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  1. PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING Okie dokie There has been a lot of discussion and questions about sumps lately So i thought i would start a thread just for sump pics. Post a pic of your sump here, list some details ( size, pump, media etc) Please don't post any questions JUST pics, if you have any queries regarding somebody's sump set up, please PM them or start a thread in the DIY & Technical section. NON picture posts and such will be removed from this thread.
  2. Hi all, Decided to post a worklog on my latest project. I'm going to replace my 4 ft with a 6ft and turn the 4 ft into a sump. Will be a long term project, but gotta start somewhere. Here's a piccy of the existing setup, i have to build a stand to fit into that alcove. You can see part of the steel frame cut out and laying on the floor. This is the stand in planning stage, its 50x25x3mm steel. And here's a plan with the tank and sump on. Thats not the finished product, after i make the stand its off to the cabinet maker to get "dressed" in some sort of quality timber with mini orb steel trim. Here's what im hoping to achieve, Let me know what you think, any suggestions, ideas,thoughts, etc. Off to the shed now to get a piccy of the half built stand. Brendan
  3. Looking for ideas sizes for a sump for a 5x18x20 tropheus tank want to build it myself what size tank do I need and any diagrams on designs , thanks Ben
  4. Hi guys any one free to help a brother set up his sump tank. Im willing to pay 200 buks to help with piping set up. So far the tank has 5 predrilled holes two are are outlets and 3 are inlets. Am i to run 3 return pumps or just meant to join one powerful pump to split betwwwn 3 pipes. Ty for any ones help or interest. I am located in inala Tommy 0402911128
  5. I could do with some help on this. My 'brilliant idea' just cost me $350 getting water removed from carpet. Not to mention having to drain 90% of my tanks to be able to move them to clean the carpet. Setup: 2000L/PH aqua one maxi flows up to 30L above tank sump then goes through mechanical filtration (in a coke bottle) biological filtration (media, rocks etc) then flows (via gravity) through two Hansen 20mm fittings back to tank. I've watched this setup closely for a while and had no problems however upon waking this morning I found that the sump had overflowed and emptied half of my tank. I'm not sure how exactly my only thoughts were that something got caught in the overflow and then it must have come unstuck before draining my whole tank. (I did have mesh in the overflow to stop anything getting in there but maybe something blocked the mesh?) Now I need a solution. I have some ideas but would like professional advice. 1. Drill another hole above the overflows and silicone in Some tubing as an emergency overflow. (If the overflows get blocked.. Water rises and falls out of the next one instead of overflowing) but what if the safeguard then gets blocked. 2. Float switch? I could make a switch that turns of the power to the pump if the water level gets too high. 3. The pump has suction cups so I could change the plumbing and stick the pump at the top level of the tank (If a blockage happens it can only pump out a little bit of water before running dry) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. keen to see everyones sump setups, ive never setup/ran a sump before and need ideas! every detail would be great. The sump will be for a 5x3x2.5 (Lwh) and it has 3 40mm holes drilled at the top of the tank, 2 slighty higher than the other one. The stocklist for the tank will be motoro ray pups and maybe a few other things untill they grow out then into the 8x4x2.5 when it gets built. I know rays need clean water. I have had one before. What size sump tank should i use? what size return pump? What brands are the best? What media does everyone use/like? looking at a shogun 500w heater for it, what does everyone think of these? Pictures would be good. Cheers !
  7. Hi [MENTION=9766]spiesie[/MENTION] as per pm, i couldn't get the photos to load so i started this thread to show you what i'm talking about. You'll see as soon as i dropped down out of the bulkhead i reduced out to 40mm instead of using a Tee, i like this method personally.
  8. I am looking at installing a sump for my 680 litre tanganyikan tank. Three or four foot sump. So looking at a Laguna 1350, 5000 litres per hour. Any other suggestions?
