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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, anyone interested in swapping a 10cm ism male Red Devil for my 14cm Female Polleni? im at Samford... North side
  2. This Sunday afternoon we are having a frag swap and we are doing this with our local MAFA group. There will be fragging demonstrations for every type of coral fragging application we can think of. Displaying frag tiles/discs, types of glue, fragging equipment, safety equipment and many other aspects of fragging! We will have the Red Sea representative attending if you have some curly questions. We will also have have a bunch of give aways for those attending on the afternoon. Will be a really good afternoon and if you are keen to come along send me a PM and can give you more details and would like to see you there.
  3. Hi Guys, I have a couple of 10 inch male Peacock Bass is anyone willing to swap for some Blood Parrot Juvies?.. Just putting it out there... If you don't ask you dont know! cheers Gary 0409 890 910
  4. I have a baby mangrove jack about 10cm healthy fish want to swap for marine fish/moray eels let me no what you have... Live on the sunny coast
  5. Hi Guys, I need to thin out my herd a little so I wish to dispose of a few of Africans.. I have 1 Male Polystigma 15cm 1 Male Red Kadango 15cm 1 Male Tanzania 14cm (blind in one eye) I Mdoka white lip 10-12 cm Sex unknown 2 Moori 1 of each sex (I think) 10-14 cm Preferably I would like to trade for a Juvenile Flowerhorn (for a separate tank of course). I am not after making money from these, more interested in moving them on, having said that.. small donations always grateful :-) Pick up is at Samford, well worth the drive!!!!!, you can view my beautiful tanks and help me catch the buggers! cheers Gary
  6. This one is wild caught, would like to swap for something interesting It's 19cm in length
  7. I have a 14cm Barra which is outgrown it's small tank, I would like to swap it for Jaguar fry or any other African ciclids to live with Blue dolphins and Vanustus
  8. I am looking to swap an Adult Male Common Bristlenose for a female, Fish are very healthy, just have 4 males and only 1 female. Wanting adult female either common or albino. Located in Greenslopes Brisbane. Will travel.
  9. hey guys a few people have mentioned this and im willing to organise one to c how it goes just wanting to know exaclty how much interest there is im planing on having it in a hall somewhere in brisbane but in order for me to organise it i would need at least 12 people to confirm that they would book a table i would also like to have a few of our sponsors have a table set up there will b a sausage sizzle with all proceeds going to QLDAF so let me know if your interested and if you would like to help out in organising hopefully the first of many great get togethers
  10. Hi guys:) I don't know if anybody would be interested in this or not but I was wondering if there would be any fellow members who live close to me (in the Wynnum to Carindale area) who would be interested in swapping some Cherry Shrimp with me. I read ages ago that it's not a good idea to let them interbreed as you end up losing quality and colour and I'm thinking that by now mine would be starting to do this. So I thought the best way to deal with this problem is to swap some of mine for someones elses who are not related (hopefully:) I bought my original 300 off a fellow member who has great quality shrimp but he lives to far away from me to ask him to do a swap with. So if anybody would be interested, please send me a PM and we can chat about it. Thanks:)
  11. As some of you may of read, I just got a new filter. An aqua one nautilus to replace an aquaclear HOB. They are both currently running in the tank. I have a quick question. How long will I have to leave the old filter running to seed the media in the new filter? Cheers.
  12. Was just thinking about how exxy it was to send fish ,so i thought if anybody would be interested in swapping mops/eggs. Now seeing it takes 7-9 days in this weather to hatch swapping would be very easy . the reason behind this is i kept rainbows years ago and now have started again but am finding it hard to get fish locally or they are at prices that are just to exxy i propose swaping or selling/buying mops. my idea is a damp mop in a overnight post pack or even normal mail so ill start off with some "boesemani mops" ,i got these bossys from peter ford and in 20yrs of keeping rainbows these have the best colour i have seen. I am looking for incisus at the present so if u have some this thread should be used as the register so if you are interested post up.
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