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Found 16 results

  1. So I bought some Peppered Cory's yesterday and put them in my 60L tank and they keep swimming to the top of the tank, would this be due to lack of oxygen in the water? Live plants and silk plants. Other fish in the tank are 1 fighter and 9 Tetras and what seems to be only 1 cherry shrimp.
  2. Here's one for any fish medicine experts out there. I have a customer who has a Brasiliensis. We've been trying things for about 3 weeks now. We've 1) treated with Myxazin 2) Treated with Doxycycline 3) Treating with Epsom Salts currently 4) noticed stringy white poop, so have wormed him. No improvement at all. Fish is 'swimming' face down upright. Hardly moves. Fish is in separate 16L filtered (seeded with media from mature canister filter), hospital tank. Split from other brasiliensis who is completely fine. Fish won't eat. Hasn't for at least a week. Fish is 8 years old Orange coloured, thick slimy mucus substance catching in filter. Doesn't look like slime coat but maybe. Though it's found pretty much every day, and I don't know where the fish is getting the energy to consistently produce and shed it. Testing ammonia each day. Almost always 3-4 ppm. Huge water changes being done (5-6 50% water changes daily and then re-dosed. Ammonia back to 3-4ppm overnight) Tap water tested approx 0.5ppm ammonia) I got nothin' Can somebody offer any suggestions?
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  4. I did a water change on a couple of tanks yesterday, straight from my rainwater tank. After a while I noticed the water was going cloudy, I looked in the rainwater tank and noticed the water was very cloudy. Rather than drain all the water out of the rainwater tanks I was thinking of buying some swimming pool sand and running the water through that to filter it. Has anyone ever tried anything like this, I really don't want to throw all the water out if I can help it. I notice Bunnings has Pool Sand for $20 has anybody tried it. Thanks Theo
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Whoops just realised I forgot to put Ltrs after the 16,000, I'm not planning on keeping 16,000 fish in a pool So I have been planning for a very long time (First dreamt about it 12 years ago) to build/buy a swimming pool which I can make completely fish friendly and sterile enough for NO Blue/green algae (The bacteria, not plant) for me to safely swim in. These are my plans and I hope you guys and girls will let me know your thoughts. This will be a basic tester for a future in-ground, landscaped version. The pool will be in Maryborough QLD and I am thinking of this one Bestway Above Ground Steel Frame Swimming Pool 5.5m | GTmall Online (Not sure about if the plastic is toxic though, if it is, I will need to construct one from pond liner) Filtration: A 5000ltr hr pump will pump the water up into a ICB 1000ltr water drum which will house the mechanical filtration (Sponge and Filterwool), This will then run from the ICB through a UV sterilizer and down to the other end of the pool. I will also have a pump for running a vacuum which I will use to clean the bare bottom pool. This will be done whenever needed (Expecting weekly) I have also been testing Copper sulphate as an algaecide and paracide, I would prefer not to use this but feel that I may need to keep it clear and safe, it will be at .15 - .2ppm (No catfish or shrimp, but other fish will be fine at this level) I don't plan on having a lot of fish compared to the volume of water so bio filtration will be from surface areas of the sponge and pool. PH will be 6.8 -7 and aerated by the water flowing back into pool Plants: Christmas moss will be the predominant plant, along with some elodea. Shading: Shade Cloth My biggest unknown is what fish I can keep in what times of the year. I chose the Fraser coast region to move to because it stays at a fairly reasonable temp year round, more to the point it does not have the extremes of Cairns or Victoria. I will be looking at setting this up in the next couple of months so if any of you have kept tropical fish outside during summer please let me know. My Ideal pool will be Guppys, Wild Discus, Neons and Apistos What I am likely to test for the first year is Guppys, Angels maybe some rainbows and then remove the angels and rainbows when things get cooler. There are a few people around who keep guppys all year round so I'm sure these will be fine, but not sure about other fish. Any thoughts? What would you keep if you had this in your backyard?
  7. Hi All, Purchased a Trio of Fancy Guppies, and after this on dropped some fry she began acting like this.. Please View Link Is it Swim Bladder Disease? Water Parameters: Ph 7.0 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 Nitrate 10ppm Daily Water changes as I have fry in the tank also.. This guppy is inside a breeder box... It has been isolated into its own tank not sure what this disease is.. please help!! Thanks,
  8. I have a recently paired up 2 rivs, all week have been showing breeding behaviour just got home and female is swimming and eggs are just falling out, there is eggs scatted everywhere, and the male keeps chasing her , she keeps going back to her cave hopefully she laid some in there. Has this happened to anyone before?
  9. hey guys bought a convict from my lfs the top and bottom fins at the rear of the fish are missing half of each. i dnt know what those fins are called? and it looks like he struggles to swim in the tank its 3ft with 1000L p/h would the fins effect that? and can they heal? cheers sean
  10. Have a salt water/chlorin pool we want to turn into a bit of a fish tank kinda thing mainly through winter but if it works all year round and be able to swim in it. I don't think it is greatly possible but thought I might through it out there and see what comes back
  11. Woke up this morning and notice that my litte Green Severum doesn't look to good. when it tries to swim it does loops, kind of like backflips. Anyone know what could cause this? I don't have a test kit to test the water so I can't give any readings and my LFS isn't open for another hours and a half. PLease help thanx
  12. here are my first ever discus juvies! i artificially raised them because the parents are still egg/wriggler eaters only 4 survived from about 50 so i didn't do that well.... i'm just happy to have them and watch them grow cheers
  13. Hello! i have what was a completely healthy red forrest jewel yesterday that is now swimming upside down, i have isolated him but am unsure what to do next! he has some fin damage to his side fins but otherwise seems in great health, colours are still bright and was eating last night. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Hellen
  14. Hey, My 25cm braziliensis has started swimming vertically with its head down. It tries to level out by rolling on its side n that but it's bum just seems to make it float back vertically.. like it has a air bubble trapped inside its bottom.. It looks fine aside from this new swimming nature and the rest of the fish in the tank have never looked better.. (Pleco, red zeb & cobalt blue zeb) Any Ideas about what it is or how it should b treated.. Is it a parasite or maybe a problem with its swim bladder... It hasn't eaten for a day now and Im not sure how long it can keep this up for.. Well it has no problem keeping its tail up.. lol. Cheers Brodez I've included some pics of the fish from a while ago before it started this nose diving..
  15. Hi i have 4 oscars in a 6x2x2 tank they were laying eggs last week but over the last two days three of them are swimming with there backs out of the water and find it hard to swim underwater the other one is fine + I have another 6 foot tank on the system and all fish in there are fine ????????? any clues guys and girls Junkie
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