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Found 11 results

  1. I've got a 17 liter reef here that I would like to add a sump too, I'm just wondering what the best way to connect the two will be? The tank is stocked so drilling it and installing a weir is not an option. Doesn't anyone know the best way to go about this? It will have to be unobtrusive as well, it should only be handling around 100-200L/h. Thanks in advance.
  2. hey all, I have a 2 tier 8x2x2 stand here which I'm unsure which way to go about it with using a sump. I will have 2 8fts available. I've never completed a sump system before and getting a few ideas how to do it but still unsure so I thought I would post this thread and see what happens. 1) Do I use the 8ft's on the same stand and sump together or is that too risky? If so, what sized sump pump would I need and I was thinking of using 2 if so as one can back up if needed. 2) What sized sump would I need? Would an IBC work or a 4x2x2 ??? room issues in the spot it's in now but can move if I need to I guess. 3) How much media would I need and what type/kinds? Any other info would be great. I will keep adding questions in here so thanks for looking and considering giving me some fresh ideas I will add this system will be for my frontosa.
  3. I want to sump my system of 6 tanks aprox 1300L. I have no idea but you have to start somewehere. When running one sump pump do you control the flow to each tank via a manifold and tap to each tank? Is it best to use PVC pipe or could you successfuly use the purple sullage hose? Thanks guys.
  4. Looking to setup some grow outs in ibc s want them sumped preferably not a glass tank though , so any ideas or pics would be great, cheers:p
  5. So heres my problem. I dont want to be running canisters any longer and also cut back on my heaters. I have a pair of L333s, 2 sub adult L387s, 9 L002s and 2 sub adult L134s as well as a colony of peps, at this point the 333s and the 002s have there own species tanks 387s are sharing with L134s and the peps are bigger than the rest so they have there own tank aswell. i know they all live in different waters but is there a way i can make this work. even if it means i run 2 sumps, all the tanks are 4x15x18 hoping to get a four 2fters for breeding tanks and include them in the system(s) let me know what your thoughts are. I also ave a room 1.3m wide and roughly 6m long (strange little storage room i guess) that ill be moving all the tanks into and building a rack and styro all around it so its contained in a little area and hopefully save on abit of heating. what would you do?
  6. Hi all, Just thinking about doing this to a 180l aqua one Windsor 66 unit that I've currently got my discus in. Saw this thread on another forum. Pimping my Trigon 350 - Page 3 - UltimateReef.com Current filtration is a 2200 lph sun sun canister with an external DIY purigen filter. Wanted advice on how difficult this might be if I considered it. 2 reasons for thinking about it is that I think it would prob be a more stable system and easier maintenance and eventually thinking of converting to a marine. Any thoughts on costs, difficulty and practicality would be appreciated Cheers Carib
  7. Hi, I recently bought a 4x2x2 Tank & stand. I am going to get the tank drilled (on the back wall), and i was wondering how many lines i should run down to the sump. i was thinking of 2x 25mm bulkheads (so thats a 32-36mm hole right??) to the sump, one at each end of the tank, and 1 return line 1x 25mm bulkhead, back to the tank in the middle. do i need more or bigger ?
  8. hey guys i have a 6x2x2 display setup (not currently setup) but i am thiknin bout sumpin it was thikin of puttin a 4x1x1 sump under it with a 6800lph pond pump here is my question wat size and how many bulkheads should i use - i was thinkin 3x 50mm or 4x40mm that will run straight down this back all 3 or 4 pipes will then empty into a piece of 100mm storm pipe approx 4.5 ft long with a T-piece in the middle which runs into the sump
  9. as stated .. i know its possible but what is required ? i know its easier to drill but have several setup idea's in mind atm planning the new setup in around 2 months maybe. once life settles down looking to sump appx 10 tanks Cheers Luke
  10. G'day everyone I have 2 1000ltr drums just sitting there and I would like sump thum both. I have a tank that was 1500x70x45 that lost one side so I was gonna cut it in half and make a sump that would be 750x700x450(LHW) I am of two minds about this as that would be a sweet little display tank :perplex: Would this be a big enough sump for 2,000ltrs? And I know that you should aim to turn your water over about 4 times an hour(or more). But is this needed with such a large volume of water? Would a 5000 or 6000lph pump be enough? Also I just cut the weir.....how the hell do you spell it...my brain is broke :gurn: out of my 4'x2.5'x2' and pot in a 32mm bulkhead and SS strainer. I have a 3600lph pump in that sump and the water can't drain fast enough :whyme: :whyme: :lafhard: . So what should I put on the drums? 2x32mm SS strainers on each or one REALLY BIG ONE? I would love any advice Cheers Jono
  11. hi all just a few question what size sum r my 6ft tank (6ft x 2 x 2). Flow rate for pump Size of bulkheads and pipe and also where is the best place to drill the tank Cheers Steve
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