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  1. Hey there Fish Friends, Just started a scape, but not 100% happy with it quite yet. Plans so far are to remove sand and add more soil. Currently using Eco-Complete and liquid ferts. with new soil, i will have grasshair carpet the whole front and right side of tank. but the left side where driftwood is looks a tad bland IMO. was thinking of adding rotala rotundifolia in the very left corner and maybe some behind the big driftwood? Opinions on that or any plants that could look good? would love to hear suggestions wanting to fill it up more. Note: Waiting for new impeller for canister, thus the internal is there. Sorry for having too much to read! Cheers, Kev.
  2. Hey everyone, im wanting to grow a couple plants in my tank to give it some greenery. Its 70cm high so wanting something that will grow quite tall and quick. A problem I have is my fish love to eat everything. I have angels, geos and corys (also babysitting a silver dollar) and they destroy just about everything i put in there... Dig it up, eat all the leaves, you name it. Anything thin, tall and bushy is now a stick and fresh new leaves dont have a chance. I have iron sand as my subtrate and 2 x 5ft t5 bulbs, both bulbs great for plants aparently. Wanting to know if anyone has been through this and found something that works and can give me some pointers other wise it'll turn out to be an expensive process of elimination. I heard that swords are meant to be hearty? I had a small one in there but they destroyed that. Thanks in advance!
  3. I have kept a small community tank for many years. I have found it quite difficult to maintain peace in the tank and am disappointed when the fish eat the plants faster than they can grow. So I am going to try something else - thinking of either a pair of fish or a single species of fish. Initial thoughts are perhaps a group of 5 Angel fish. Or a pair Oscars (but perhaps they are too high maintenance?). My tank is currently empty, except for a piece of driftwood and a lone bristle nose. I don't want anything too complicated and I don't necessarily want a breeding pair. Please can you guys offer some suggestions? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. I am looking at installing a sump for my 680 litre tanganyikan tank. Three or four foot sump. So looking at a Laguna 1350, 5000 litres per hour. Any other suggestions?
  5. Just after people's opinions on a good pellet food for sub adult angles. Currently they eat a mix of frozen blood worms, freeze dries black worms, tetra bits and ocean nutrition flake. I am looking for something else to add to the mix to put in the auto feeder. Ideally I am looking for something similar in pellet size to the tetra bits seems anything smaller and they ignore it and their mouth can not take anything bigger just yet. I have tried some of the discus specific pellets and they refuse to eat it think it is a texture thing pellets that stay hard and sink tend to get left so pellets need to be floating/slow sinking kind. Flake on the other hand they gobble down just not auto feeder friendly. Has anyone had success with angels and a floating or semi floating pellet type food should love to hear some recommendations.
  6. Afternoon guys. I am seeking some advice, I want to restart my 2 largest tanks utilising the sump that was used including the 2 tanks on a rack system. which as we all no went south super quick! White Spot (ich) & then ammonia spike finished everybody off. The 2 largest tanks 6x2x2 & 6x2x700 are the only tanks left with the 4x2x18 sump, still sitting as they were when I drained them including sand in the tanks & I also had bulk little black snails that lived in my sump & drove me nuts! Basically I want to fill the tanks & sump, plug the pump in & if possible BOMB THE **** outa it with whatever. I want every last bit of bacteria, be it good or bad DEAD, also I want the snails DEAD. Then once all this has run it course, I want to clean out the sump, IN TAP WATER :0 OMG! Then start the cycle fresh & new. Any advice would be appreciated, I just want to make sure I get everything including what lives in the sand substrate. Thanks you guys & girls.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Hi everyone. I am moving house in about 3 weeks. I have some tanks to move and a lot of fish. About 30 small to mid sized Americans. Does anyone have great suggestions on moving or maybe places that would look after my fish for a week or 2 while my tanks are re cycling. Any my suggestions are welcome.
  9. .Hi everyone. I think I might finally take the plunge and get my first 'big' tank. Something around the 3ft mark or a little bit bigger. I need some help with the stocking. So far I am thinking: 1 x Coral Blue Dwarf Gourami Neon Tetras (how many?) Corydoras (how many/what type?) Kuhli Loaches (how many?) ^^^^ Those are the fish I am really set on having. I would also like to have some guppies and/or mollies, but I am not overly worried whether I can have them or not. I think I have heard that mollies are extremely aggressive. Is this true? I will do sand for the substrate and somewhat planted (combo of fake and real, depending on what I can keep alive). Any suggestions for what else I can have? Will they get along? Will I be overstocked if I get all of these fish?
  10. I'm looking at suggestions on effective and presentable auto feeders for my tank. It will sit on top and will be loaded with 8mm-10mm pellets. I'm initially looking at pond feeders but saw some cat/dog feeders that may work at a fraction of cost. It can also contain a few kgs of food so less hassle to keep topping it up. Some even have voice recorder so you can call the fish on feeding time.
  11. I'm looking at setting up a tank for some nice veil tailed angelfish, and would love to know what plants are recommended, and what substrate I should use for them? i don't want to go overboard with the number of plants, but would just like a nice looking display tank with plants, rocks and some driftwood. thanks so much in advance!
