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Found 17 results

  1. Hi Does anyone know the odyssey cfs 500 canister filter? Thinking I could take the pump out and put it in a two foot tank under my three foot and make it work like a sump. Anyone know if this could work?
  2. Just need to share my love for one of the great misunderstood cichlid families from the great Lake Tanganyika.... Yep its the Lepidiolamprologus family... Have to say I really am appreciating this group of super aggressive(ok you do "if your lucky" get the odd peaceful individual)underwater hunters and I don't know if its the fish or the challenge the fish themselves pose when it comes to their care and maintenance that has me hooked..either way as adults they are striking fish and will demand your viewing time when looking at a tank..I prefer the bigger open water members of the family personally but they are a very unique and interesting group of fish...from the big Profundicola to the little shell dwelling Hecqui.. Here is a quick excerpt from Practical Fish Keeping: "There are currently seven(?) valid species in Lepidiolamprologus: attenuatus, cunningtoni, elongatus, kendali, mimicus, nkambae and profundicola. All share the same elongate shape and predatory mouth, and range from 15-30cm/6-12” in length, so large as Lamprologine cichlids go. They become impressive as they grow and mature, with highly visible teeth, and a 30cm L.elongatus must be a terrifying sight for any small fish unlucky enough to share the same habitat." Well now here's a look at some of the family members.. Lepidiolamprologus Profundicola (believed to be here in Oz and if so very very rare) Lepidiolamprologus Elongatus (very rare) Lepidiolamprologus Kendali (uncommon/rare) Lepidiolamprologus Nkambae (rare/very rare) Very hard to spot differences between Kendalli and Nkambae but DNA tests prove they are separate varieties. Lepidiolamprologus Attenuatus (very rare) Lepidiolamprologus Cunningtoni (very rare) Lepidiolamprologus Mimicus (not available!?) Lepidiolamprologus Kamambae (newly discovered and not available!) And here's some of the smaller guys....yep still with some serious attitude Lepidiolamprologus Lemairii (uncommon) Lepidiolamprologus Pleuromaculatus (very rare/not available!?) Lepidiolamprologus Boulengeri (uncommon) Lepidiolamprologus Hecqui (uncommon)
  3. A 'Must DO' Experience for the Tang Keeper - can only get when face to face with The Emperor....
  4. It Hasn't Been Watered In 40 Years, But This Plant In A Bottle Is Perfectly Healthy. WHOA.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Aquatic Style Nano Marine Cube Set - On display in store. Incredibly attractive nano setup. Opti- clear glass, Cabinet, Protein skimmer, Bio Tower and Sunbright remote control led lighting. Complete package $1399.00 including free delivery to Metro Area's Australia wide. Link - Age of Aquariums - Aquatic Style Nano Marine Cube Set - White More Pics on Facebook - Aquatic Style Nano Marine Cube Set | Facebook Ben
  7. hey guys a few people have mentioned this and im willing to organise one to c how it goes just wanting to know exaclty how much interest there is im planing on having it in a hall somewhere in brisbane but in order for me to organise it i would need at least 12 people to confirm that they would book a table i would also like to have a few of our sponsors have a table set up there will b a sausage sizzle with all proceeds going to QLDAF so let me know if your interested and if you would like to help out in organising hopefully the first of many great get togethers
  8. With so many available I was wondering if anyone could recommend based on quality accuracy and price a brand or type of thermometer and the same for a digital ph test pen. I know I have bought a batch of 5 glass thermometers before and all showed different temperatures when they were supposed to be high quality.
  9. First many thanks go to Brent Smith on yet more of his stunning images ,enjoy the fish ,i do ever day;)
  10. Hello again. Thought i'd still put to use my 3 footer as I moved the breeding trio of pepps into a different tank so I have more space for there babies I basically had a big forked out tree branch that I sawed short and used the long pieces I cut off it to create a "Stumpy root looking thing" I think it worked and looks half decent I just used val for the plants as I dont have hardcore grow lights, its just a 2 foot aquaone light that does the job I caught all the fish from local creeks; Female green and red swordtail Empire gudgeons More gudgeons of some sort Guppies I believe I have a few endlers of some sort I caught in a creek at Mt Gravatt And something else I cant I.D Pictures looked alot better on my phone. Day Night
  11. Got this built for the new house, my big girl had definitely outgrown the 6x2. New home is 7x3x2.5, still need to dress the stand, sheet the tank to the wall (with panels for access to plumbing) and build a hood.
  12. I remember TFH used to run a detailed story on the breeding of a particular species, timelined from when the fish go into the tank to when the fry are raised. Is there anywhere online that has these kind of posts? They were great! Does anyone know what i mean/a name for it?
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. I'm setting up my 60 gallon tank using walstad principles for a low maininence tank. I'm heading out to fishchicks today to get plants and fish. Substrate is 2.5cm of potting mix capped by 2.5cm of zeolite. Matt
  15. These are darker than norm but I liked how the turned out.
  16. Will be making my own with help of neighbour in the next few weeks so will put up my own progress pics as I go. Here is the link. Might help the guys who are considering a ADA style tank stand. Thought I might post to help other forum members if they are looking to create the same style stand. http://www.projectaquarium.com/plantedA ... Stand.aspx
  17. Iwagumi style for a 3 footer few qs. Would it look good with discus say 4 of them? Will sell the discus for the style no buts about it haha and my discus are my pride and joy or thinking maybe a school of the one type of discus say 4 blue diamonds or 4 leopard snakeskin discus? Can sell and get a big school of rummy nose would look impressive Where do i find the following styles of rocks? How much would they set me back? This is for a 3 footer. What types of actual rocks are they? I see alot on the Aqua Journal site and ADA but not so much on the type and where they are available. this is the style I am looking at achieving when i redo my substrate; http://www.aquajournal.net/suikei_da...keiphoto1.html http://www.aquajournal.net/suikei_da...keiphoto2.html http://www.aquajournal.net/suikei_da...gallery_04.jpg http://www.aquajournal.net/suikei_da...gallery_01.jpg http://www.aquajournal.net/suikei_da...gallery_04.jpg I want my tank to look pretty much identical to one of them and will take pretty much anything to get it to look like it (yes i know that is Takashi Amanos tanks and yes they are simply breathtaking but It surely is possible) Are the rocks available at FishChicks? Some help would be much appreciated. Are the plants used such as Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae Eleocharis acicularis available within SE QLD? are these plants hard to grow? given 6 T5HO lights, c02 system, liquid ferts and tonnes of care - Hemianthus Callitrichoides - Lilaeopsis novaezelandiae - Eleocharis Acicularis - Eleocharis Vivipara
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