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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all, I'm after suggestions as to what I should put in with my 4 adult L066. Currently they are in a 3ft 140ish litre tank running a fluval 405, otto pf800 internal and an air powered sponge filter So plenty of water movement. But I'm on the hunt for a reasonably priced 36x18x24 tank to replace the current tank (don't tell my wife). I'm using seachem neutral ph regulater to buffer the ph. I picked up 10 neon tetra today thinking they were a pretty safe cheap bet for a bit of movent and colour in the tank. What else could/should I ad? Also I'm not all that experienced with L numbers so any hints or suggestions as to what I should or shouldn't be doing are welcome. Here's some picks of the tank and cats because who doesn't like pictures right? [ATTACH=CONFIG]72869[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]72870[/ATTACH]
  2. Hi, I'm in thinking stages of putting together a small native nano tank and am after ideas for ideal filtration for such a small tank, looking at around 30l. Fish will either be Threadfin Rainbows, Spotted Blue Eyes, Honey Blue Eyes, Desert Gobies, maybe some native Shrimp like Darwin Algae or Chameleon. Thoughts on filtration?
  3. Hi all, I am redesigning my 4ft tank (moving on from tropicals) and depending on substrate I will be either moving back to fancy goldies or trying something new with an axolotl. I have already bought two bags of Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum Substrate 8kg (so 16kg in total and it has already arrived) as the plan is to have a large gold vine driftwood centerpiece and live plants and mosses etc on and around it and get the plants established before restocking the tank. My question is, is the Fluval soil safe and ideal for axolotls considering they're in contact with it constantly? Or should I cap the substrate with something else like a sand? If I need to cap it, what would be best? Last time I had a live planted tank I just had plain play sand (I was a newbie lol!) which was not a good idea for the plants I had so I wanna try and do it right this time. Thanks in advance to everyone who replies.
  4. Wandering if this filter will be ok for a 200litre tank? Mostly south American cichlids. Thanks.
  5. Setting up a 3ft tank planning to put lots of plants and shrimp in, but what about fish what fish are acceptable to live with shrimp? Are neon, and most other tetras ok?
  6. Just got 4 Fusco's today just wondering what fish would make suitable tank mates?
  7. Acrylic tank mounts designed for the Ecotech Marine Radion LED's now available online & In store. Suitable for 15mm Glass. For more specs please visit our website. Priced at $99.00 per mount. Link - Age of Aquariums - Acrylic Tank Mount suitable for Ecotech Radion's. Ben
  8. I have a 300L tank with 3 common bn's (5cm) and want to get 3 peppermint bn's. Will they get along fine? Thank you
  9. Hi All, Eheim Jager 125w heaters. Save 75 watts in power compared to other brands. Here is a link, Age of Aquariums - Eheim Jager 125w Ben
  10. Hi, I am setting up a tank for discuss and are about to replace the lights on my 4ft x 3f x 2 ft tank. Can anyone tell me the correct amount of lights and type of light I should have for this size tank? It will also be a planted tank. I was thinking of getting a 4ft dual switch housing using T5 lights. Maybe 2 fluro and 2 blue lights? Would around 216watts be suitable? I am very new to setting up tanks so any input would be greatly appreciated :: Sorry, I forgot to mention we will be putting an airpump in the tank. I am open to ideas on airpumps and systems too, the one on our new (second hand) tank is cactus... typical. Plants will include anuibus (spell?) Java fern, Java moss and a selection of amazon swords.
  11. Hi, Im reasonably new to this hobby I have been keeping fish for only 6 months but they have all been going along just fine and dandy, I am interested in having a go at breeding maybe a species of dwarf cichlid or something like that I only have room for a 2ft tank at the moment and my big tanks are full of fishies that want to eat little ones! so they are out of the question. I know it will be a bit more challenging to use the smaller tank but I think that's just another reason why this hobby is so rewarding! any advice would be greatly appeciated. Thanks. Brendan
  12. I've got a 4ftx18x20 tank and ive ordered a 3ftx15x18 sump. Im just wondering what a decent Lph would be for the setup? Thanks
  13. currently 2x golden severums 4 x discus 2x rams 14 x neons 1 x baby saratoga leichardti (10-15cm) 2x rams 2 x swordtails? im not sure NOW I KNOW THERES AN OVERSTOCK IN THE TANK! THATS 2 TANKS IN ONE thats my stepdads tank with some of my fish the saratoga and 2 severums are mine! they are going in my 6x2x2 when i set it up completely (about a months time) i know its an unlikely mix but the leichardti isnt aggressive AT ALL! ive put him in with feeders and he hasnt even chased them he hides from them! so my 6x2x2 is going to have the leichardti 2 golden severums(will possibly get 2 more if mine arent a breeding pair if mine are maybe some green ones! ) 1x leichardti 2 x severums(possibly 4) and lots of little red cherry shrimp large gravel 5-10mm with an undergravel filter! what else can i get ! i want everything big(toga) small(???) medium(severums) MINITUREE!!!(reallysmall something) and red cherries!
  14. Hi, I was just wanting to know if galvanised wire mesh is toxic to fish? - if not, can it be used as a tank divider? I realise plastic mesh would probably be much better - but plastic mesh doesn't seem like it would be rigid enough, and the groove that is there in the tank that I have (originally designed for a glass divider) is too thin to allow a sheet of egg crate to be put in. Cheers, h_tully
  15. Hey, I have a Murray River turtle, he was in my 6 foot with my cichlids but now im moving I have more room and I want to put him and a new tank. I have a 4 foot to put him in, wondering if you guys have any suggestions for good tankmates??? He is about 10-15 cm across on his shell... Thanks!
  16. As above.. Gonna give salt a try... Any tips form fellow salt-sters ???... Thanks in advance..
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