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Found 19 results

  1. Seeing these more and more in big sumps just seeing what people think of them?
  2. Right guys question time again , I'm looking at putting a sump on my 4x18 rack. , for discus and grow out so won't b dealing with a whole lot of mess I can go 12-14" high on sump 18 wide and 3 or 4 long What's the easiest sump to run , change media ect, like over under chambers and heater Section, or best to heat tanks not sump Just needing ideas and opinions, on what sump would do the job Not ran a sump for over 18 years now Help ...... Lol Thx again
  3. hey guys just wondering if anyone has used volcanic rock in their sumps before? i know it was commonly used before, i have just seen bags of it cheap at bunnings and was thinking of doing a bed of it in my new sump.
  4. Being new to aquarium keeping, I keep hearing people rave about sumps and various builds etc etc I hope I am not alone on being naive when it comes to sumps. So what are the advantages? how do you decide the best design for a certain tank? Are sumps only for marine/ reef aquariums? Is their a minimum size where sumps become not worth it?
  5. hi all whats every ones views on sumps verses air ? we all have different requirements and needs .whats everyones pros and cons on the two ? .i am undecided myself and am thinking of using a mix of the two on a tank rack with 6 x 4x2x18 6 x 3x2x18 3 x 2x2x18. cheers mark
  6. Ok so basically I am a total noob when it comes to sumps. This will be a relatively slow build but I want it done right the first time and plan on spending a bit of money. My objective is to have perfect water, I want to overfilter it so I want great flow! I should be getting my stand of bisqotti this weekend and I plan on putting 2 6x2x2's on it. And the sump will more then likely be 4x2x2 underneath. (Is that enough?) I have no idea on what I will need, The pump size (The height of the top tank should be around 2.1 metres) bulkhead plumbing wise, what size holes will be best and where should they go? I was thinking side so there isn't a big gap from the wall As well as all the other bits and bobs I need I also am worried about blackouts and dont want anything over flowing so how can I go about that? I would love it if anyone could help on practically everything! And if anyone wants to help me put it all together once ive got things sorted I would love that too. I dont expect free work so name the cost
  7. Hey just wondering if anyone had an links or feedback/info on using a sumo for my tank, I've never dealt with them before and I'm thinking of going from canister filter to sump, any info would be great thanks
  8. Hey guys, wheres a good place in brisbane to buy pre-made sumps. I want it from a reputable maker or brand. After a 4ft with 3 chambers (including return chamber). Someone must have seen some cool sumps for in a LFS somewhere?
  9. What brand do you use? What "size" is it as in l/h, wattage and headheight. I'm pretty sure what size I need (or am going with) and have sourced a pump but have not yet bought it. Some of these pumps chew a lot of power and some are just plain expensive. The pump I have found after doing a fair amount of research into submersible pumps is the Devil Diablo 4000. Does anyone have experience with this brand of pump? I see that Guppies Aquarium Products Online stocks them up to the 4000. I thought they had bigger but not any longer if they did.
  10. have a look in little petshops and some peoples large home setups they all have immaculately clean tanks but the sump is filled with brown and black putrid water just wondering how the sump DOESNT pump in gross water although the water in it is gross and how do you do a waterchange when you have a sump? my tank is in my bedroom would it make my room smell bad if i had a sump running? what size sump would you guys and gals reccomend for a 6x2x2(700L tank) last but not least if you do frequent water changes of 50% every week or even 25% a week would a sump get you out of doing weekly changes but still keep it fresh? thanks alot i just got thinking about it today at work
  11. Looking for some plans or photos of using IBC's as sumps for large systems...thanks in advance
  12. What is the advantage of sumps over canister filter? are they easier to clean?
  13. Thinking about doing a sump how do they work in regards to pump return and water levels and such cheers
  14. Hi everyone, I am new to this so go easy. I am about to set up a room for my tanks and would like advice on a couple of things. Firstly , is it better to drill the back of the tanks at the top or at the bottom and have a stand pipe. I realise it is easier to drain and clean with a stand pipe other than that is it just looks ? Also where is the best place to look at sump designs suitable for up to 20, 3ft or 4 ft tanks. Also some good suppliers for the tank fittings . Thanks in advance
  15. Howdy all I am FINALLY gettin ready to set up my sump and tanks......ok i don't actually have a sump yet, cos I was hopin to build my own(just for fun) Problem is, I have never seen one set up and running :gurn: :gurn: :gurn: :gurn: Correction, I have seen Rays. But i was to busy bein jealous to pay attention Anyhow, I'm starting off with about 10 2' fry tanks. But over the next few months should have about 20 2's and 4 to 8 4's, maybe more.(ifn im a good boy ) I have some ideas for the plumbing but would love all the advice I can get. cheers jono
  16. Ok I've been looking at running a sump on my next display tank and have read heaps of info but I have seen conflicting info on the correct way to use them. I have seen some sumps with bio balls submerged and others with the water trickleing through them. Can anyone shed some light? Also if you have any sugestions on the media and arrangment in the sump. So much info to absorb.....No wonder my brain hurts Rob
  17. Hey everyone, Just wanting to know which people prefer to run on there tanks and the benefits to both.... Ive always used cannister filters and bed filters, but after reading dif posts thinking may move to sumps and make my own. Any info appreciated. Dave
  18. I want to get hold of some coarse plastic mesh/foam for my sump filter i am making. I am copying the design from Paul Talbot's majestic filter design in his cichlid DVD. In this he uses a green plastic mesh/foam he calls 'kadaharian mesh' (i could well have spelt that completely wrong as google gives me no hits.) This mesh is basically just used as a mechanical support for the filter wool so it doesn't sag through the big holes in the eggcrate. As detailed in my ameteur pic below I tried clark rubber but the stuff they had there was too fine... looked like it would clog with detritus in no time. Any ideas?
  19. Does anyone have any DIY info on sumps? How to make them etc?
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