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Found 18 results

  1. I just went on a weeks holiday so I bought an Eheim automatic fish feeder before I left and set it and tested it for a week it was fine. I just got home and it managed to open itself 2 slots more then what I had it at and dumped the whole canister in the period of the week. Lucky there are no fish dead yet I fully striped the tank and cleaned the gravel and did a 60% water change and is back to normal now just cloudy it is currently under a mini cycle the ammonia is .5 and nitrites .25 I have a 2 foot sump with heaps of k1 i hope my fish survive I have 9 black calvus 6 frontosa and 6 leulupi
  2. my black calvus finally bred and now the tough challenge of raising the fry begin i have only lost about 3-4 so far over the last week or so i brought an egg tumbler and just have them in that for the time being. i guess I'm just chasing some advice on how to raise them best ? I'm currently feeding them sera micron food suggested by the Local pet store. is this good ? should i put them in their own tank or anything or just wait until they grow a bit more and become hardier ? water temps? i have a lack of experience in this ? any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. OK, so I got rid of all the large Americans at weekend except for a green terror. Originally, this was a rather dominant fish but as the Zonatum grew, it started knocking the terror around a bit and the terror was relgated to the bottom of the pecking order. The terror only had a slightly raised forehead but on looking in on him this arvo.....................alone in an 8footer apart for two synodontis, he's developed a rather large nuchal hump overnight!!!!!!!!!...................nothing spectacular but definately largish.............like 3x as big as the day before??????????? I've never experienced this in any cichlid before and didn't think that they could grow that fast, being as they are, made up of fatty deposits. he's eating like a pig and colour has also improved, which I expected, but the hump???????? he doesn't even look like the same fish? Anyone experienced similar before?
  4. Who doesnt love a good surprise? About 2.5 weeks into keeping my Apistogramma cf agassizii Netz Alenquer acquired from Jodi Lea at fishchick aquatics, and they have spawned! I have to say i had no idea or any expectation this would happen, also considering this is the sub dominant female. after crapping around trying to find out why my water was going up from 6.0 to about 7.0 after a week, they did this lol. Just tells you what a good course of brine and a hefty water change can do for South Americans!! Anyone else got sweet surprises like this before? (oh and BTW how long will it take for those to hatch?) Cheers Cody
  5. Hi all, First time posting here, so please let me know if I've missed any protocol. A couple of key questions: Is this a boy or girl betta? And what type? What would be the best way to keep it until I decide which tank s/he will live in. I've kept bettas in community tanks in the past, but recently I've downsized to one 60L tank in my new house. I went to buy some kuhli loaches after getting the levels right yesterday, and spotted a cute little betta. The aquarist, a betta specialist, said I could have him/her for free — I guess s/he isn't of breeding standard. But s/he's adorable! So I couldn't say no. I've named it Topher, but s/he has signs of popeye so I kept the betta separate from my other fish in a 20 or 25L QT bucket with a little heater and filter. The fish itself seems really healthy and active. Topher is curious and eating from my hand already. But the filter flow seemed to be giving him a hard time in such a small amount of water, and the suction cups for the heater and filter keep falling off the plastic of the storage bucket. I've been doing regular WCs for the bucket, so at present Topher is chilling out in a temporary location: a glass coffee pot. Not ideal! I do have a spare 36L tank, but I was really hoping I wouldn't have to set it up in the new house for a while yet. Need to make space! So what do you think would be the best and safest way to keep little Topher while I keep an eye on his/her eye and decide which tank is best for him/her? The 25L storage bucket with the heater and filter that fall off, the unheated coffee pot (I'm in Qld, by the way) with regular water changes, or straight into the community 60L with the kuhlis? Thanks for your help!
  6. I have a trio of panda cories in my planted And the other day i was sitting watching the tank when this cute little baby panda swam out to say hello.Sooo cute So far have counted 4 littleuns.They are now about 10 mm long and nosing around in the sand
  7. we have been changing a couple tanks around today, we were going to move my albino lf bn into their own tank, they are with some 202's, as we started we saw a tiny fry on the glass, still has its egg sack, but moving along the glass ok, i'm thinking albino lf fry, so we checked all the logs and found 1 lf male fanning, and a couple 202's, but found no other eggs or fry, :confused: :confused: its possible the second lf male has eggs/fry in the drift wood, but we checked everything and found nothing, so we left the tank as it was to see what happens in the next couple days, still not 100% sure where the fry came from, its just not possible for it to get from another tank unless it traveled up the pipes and down the inlets, and as its still got egg sack i doubt it had the strength to travel against the current, i'll just wait and see, its also possible i guess for only 1 egg to be fertile, all the tank mates are young and never bred before,
  8. I was just feeding the discus when I saw one of my little male Laetacara sp. "Bolivien" was being very aggresive. Under closer inspection, he has good reason to be female on eggs I'm not too worried about rearing the fry, but I put the egss and Mum in a frysaver.
