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Found 9 results

  1. We talk a lot about it in aquarium filtration debates. Understanding that the grand sum of surface area in an aquarium...... is made up of all the things in it, is an important moment for an aquarist. Yes some surfaces, like those in a filter exposed to high nutrient and oxygen levels...... have much more dense microbe populations. but everything has SOME microbes in it. In many ways the quest for clear water, is a battle between microbes that float in the water, and microbes that live ON the surface areas. I want to show you something, which I think is revealing and beautiful. And that is microbes on a SINGLE GRAIN OF SAND. Life on a Grain of Sand | Biology101.org | study guides, online education, science We do them a great disservice when we just count ammonia or nitrite readings. We are building complex worlds on a tiny scale, stable ecosystems elegant in their perfection. We cant see them...... but its nice to know they are there. Dont clean your filters in tapwater. Dont change more than 50% of your filter media at a time. And before doing anything drastic in an aquarium, consider how much surface area you are about to disturb. Those grains of sand add up.
  2. Hi all, I have a Juwell Korall 60, an older model I inherited from family. It's 61w, 31d, 38h and has hood with inbuilt light. Since getting it, both the internal filter and heater have died. I replaced the filter with a Tank Maid Pro 400, which seems to be a little too powerful for the tank and a noisy bugger to boot. Until I re-organised the layout to have a the biggest ornament in the path of the outflow, my fish just cowered in the least disturbed corner. The problem is that to get the water jet that low, it's reduced the visible surface agitation to next to nothing and the venturi doesn't work when the filter's that deep. For the moment I've removed the venturi added an old Aqua One mini at the far end of the tank with it's outflow directly at surface level. I've got a couple of options: 1) The outflow pipe on the TankMaid is around 15.5mm outside diameter. I could get some clear 16mm tubing from AOA, attached to the outflow, poke a bunch of holes in it, block up the end and mount it. This would give me a ghetto spray bar that I could position at a good height, giving me somewhat reduced currents and better surface agitation. It'd look like arse, but I guess it's do-able. 2) Get an air pump and airstone I don't relish the idea of adding in another powered device into the mix, but at least I could position an attractive stream of bubbles somewhere in the tank. But I'd still have that fairly strong current. One last thought... could they all be huddling in that spot, not because of the current, but because they know what a heater looks like and they're cold?
  3. We have received into stock our first lot of the Oase Hel-X bio media touting 40% more surface area than the standard bio media. For pricing and availability 25 Liters of Oase Hel-X Bio Media Bio Media for aquariums sumps, fluid bed filters and commercial applications
  4. In my tank it looks like there is a fine layer of what appears to be dust. When looking from the top down I can't see it, it is only when I look from the bottom up. I was just wondering the best way to remove this. I'm running an Aqua One Nautilus 1400 as my filter if that can help in any way.
  5. I have straddie white sand in the bottom of my tank and I cleaned the crap out of it before putting it in. But now there is like fish poo and little bits of stuff on the surface of my sand (just normal fish waste nothing special here) and I wanted to use a gravel cleaner but apparently sometimes they are too strong and kick up the sand etc. Can anyone recommend a good sand cleaner for me or a rock cleaner that is weak that wont pick up sand?
  6. Side effect of delicious home made food for lungfish? Gross oily residue on the surface of the water. I plan on setting up a sump in the next few months (need the money first!) which should help as it will be surface skimming the tank, but in the meantime, suggestions? I don't think it will hurt the fish but my archer fish seems quite annoyed and it just looks nasty. =/
  7. Hi everyone, just lookign for some opinions from some of you knowledgable people I have recently set up a 4x3x2 (L x h x w) medium planted tank and have 2x20cm air bubbler/tubes running of a double outlet airpump. This is in addition to running a spray bar (submersed) and direct inlet from our 2 canister filters. We are trying to keep our tank between 28.5 and 29.5 degrees. Tank inhabitants inlcude 2 corys and 4 blue rams at this stage. Is this enough airation? I notice the corys coming up to the surface mainly at night and was wondering if it was because there is not enough oxygen in the water? Water parameters seem fine (0 ammonia 0 Nitrite and 5ppm Nitrate) but ph is 7.5.
  8. I've just picked up a 2nd hand tank and its petty messy. so giving it a scrub but i'm noticing that there is a rainbow affect on the glass when the light hits it, assuming its oil based. whats the best and safe way to clean down the tank?
  9. Hey guys, I was looking in the top of my tank just tonight and i saw that it where i had a floating log there were parts that were out of the water, and sitting on those parts were little insects. when i dunked the log under water a heap of little insects started jumping on the surface. what the hell are these little things? they look like Lice??? Are they bad for my fish at all? Should i be worried? Cheers Alex
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