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  1. Hey all. i have a few questions. Im starting a 300lt tank as some of you know. Id like to use gravel (black smallish) for my stubstrate. I dont plan on having super high maintance plants, just ones that suit my taste. Im looking at pressurised co2 and im not ruling it out. I want to keep java fern and moss amazon swords corkscrew val's anubias Marble queen swords Hydrocotyle and maybe some more that grab my eye later. The lights im looking at are 6500k LED 5030 SMD 120LED 60w Fixtures. Would you recomend 1 or 2 of those fixtures on the 4ftx20"x20" tank. Would that make it a low/med/high light tank? And would it benifit from the co2 injection?? Thanks so much. You guys are a godsend.
  2. So I'm about to upgrade to my 4x2 and I'm using black Diamond quartz as my substrate. As I am keeping malawis in my tank in wondering how I can help control my pH? I have calcium carbonate sand currently in my smaller 4 foot tank an i wondering if I could place some of that into a mesh bag/stocking and put it in my canister filter to help with the pH? Thanks guys.
  3. I'm looking to changing the substrate for my African tank. Is it ok to just take the old and put the new one straight in (after thorough cleaning of course) or better to take half out and wait a week for BB to build up etc... Cheers
  4. Looking to change the substrate of my native tank to river pea gravel. Should I put a layer of something under it to promote plant growth?
  5. I've read on the bag that you're supposed to rinse the Fluval Stratum before using but found that it made the water quite cloudy (water I'm rinsing it with). Made me wonder if I'm doing this wrong and losing alot of the nutrients/soil. Jumped online and found some people saying that you're not supposed to rinse at all... What are you experiences and opinions?
  6. Hi all, I am redesigning my 4ft tank (moving on from tropicals) and depending on substrate I will be either moving back to fancy goldies or trying something new with an axolotl. I have already bought two bags of Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum Substrate 8kg (so 16kg in total and it has already arrived) as the plan is to have a large gold vine driftwood centerpiece and live plants and mosses etc on and around it and get the plants established before restocking the tank. My question is, is the Fluval soil safe and ideal for axolotls considering they're in contact with it constantly? Or should I cap the substrate with something else like a sand? If I need to cap it, what would be best? Last time I had a live planted tank I just had plain play sand (I was a newbie lol!) which was not a good idea for the plants I had so I wanna try and do it right this time. Thanks in advance to everyone who replies.
  7. Ok I now have my nano tank aqua one reflex 26L. I am thinking of setting it up as an Endler display tank with maybe some cherry shrimp just to add some colour. What substrate would work best I am thinking either black Quartz gravel or I have also taken a liking to the tutti frutti gravel. The only thing is the tutti frutti is a light colour and I am worried it will wash out the colour of the fish and shrimp. Any advice or recommendations.
  8. BACKGROUND, SUBSTRATE COLOURS AND TANK POSITION I recently moved my mbuna from a tank with a black background with river sand substrate, to a tank with a light blue background and a play sand substrate. The lighting is unchanged - exact same LED light, and tanks are same in water volume - slightly different tank dimensions - one is wider and the other a bit taller. The rocks are also exactly the same - just a different configuration. I have noticed that my fish seem to be less skittish and are swimming around looking far more relaxed in tank with blue background. (See vid here: ) They have only been in tank for 24 hours and I expected there to be territorial disputes over the new rock configuration, but this has been very minor...far less than the usual spats and fights. I was planning on a black background for their new tank ...now I'm not so sure...I like the new chilled look my fish have...it is like I have different fish...This is more noticeable as before I changed tanks there were fights going on as several of my females are maturing...these, for the moment at least, seem to have stopped. I like the black backgrounds because it makes the colours of fish pop...but the blue is bouncing more light around and revealing more detail in rocks and fish than I thought would be the case. Sometimes with the black background it is like half the tank is in darkness (especially with all the rocks) and so it can make it difficult to always see what is going on in the tank (harder for cleaning too) ....I also wonder if being able to see more is making the fish feel more relaxed....no aggro fish suddenly appearing out of the dark THOUGHTS???.. Looking at footage of Lake Malawi it would seem that the water is pretty clear/good visibility for the most part...this is one reason given as to why the fish are so brightly coloured - so that they can identify themselves and also identify friend or foe from further away. I like white/cream sand substrate as it looks more natural for the fish...and they like it. However, I am liking play sand more than river sand as it is easier to identify mess when doing cleaning/vac...sometimes it is hard to tell if the small pebbles in the river sand are pebbles or pellets..and so you suck up your sand....the play sand is also lighter in colour and is bouncing more light around the tank. To add even more mystery to the change in behaviour, the fish are now also in an area where they get far more people traffic going past front of tank and the light from the window means we are casting shadows onto the tank as we walk past...normally this would freak my fish out...but they are barely flinching...I thought it would be the opposite...I thought I would never see them as they would be hiding all the time...but no, they are cruising around seemingly carefree... What are peoples thoughts on background, substrate colours and Tank position... And has anyone else noticed changes in the behaviour of their fish due to background, substrate colour or tank position?