  12. I have a 4x2x2 tank about to be setup and were looking for some plant suggestions. The other specs of the tank will be as follows Substrate - Eco Complete Filters 2 x Eheim 2217 300w Heater 2 X Workx 48cm Led's 1 Ista C02 system (reg, solenoid and reactor etc) Driftwood - 3 pieces of mangrove root The stocking list will be mostly rainbow fish with some tetras and cory's and sae's and a gourami So my thoughts so far are as follows Foreground - Hairgrass, Blyxa japonica, or Pigmy chain sword Background - Swords, Crypts and Vallisneria From what I have read these are low maintenance plants and as this is my first planted tank I did not want to go too high tech at the moment. If anyone has any ideas please let me know, would also be interested which lfs in brisbane have a good selection of plants. I will also keep an eye on the classifieds in this forum. Thanks Mick
  13. .Looking to try something different in the new year and set up a planted tank (3x2.5x3) to use as a display/growout for future discus breeders. Will be kitting it out with CO2 injection and some high powered lighting, but not sure where to look to find info on plants, especially ones to use towards the rear of the tank to take advantage of the height. Any suggestions on what I should be looking into?
  14. We are currently updating the website to make every item clearer and easier to read and get information. We are currently a third of the way through and will take a few weeks to finalise. If you feel there is a way to make it better for you just let us know and we will see if we can implement it and make the improvements.
  15. Hello. Brand spanking newbie to the forum :-) We have a 160 litre Blue Planet Paradiso corner unit currently using the one 8 watt high powered LED light that came with the tank (6 white/ 2 blue). We are wanting to promote some plant growth and need to upgrade the lighting. Any suggestions what to replace with or add to? Let me know if you need some more info. Thanks :-)
  16. Ok, so my tanks are without lids and evaporation is very fast! I'm doing top ups every 4 days or so. And yeah, I've checked everything for slow leaks, there aren't any. The tanks are 600x450mm. The braces for lids are on the ends (ie 450 lengths). When I did my plumbing, I didn't think about this properly, as my outlet is parallel to the lid braces. So if I put the lids in place, the water going from the sump to the tanks would be going on the lids. Any ideas on how to get around this? Thanks in advance
  17. Hi all, I'm new to the forum and was looking at getting some feedback on my setup. My brother originally gave me his 2x18x18 complete setup and I have since upgraded to the 3x18x18 Current inhabitants are as follows: 4x Angelfish 2x Sterbai Cory 3x Peppered Cory 3x Albino Cory 4x Clown Loach 5x Molly's 5x Moss Green Tiger Barb 1x Albino Plecostomus (Is this a just a fancy name for Albino Bristlenose?) 3x Blue Ram I know its a little overstocked, so i am in the process of building a sump for it. Not sure what the plants are called but I have cut a couple of them down and tied them onto new rocks I would love to get a nice piece of driftwood to place in the background and have a little more eye candy higher up in the tank Let me know what you guys think and if you have any suggestions. Cheers Ant.
  18. I'm looking for a heater that can do my 25L. I'm looking for one with the following features. Thermostat, can be set horizontal, full submersible, small and can do the 25L capacity. I'm also looking for some that can do the following tanks that hold 100L and 300L but without a thermostat that can be set horizontal, full submersible any suggestion or recommendations.
  19. I have a friend that has a leaking aqua one cf100 canister she has had it for 6 years, but now it is not playing nice, i dont have any canisters, so thought i would get some ideas from here... at first it was leaking around the lid, apparently this has stopped. now it is leaking around were the inlet and outlet are, apparently it has been a little while since she cleaned it. I am guessing the seals are just shagged due to age.? But it wasn't leaking prior to her cleaning it out..
  20. Please help with suggestions! Have recently upgraded from multiple small tanks to a 4x2x2 planted tank.. Current tank mates include a dwarf gourami, an angle, 2 Bala sharks, 3 serpae tetras, 6 cherry barbs and a bristle nose.. Everyone seems to get along fine ... Problem is the tank lacks something .. Colour, personality?? So I am looking for suggests on a 'feature' fish/fishes which would work in the current community but add a little something ... Open to all suggestions .. Especially something usual or quirky!! Thanks in advance
  21. Hi All, After looking over some of the archives and following up on some suggestions I am still no closer to an answer. I wanted to get shelving for; 1 x 6ft tank 2 x 3ft tank The intention was to stack them together. Quotes I received today were +$1,000. Does anyone have any good ideas? Thanks
  22. Can anyone recommend cheap plants for a tank with low light? Substrate is just river sand. Plants need to be fairly hardy and unappetising for both native fish and turtles. If anyone as plants that may suit in the Logan area I would be interested in hearing. Thank you!
  23. Hi all, Just looking for stocking suggestions for my tank. Im looking a stocking cynotilapia cobue and was after tankmate ideas.. dennison seeto does amazing work, awesome guy to work with. . Q Here's a quick pic of the tank courtesy of him. Sorry guys just filled the tank in that pic so I'll get another pic once the tank settles.
  24. Are there any small (less than 15 cm) plecos which are as active as bristlenoses + won't cost an arm and a leg? I like the look of peppermints but apparently they are extremely shy compared to bristlenoses. Anyway, thanks for you time!
  25. Hey guys and gals! Looking for some ideas on some fish to keep in a 2ftx1ft tank. Was setup for some fish that went to another tank. It has sand substrate, would prefer to keep that but can add anything else needed. Any ideas? Already done cherry shrimp tank btw. Thanks:beer:
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