  9. Hi guys, newbie here. I have a 6 x 2 x 2 fish tank and 4 foot sump, the fish tank has holes at the bottom for the output and input. The output is via a pipe that is a fair height into the tank (closer to the top) and the tank return is higher again (see photo). My question is is this enough to keep the tank clean? Thank you guys
  10. I just wanted to see if I could get some feedback on this sump setup? I could be completely on the wrong track here. It will be to support 3 x 2-foot tanks (58 litres each) for breeding. I wasn't sure whether the Refugium and Bio Media should be swapped too. Actually I don't even know if what I want there is called a Refugium. I just want to use that space for things like growing some Anubias onto logs or sinking driftwood or growing fry.
  11. How come you can't ready made sump drainage, I mean when you haven't got a drilled tank and instead of trying to make yourself?
  12. Hey Im building a 1200x1200x600H 10mm Acrylic tank and I would like to incorporate a 1200x600x600H sump with it. I have some some sketches of how I would like to build it, but I've never built one before and I don't how it would go. Some things I'm not sure about are: -what size pump I'll need -what size air pump I'll need -media to go in the sump and in what order -what size pipe from the over flow box I also don't really know if my overflow box is designed right, along with the sump itself.. Could anyone direct me to a site on how to build and design a sump for my kind of tank, or does anyone have a effective design for my tank, I will quite happily scrap the idea and start again. Nothing has been built yet. I work with acrylic so I can build whatever I need. The tank will have live plants in it, and a about 20 rainbowfish.
  13. Hello just wanting to know what the go is with having a sump? What are the benifits of having one to a tank without one? Do they still need regular water changes?
  14. I Want to make my Sump like this but do I make the last Baffle before the pump the same height as the first one after the Bio Balls ( 250mm ) or make it an inch lower ( 225mm ) so the water flows better
  15. Has anyone put their sump on a trolley/slide so maintenance is easier? If so, is it a success?
  16. As the title says has anyone used this stuff as filter media and what results have you had
  17. I want to shut my sump down to move the baffles around and add more media, my first question is there any way I can store the media I have now with out killing the bacteria. Once I've set it back up and hooked it up to my tank if add some API Quick Start will it be fine and will it go through a new cycle again
  18. Hello all. For an 8X2X2 freshwater would a 3foot sump be big enough?
  19. Hi Does anyone know the odyssey cfs 500 canister filter? Thinking I could take the pump out and put it in a two foot tank under my three foot and make it work like a sump. Anyone know if this could work?
  20. Hey just wanting your input on sump tank media what you found best? I know there's lots but I'm building a large frontosa set up and someone told me bio balls and crush coral any other ideas would be awsome I want a perfect filter system for them!
  21. Hey I was just wondering if there's a rule of thumb when it comes to tank/ sump size ratio I know the bigger the better but say you have a six foot tank would a three foot sump be sufficient?
  22. Just wondering if anyone has used or thought about hooking one of those Pool Sand Filters up to a rack system instead of a Sump Tank
  23. Howdy, so I am looking at upgrading my sump pump to a higher lph but my main question is how will this effect the waer level in both my tank and sump. I was once told by a bloke (who i have since realised had no idea what he was talking about) that i could not put a sump pump larger that 3000lph on my tank. Does anyone have any idea why he would say this? My tank has two drains and one inlet... My thinking is that by adding a bigger pump that the level in my tank will rise? Is that correct? Or will it just drain faster? i would like to upgrade to a 6000lph pump (so doubling my current rate) if that is possible.
  24. http://m.youtube.com/?#/watch?v=KkKBYWXRAUw In the above video i have a sump running on my 4x18x18 ebjd and split pair tank. I built it for some5hing else but decided to run it on this tank instead as it was already drilled. I have my min and max marks on the sump and as you can see in the video its below my min. I topped this up 4days ago to the max line and through evaporation has gone done quite abit. I am asking for ideas on an automatic water top up system for this. Only because its a pain to fill b3cause of the positioning of it i have to hold a bucket above my head and syphon down into it. I know i could cover the sump to minimise evaporation but if anyone has any experience with diy top ups please share. I will be needing this info anyway in the near future for other sumped racks that im in the process of setting up as i want to automate water changes. (Drip system) NB. I am still running the eheim cannister on this tank aswell until im happy the new sump media has seeded properly. Cheers John.
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