Goldspot a 5cm convict and 7 I think silver dollars who are also huge, like 10-15cm.Whatcha think?? Cant sell them (attempting to sell up, but I may not just yet...will see) so if they get eaten not the end of the world, but don't get off on watching fish kill one anther either. So is there hope for the Ellioti?? Sizes vary from 7cm to full grown.
  15. I am always laughing when someone is giving away something either because its not needed or needs a good home and people want it delivered for free as well but also I also have found trying to find a new home for some of my fish a long process lol
  16. As always, AOA has the new stuff first and we do it weekly baby! Stand out this week? High output SUBMERSIBLE Tunze LED lights! Who cares if your tank is 3 foot deep and you want clams? Just put a bar a foot above it! Problem solved. Tunze may use logic, technology and quality to solve aquarium problems.......... And yea thats more boring than gimmicks and just clumping old tech together. But it works, and it works long time! Germans hey. They make beer, cars and fish products. And they do all of them so very well!!!!!!!!! disclaimer ~ AOA does not endorse the irresponsible mixing of beer, cars and fish products!
  17. The Cichlid Room Companion - Hybrids and other 'threats' to the hobby by Willem Heijns Just an article someone posted elsewhere, which I found to be quite a good read. I agree with pretty much all of it. But that's me.
  18. Did some visiting today up the coast and seen some awesome fish and equipment! Come winter def going to get me one of these....took me ages to find the site so appreciate it dammit. Titanium Heater TH 500W « Aquamanta i also seen some cool fishies like Speckelback Moba leptosoma Ventralis Orange Caps WC Kirschfleck Bulu Point WC Moorii Red rainbow Kasanga and Ilangi - very sexy!!! Some pretty blue shrimp An awesome bicolour angelfish - i love them An octopus!! and heaps of others.... Look out peeps these fish are around and no doubt fry will be around soon!!!! I hope the people that get them are on here!
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  22. Well works been a bit quiet so been down in the shed for a few days and completed some more furniture for myself. First off i re did our bed with some drawers under neath it. Also made some bedside tables and a tall boy and a low boy. Was happy with the finished product. The new mattress is like cloud 9. Then i thought I'd surprise the young fella with a new bunk bed, with a desk and drawers under it. Now I've got them done hopefully over christmas break I might get to make myself a new cabinet for my 6 footer with prevision under it for a sump. =)
  23. I am a product that you use to worn your fish as you do with dogs cats ect. My fish DON'T have worms but im just making sure They never get them. I have previously used aqua one worming tablets and I guess they worked but wondering whats a different product to use and where to buy it, I have frontosa and L numbers. Also a few loaches. Heard some stuff you can't use with loaches. Thanks in advance for any help
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  25. hi guys just got home and when i was looking at my fish i noticed some white stuff growing on my drift wood is this bad for my fish????
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