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Found 7 results

  1. I have lost a few of my electric yellows with sunken belly and a couple of other larger yellows without the sunken belly. I have tried seperating the sunken belly fish and feeding them up with a tablet the LFS gave me to grind up and mix with a shot of vodka into my food to bind the two with no luck. I also notice the fish seem to be scratching themselves against the gravel. Would this be itch? I have been searching online but am still confused. I raised the temperature of my tank to 30 yesterday as I read doing this for 7 days can kill off the parasites. Any help is greatly appreciated! I dont want to loose any more fish
  2. I have a Red Zeb that has a sunken belly. It hasn't always been that way. He seems happy. His poo isn't clear or stringy link i have about what happens with worms. How do i make him healthily again?
  3. hey guys wondering how to treat sunken belly for malawi africans, have put some epsom salts in to raise the GH but any other help will be appricated, they are all eating well and only did a water change on the tank on Saturday Thanks Poyter
  4. Seems quite a number of the last batch of albino B/N fry have sunken stomach (they look very thin, almost starved). I'm thinking maybe it's a genetic problem as there is always plenty of food (not enough to have too much waste) and plenty of light for algae to grow. They seem to drop off around the 1-1.5cm mark. Water is all good. Anyone had similar experiences? Any advice? Should I try swapping females around? Cheers.
  5. Hi, I have just lost one of my young electric Yellows and noticed that my Cobolt Blues have sunken stomachs even though they eat heaps. Sorry I don't know my water parameters Does anyone know what this could be ? Cheers Josh
  6. Hi All my fish seem to have sunken bellies! First it was one now a few months later they all have it. Anyone know what this is and how to treat it? Cheers
  7. hey all, I've got a electric yellow (roughly 4 years old) and he's always had sunken cheeks.. now his forehead (above his eyes) has also sunken in as well. Any idea what this is? All research only says sunken bellies, nothing about head or cheeks. All other fish are fine.. i'm doing regular water changes and the yellow is eating. Thanks
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