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Found 19 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. with Easter coming is any one keen to go may be sun/mon
  3. hey all, names Robbo, new to the site but not fish, been keeping/breeding fish for years, also work in seafood. currently have 4 x 3' tanks, 2 x 2.5' tanks, 2 x 2' tanks and a 4' tank with about 20 different types of fish
  4. Need help finding meds for camallanus worms, my SIX FOOT is affected, (only one fish with symptoms, but I didn't QT so entire tank would be affected) Need something that I don't need to remove the sand, so kills worm not just expels it. Name of product, place to buy it and dosage as well as price appreciated.
  5. Daharkazangel lost power early yesterday and has been told it won't be back on until sometime tomorrow, would anyone close to the Caloundra area have battery operated air pump they could lend her or even a small generator. Fish are suffering and will die before power is returned. Please contact Angle on 0458783690
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Anyone know of any good ones?
  8. I am spending the weekend on the sunny coast this weekend and thought while I was at it I'd throw up and see if anyone needed anything moved between the two. I will not deliver to your door however I live in southport so if you need something picked up I can bring it down from you and you can grab it from me. This is within reason and I will not travel hours out of my way
  9. Anyone know of the shop thats out of town a little? I have been told about it a few times but cant find those threads. To be clear im aware of tropical marine centre, all shops on areodrome rd, wises rd, nicklin way and kawana way. Any others im not aware of? Bored today so I feel like shop surfing lol.
  10. Hi my name is chris, I Have 2 fish tanks, tank nomber1 is a 3ft with 5 silver dollars and 2 bristle nose's that breed like crazy and my silver dollars love that because it means there's an extra treat in the tank. The other is a small 1ft tank with a bunch of baby tetra's in quarantine waiting to go into another tank I bought them as baby feeder fish but couldn't sacrifice them they seemed so happy. I also have a few tanks not in use. I have enjoyed keeping fish but as I have just had a bub I’m finding it difficult to keep up with it witch I don't think is fair to the fish so regretfully am needing to sell them witch I will be placing adds for I on a better note, I got into keeping fish when a friend gave me a couple of fighter's so I did some research to find out why they just sat there in that tiny tank which led me to buying a bigger tank and then a bigger one for some angels which I then rescued a 3inch silver dollar from a 10inch tank on its own with goldfish, what do ya know when I did my research and they are a schooling fish so I just had to buy more and a bigger tank but no one told me when silver dollars grow up they eat smaller fish (me thinking that vego fish are vego's) so there goes my angels and in with the pleco, and that’s about it
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. jus wondering if theres anyone on the sunny coast that can drill few 37mm holes in 2 tanks on the sunny coast for me tomorrow sunday??? headin back north round lunch bit of a longshot but thought id ask cheers jeremy
  13. Anyone know where I can buy 20kg+ bags of jet black gravel, looking for something roughly the same size as the one pictured but jet black as in no grey ones ect. Prefrabley somewhere on the northside to Sunshine Coast cheers guysNatural_River_Stone_Gravels_2-3_305224840.jpg[/attachment:f7aspep0]
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. Hi there - I have just purchased a used 5 ft tank as an upgrade from the 1.5 footer I have had for the last 10 years. The front and sides are 10mm laminated and the back and base are 10mm tinted. I have stripped out the old sealant and resealed with DC999a as it had been sitting for 4 years without use. I am after advice/comments on the ideas i have for the tank setup, I will be stocking it with tropicals an hopefully some smaller more sedate cichlids (maybe). Part of the purchase was 2 cannister filters - a Fluval 403 and a Hydor Prime30. I was planning to replace the o-ring in the Fluval and use that, but maybe I could use both and polish the water with the Hydor? Both of these and the rest of the gear were cleaned extremely well by the previous owner before he stored them. I have commisioned a 3d background from Rocknreptiles that I will attach with silicone tomorrow arvo. I have a new undergravel filter that I was going to use by running the Fluval filter intake underneath, splitting in 2 and having one intake at each end of the tank. Would this work? I have a new submersible foam filter/pump that is going to power 4 or 5 water jets to keep the system moving. The pipework for these jets is going to be zip tied to the undergravel filter before the gravel is poured over the top. Is this worthwhile? Comments on anything will be appreciated. Does anyone know where I can buy some replacement hose for the cannister filters? The stuff at Bunnings didnt fit when I took in the taps to see. Lastly(for the time being) Is it worth installing a UV clarifyer on the filter return line? All suggestions welcome Thanks John
  16. Hi there. I'm pleased to be part of a local Qld forum. My name is john and I live in Maroochydore on the Sunny Coast. I dont have much experience with aquariums, but we have had a small 1.5ft aquarium for the last 10 years or so and I thought it was time to upgrade.....I love ebay. I bought a 5ft x 2ft high x 1.5ft wide tank with cabinet, lights, hood, 2 cannister filters etc etc etc. After borrowing a ute from a mate I drove to Brissy and carefully got it all home. Wow - they weigh a bit dont they. As the tank had been sitting without water for 4 years I have resealed it with Dow Corning 999a. Now I am waiting for a custom background from a guy in Brissy. Then I can begin putting it all together. I will be putting in tropicals and maybe some smaller more placid cichlids (lots of research/advice required). I have a bunch of questions and ideas, I will post these in another area. I am looking forward to heaps of advice and maybe meeting a few of you down the track when it comes time to stock up. Thanks in advance John (Bigsnappa)
  17. Firstly - Thanks Japes for the fast sign up . After redesigning the house to fit in the 4ft tank and within two months now looking at an extra 6ft I too realised that the MTS (multi tank syndrome) is highly contagious with fish lovers. A mate was getting rid of these two tanks with 2 Fluval sump filters and 2 Fluval internals, rocks, crushed coral, stand, hood, hugh pleco and 2 bristlenose so now they adorn my place with 18 new cichlids. I have been reading your forum for some time and big thumbs up for your members - helpful, not too many burns :hothead: for Newbies (like me :whoa: ) supportive from what I've seen. Hopefully I can help other down the track. Anyway good to be aboard. :happy:
  18. Hi I'm from Noosa and have to travel to Maroochydore because that's the only place were I know I can get my Co2 canister filled at an Aquarium shop there. Does anyone know of anywhere closer to Noosa were I can get it filled? If not what should I look under in the Yellow Pages so that I could call a couple of places and see if they fill bottles because I've been told that places that fill Fire Extinguishers can do it but I wouldn't know what to look under in the Yellow Pages to find any businesses like that. I know it's a long ask but I though I'd try anyway. Brock
  19. Ok guys im going to start adding in Brisbane stores and Sunshine coast stores If you know of any post em up here and ill start putting together a list I know im lazy but I dont want to go through yellow pages to much I will need name address phone number Brad
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