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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all I'm sick and tired of replacing big ball air stones in my BIG tank can anyone recommend a big air stone that wont clog in 6 months or less? atm I'm using big ball stones and they just clog up in no time at $7 each I use 4 at a time iv tried cleaning them soaking them in vinegar nothing works very well any ideas out there? its a display tank so the plastic screw together type are a no go
  2. Ok so my dilemma is that I sold off my 6 foot tank - yes I feel some regret but I felt I had to honour the deal as I had promised the tank to someone else and I suspect he may even be a forum member, he had also had a sump built to suit the cabinet so I felt it was wrong to go back on my word - and yes, it was also the wrong colour for my décor (I am a house proud female) - and I did re-home all the fish I had in a great home. I have moved my daughters 3 foot one to the same spot -and of course even though it looks stunning as I have it planted out, I am missing a larger tank. I am now thinking maybe I could compromise and maybe buy a new 4 foot one which would give me more options. Sometimes 6 foot is harder to stock and aquascape I think? But looking around I see that 4 footers seem to be the most common size to be sold off - so I wonder is that a size that sucks? and that is why people move them on? I like planted aquariums and keep the usual tropicals including Angels - I am looking at just having a pair of Angels in there as I know they are happiest as a pair long term. I feel the 3 foot one I do have now is not really a nice size for angels - as the current tank was custom made for my daughters bedroom and is only narrow (15 inches in depth) so holds around 127 litres - but a four foot one I have in mind (48 x 18 x 22) would increase the capacity greatly. Anyway, just wondering what thoughts others have on 4 footers?
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