  9. Counted 7 sterbai in the discus tank today which had me puzzled as I knew for sure that I only put 5 in 6 months ago. Two of the tackers were about half the size of the other 5 which means that the original 5 must have got it on almost as soon as I set the tank up 6 months ago. How they've gone un-noticed till now is beyond me kev
  10. Would have thought the Ellioti a little too young to breed as yet. But they've surprised me with 2 batches of eggs (the first 1 they ate). Dad is around 8cm & Mum at 6cm. Babies are now 2 weeks old & growing fast. A couple of pics of them & pics of my black calvus females. Thanks for looking Cheers Shorty.
  11. Just went to do the last dinner before lights off in my tanks . just to see if my female bolivien was showing signs of breeding i saw that her tube was down and looked underneath her on the rock to see about 200 eggs excited, hope she fends off the juvi angels and baby pleco in the tank
  12. For those that know the L202 it can be considered a little dull.....Maybe not the ones I have. Did a tank clean out to see what was in there and a nice little surprise... Found I had 11 full grown ones in the colony and also found some that had excellent markings. Special ones...
  13. So i recently picked up a pair of ornatapinnis adults from Bones89(?), good guy! and set them up in my 320L with 3 juvi calvus. I was looking for a bit of colour so i picked up 4 x leleupi from the LFS and got reading that they don't get along all that well with shellies (newb). I could see that the male ornatapinnis was acting a bit off (not eating) in the big tank so i moved them into a tiny 20/15L tank in my office. Well it all must have been too much for the male and he turned belly up by the afternoon.. Now i was quite upset about losing him and thinking of my options with the female for a few days until yesterday morning when i woke up and saw a dark moving mass in the corner which turned out to be approx 50 fry!!! imagine my surprise Will i be able to leave the fry in the tank with the female safely?
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. hello peeps, Not sure if this has happened to anyone else.......... One of my 2x1x1 tank has the following bn in them which i'm growing up: 6x Common longfins from my last batch of fry approx 7cm TL, not one of these are mature enough, no bristles or not gravid 15x Marble sf bn approx 5,6 & 6.5cm, only 2 are showing bristles one has alot more than the other, both male. none of the others are gravid. Now I'm thinking these boys and girls are not mature enough to breed yet. This morning checked on the tank and whoooo wtf is that?! I saw 1 single egg on the bottom of the glass and thought hey whats going on here you boys and gals are just kids and rubbed my eyes and looked closer.....yep 1 egg on the glass bottom. I then got my little torch and looked into one log....nothing just a male hiding then looked in the other........... Hey presto male in log with only approx 20 eggs! How did this happen is my question........they are all not mature enough right? I've bred bn alot of times before but not when they are this size, maybe they had too much porn. Anyone have any answers? Cheers
  16. I stripped my first lot of yellows about 2 1/2 weeks ago and then returned the two mothers back to their original tank (I'd had them in a separate tank while they were holding). Being a novice at the art of stripping I wasn't sure whether I got them all or not. Well I've just been doing water changes in all my tanks and I took that as an opportunity to scoop out a feeder I'd had in that tank for a while which had not been eaten. When I went to catch it I saw what I thought was another feeder dart off into my barnacles. Upon closer inspection however, I found it was a tiny electric yellow a little over a centimetre long. Looks like I missed one when I stripped my girls and he has survived the last couple of weeks amongst a tank full of adult Leptosoma, Black Calvus, Tret, Brichardi, and Cuckoo Catfish. Little champion!
  17. Went to Aquarama yesterday and I'm not one for promoting shops but they had one of the biggest ranges of saltwater fish I have ever seen. A lot of different butterfly's, angels, cow and box fish, lionfish varietiles, cardinals, hawkfish, scorpionfish, few different puffers, triggers and the list goes on definately worth a check if your into salt water.
  18. first good-stripped nigripinnis female and got 10 babies second good-found a mpanaga baby in nigripinnis tank first bad-nigripinnis male commited suicide second bad-nigripinnis female died from exhaustion after holding for 3 weeks surprise-nigripinnis fry almost 1cm long with yolc sacs
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