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Found 13 results

  1. Hi Guys, So i am moving house and somehow convinced the misses that a display tank would look nicer in the new house rather than the old rough around the edges tanks i have now. Little does she realise that i will still set up the old tanks over time as well...... Lucky me... So this guys is a perfect fit for a spot in the new lounge room 60 x 45 x 40 110 ltr, brand new , someones project that did not happen. Any way at first this will contain just my pair of convicts. But the light i currently have on the Convicts tank must not have the right colour spectrum as i get brown algae growing on the glass and ornaments consistently. So what i am after is a light that will sit directly on the lid of the tank so i don't get glare shinning around the lounge room. Obviously with the right spectrum of colour to avoid algae issues. And if i can afford it (depending on $$$) have a controller for colour, timer etc built in. Will almost definitely order from the Techy Den or AOA or one of our other sponsors that will post. Thanks in advance for your help Guys & Gals Cheers
  2. The past weeks/months, I was generously been given/bought/adopted some nice american cichlids for my midlevel swimmers. I have 25cm blackbelt, 20cm synspillun, 20cm red devil 15cm possible flowerhorn/trimac and 20cm albino oscar. The blackbelt seems to be the bully (even chases my poor man's arowana) of all and the flowerhorn and oscar at the bottom of the pecking order. I would like to ask the American Keepers here what would be the next one I can add to the community. It needs to be big, colourful and doesn't eat anubias. Was originally contemplating on a huge frontosa but may not be suitable on the environment i have.
  3. Hi all, In short, my new tank cant fit in my stand under another 6ft, and the place I will put this tank wont be flat, expose to some sunlight and little rain (patio). Is there anything I can get from bunxxx and put the foam and tank on top? Thanks
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  5. Problem: 15-20 dead shrimp Ammonia:-nil Nitrate:- n/a Nitrite:-nil Gh:-80ppm or 4.592DH Kh:-55ppm or 3.08DH (if ive done it right) Size of tank:-200-substrate=170, 4'15''18'' Temperature °C:-26-27 Been running for:-2 months Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- 1x aquis 1200, 1x 1500l/ph sunsun and 2 sponge filters, the same as a 360 but half the height.. Fish in tank:- 6x 8-10cm peps 10x 3-3.5cm peps 3x Common Lfbn 10-13cm 1x alfbn 7cm 7x L002 2-3cm 3xalfbn 3-4cm 2 x common lfbn 1-2cm( fry that fell out of the cave in a tusle between 2 males rest of fry are in a different tank) Plants in Tank:- 10+ good size bunches and a lot of sprouts and one large Anubis as well as 4-5 pieces of dw Feeding:- What food and How often:- 6x hikari algae wafers half a zucchini daily Recent Medication Treatments:- just straight water. no salts Last water change:-2 Days ago Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly:- weekly, 65Ls town water just water ager,ph down and a touch of black water extract, sits in a tub for a day before it goes in the system I saw a post a couple of days ago similar but i couldnt find it. My tank is abit over crowded and is just tempary until i grab myself another filter for another 4fter. had a few shrimp knocking off every 2 days or so but just found 20 dead in the tank... not sure whats doing it.
  6. i was just thinking the template needs to be changed. its so hard to read when people sell multiple fish. perhaps something like this: FS/WTB/EOI:- Type of fish/goods:-Sex(if known):-Size/Rating:-Breeding:-Qty:-Price:- Photos:- Location:-Shipping Y/N:-Contact:-Comments:- so ie: fs: moscow guppies, m, 2-3cm, breeding:no, qty:25, $2 each photo: you know what they look like eoi: L1000, m&f, 10-12cm, breeding yes, qty: 7, $1000 each photo: google wont work. location: brisbane contact: pm coments: L1000 dont exist. case in point(no complaint about the thread. just the template): http://www.qldaf.com/forums/live-stock-14/fs-my-l-number-collection-397-104-333-134-201-270-a-60525/ there are a few more of such threads.
  7. am pretty keen on getting some cukoo cats but am curious on a host colony. i have heard that blue fish such as dolphins and peakocks are a good host along with most protomelas. i have also read that anything that breeds like rabbits is good. i would rather use a colony which i already have ( too many fish atm haha) if i was to use my venustus colony or lombardoi. would these fish be just as successful as other types? cheers in advance, murray
  8. I have a 6 outlet resun airpump and it seems tobe making some noise. tried everything, but still humming. same sound as when i got in new in the box. Can somebody recommend one which is not loud.
  9. OK i have a tank that i bought off a mate its only a 2ft with sponge filter internal filter and heater, and 3 caves for them it has 7 L202's some males some females not shaw of the ratio,some have reached there breeding size and age, so i should start seeing signs of breeding... BUT... IM just wondering would it stop them from breeding in a tank this small i do have a spare empty 3 foot tank that i could start cycling, I just want your opinion's. Thanks Tom
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  11. With out mentioning any names, a local radio anouncer a couple of months back on his breakfastfast show said "hey kids if you want to see you parents fish do some silly things, put a little Gin or something in the tank". My daughter 11 thinking of this radio anouncer as some what of an icon of the community did just that and guess what, my fish died, dont know if it would have damaged or contaminated my filers etc. I called the radio station and spoke to the general manager, he said he'd try and sort something out!!!! A few weeks laterI get a message on my mobile from a "current affairs type program, asking if I wanted to take the mater to air!. I know it would have been a major , excuse the french "bich" fight, trying to make out I was an irrsponsible part by allowing my daughter access to the Gin in the first place. I worked for Family services fopr near 15 years before being retired, so rather than have a major issue, I dropped it, a few local aquariums have tried to help me out, but the first few fish donated to me or heavily discounts, died, so basically set up the tanks from scratch, things are living now, nearly had one brood of red jewels, but they whetre young parents and the convicts ate all the eggs! Since I'm now on the pension any donations or help would be appreicated. My wife has to do dialasys every second day at home, and can only watch so much TV and do so many pussles, she finds watching the3 fish very relaxing and helps pass the 5 hours ev ery second day. Dont take me as a scab, I'm happy to return any favours in computer repairs etc By the way we dont listen to that radio station any more!!!! Thanks for listening Regards Marc
  12. Hi all, I need to get some suggestions for my bn tank. I am currently having a 3ftx18x20 tank with a divider, i have a colony of albino bn breeder in 1 side and a trio of longfin common bn breeder and 8 peppermint (haven't breed yet) in the other side. The divider is a perspex with holes drilled (ard 8-10mm diameter). Now the problem is, the longfin bn have spawned at the same time as the albino bn in the other side and both the fry are abt to come out of the log and i realised that there are albino fry in the longfin log (this breeders are from a longfin female x albino male). I guess that is why there are some albino ones in there. But i won't be able to tell whether they are normal fin or longfin at this stage. so my questions are 1) will be albino fry in the longfin log normal fin or longfin? 2) if some of them are normal fin, is there a possibility that they carry a longfin gene? might think of some questions soon cheers
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