  9. Hello ☺ I was wondering what people liked to put on the bottom of their L333 tanks? Sand, Gravel, nothing or a mix, and is their any particular reason for the substrate you chose? Thanks ☺
  10. Anyone have any idea where I can get some Bloodworms/Bristleworm in the brisbane area? i know sometimes you end up with them in the food or on plants but i'm not having any luck finding any LFS that have them live, they only seem to have the black worms which aren't suitable for what i want to do. or... alternatively can someone suggest a good worm for my substrate to keep it aerated? Thanks
  11. So basically I currently have a 4x2x1.5. Livestock is a bit all over the place at the moment, waiting for some stock to be picked up. But anyway its going to be a planted Discus tank, some juvi discus already calling the tank home. Plants are crypts and val with anubis on driftwood. The current substrate is gravel, from bunnings originally i think. I run moderate light and pressurised CO2. So to give my plants a boost and to try and buffer my ph down, it keeps creeping up which the discus obviously don't appreciate. I have purchased some ADA amazonia from one of the sponsors and would like any ideas/experience you guys have with doing a full substrate swap and also with preparing ADA soil to prevent ammonia spikes Thanks
  12. Hay all what's your thoughts let us all know Reasons/if any what ever they may be
  13. An acquaintance involved in the aquaculture industry [fish farming] was telling me about RED WORMS that one can use to keep a tank's gravel substrate clean. Apparently these little creatures burrow into the gravel, etc and eat up all the fish poo and mulm converting it into ammonia and nitrates. Anybody out there know anything about this, and if it is true, where do I get Red Worms from?
  14. Super Deal of the Day - CaribSea Eco Complete Planted Substrate - Black 9kg. Today only $39.00 !!!! Link - Age of Aquariums - Eco Complete Planted Substrate 9kg - Live version Coarse This mineralogically and biologically complete substrate is for planted aquariums and comes in live water that contains purifying bacteria. Mineralogically complete means it contains iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur plus over 25 other elements to nourish your aquatic plants. It contains all the mineral nutrients needed for luxuriant aquatic plant growth without nuisance algae. This iron-rich substrate eliminates the need for laterite. Biologically complete means it contains live heterotrophic bacteria to rapidly convert fish waste into natural food for your aquatic plants; creates a natural biological balance which makes cycling a new aquarium faster and safer; packed in Liquid Amazon buffered "Black Water" solution for immediate organic water conditioning; unsurpassed MacroPorosity for healthy roots and bacterial efficiency. You would need to buy 4 bags of ordinary gravel to equal the surface area of this one bag of substrate. Other features include: nitrate and carbonate free-will not increase pH or carbonate hardness; there are no artificial dyes, paints or chemical coatings; the natural black substrate encourages the most vibrant coloration in fishes and reduces fish stress; spherial grains for optimum diffusion performance; supplies calcium without raising the pH; lead free. The Bi-Modal grading naturally separates into 2 distinct layers: 1) Fine layer on the bottom for best root development and 2) Coarse layer on top which conveys oxygen and nutrients to the roots.
  15. Hi all, I've been out of fish keeping for a while aside from a couple of goldfish. I'm thinking of setting up a lightly planted tank with angelfish. I would love some recommendations of substrate to use. I love the look of sand, but I know it can damage filters. I have recently seen some gravel at City farmers that is teeny tiny and almost looks like sand. I love the look of black too, but I have dark bluefish coloured rocks to use in the tanks so I don't want the whole tank to look too dark. The tank is in a main part of the house so I want it to look really nice! Thanks in advance!
  16. hey guys, just wondering when you are expecting more stock of the Amazonia soil 9L
  17. I'm wanting to use a tank I have already setup for my ellioti. Is crushed coral substrate ok? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Hi Guys, New here, I was hoping for some advice on what people have had success with keeping substrate clean. I have an extremely fine gravel so cannot vacuum easily and find a fair bit of fish excrement is settling on the bottom. i have looked into creating an under gravel jet system to eliminate dead spots and significantly increase flow, advice from local pet store was to just add an internal filter. the tank is 250L 4foot with a cannister filter, I'm hoping to upgrade to a 660L in the coming months. If I go an internal filter what would be the highest lph flow rate I could push in the 250 without it being too much flow, yet strong enough for a 660L? Thanks in advance
  19. .Hi all, What's the best sand for housing rays? I'm choosing this option - over clear bottom - for aesthetic reasons and to allow the ray to burrow. Anyone able to link me to some proven winners? Not too worried about cost at this stage. Please also don't lecture regarding water quality or space required; this is not the thread.
  20. .So I'm going to create a new heavily planted RCS tank. What do you guys recommend for the substrate? I've been looking at the Mr Aqua Aquarium Soil (8L)
  21. .What products do people recommend for a beginners planted tank? We have a 3ft we're planning to set up as our first planted tank and so far have a small CO2 kit. We're after cost efficient recommendations for substrate options & plant nutrients. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Has anyone tried cal-grit? I used in my turtle tank as a buffer, its crushed limestone for poultry feed, best part its only $7 for a 20kg bag from any produce store. http://www.advantagemud.com/document...20Supercal.pdf
  23. Im getting some small fish and have a small 2ft cube tank for them. I was thinking of using macropore white and gold (likely gold) as my subtrate as a have some stocks of regenerated ones. Would it still function - clear the water and soften it even if just staying at the bottom of tank? Ill just be using a sponge filter for it. Also considering placing marine pure spheres as ornaments (marble effect) on the same tank. Let me know of your thoughts?
  24. <BR><BR>Hi AOA, I am looking at the Eco Complete planted substrate in the dark brown (that's what it looks like on my phone) course. How many bags would I need for 4x18x18 and a good planting depth? I am thinking 2 inches, but I am happy to go with your guidance. Do you have the number of bags in stock that I need and can they be shipped? Regards, Cara
  25. I am planning on changing my substrate in an already established tank. It's a 48x18x15 inch tank and ha an ehim 2217 and an internal 1200Lph filter. When I bought the tank the substrate already had calcium cabonate in it. Being very new to the hobby I didnt take it out. So, I plan to change the substrate. I just would like so help/ sugguestions as to how to go about removing it. and keeping water etc
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