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Found 19 results

  1. Hi guys, I lost a few of my display males due to the recent Sydney storms last weekend. We had a 2.5 day power outage, and I lost a few before I could get a generator etc, so am not too happy. In either case, I am looking to for a few replacement display males (blue dolphin, eureka red jacobfreibergi, etc). Any breeders in Sydney that you can point me to will be appreciated....cheers
  2. Sharing this for the Sydney members of the forum. ATTENTION ALL CICHLID LOVERS! Labyrinth Aquarium has a special event coming up for you! We have been given the rare privilege of hosting a world-renowned expert on the family Cichlidae - Anton Lamboj. Details: Wednesday, 9th March, 7pm. Labyrinth Aquarium 16 Ninth Avenue, CAMPSIE Anton hails from Vienna and is the recognised authority on the Cichlids of West Africa. Many of us enjoy the very species he studies as mainstays in our hobby. Genera include Hemichromis (Jewel Cichlids), Steatocranus (Lionhead Cichlids), Pelvicachromis (Kribensis) and many more. He is a dynamic speaker, and will wow the crowd with his impressive wealth of knowledge. Anton's book, "The Cichlid Fishes of WesternAfrica" is a masterpiece. It will be available for purchase on the day,and Anton will be most happy to Autograph it for you. All guests will be given samples of Dainichi foods and free Marine Pure cubes!!! Anton will give two presentations. We will hear from him in a 60 seat lecture room - immediately next door to Labyrinth Aquarium! Between the presentations, guests will enjoy a buffet dinner at Labyrinth Aquarium. And... To tickle the tastebuds even better, there will be foods from all over the world, with traditional West African cuisine as one of the options - delightful flavours which must be tasted to be believed! After the second presentation, we will come back to Labyrinth Aquarium for guests to share in the awesome prize pool we have amassed for you - through the generous help of our sponsors, Aqua Premium and Kong's Australia. Prizes up for grabs include: 1 x Aqua-El 30W UV Steriliser 1 x 300W Aqua-El Gold Heater 2 x Aqua-El Reef Circulator 10,000 2 x 250g Dainichi Foods 1 x Aqua One Nautilus 800 Canister Filter 1 x 300W ThermoSafeHeater 1 x Stellar 380D Air Pump 1 x $100 voucher for Labyrinth Aquarium And more!!!! Registration for the event is $50.00 and may be paid instore prior to the event, or over the phone on 02 8068 4853. PLEASE NOTE: Current financial members of the New South Wales Cichlid Society, including the Illawarra Branch have a 50% registration fee subsidy available to them, funded by the Sydney branch. We're looking forward to seeing you there!
  3. Hi all, I am set on acquiring some fish from a seller in Sydney, however as he has never sent fish interstate before he would like someone else to send the fish interstate to me. He said he can package the fish, which entails double bags with oxygen in a foam box. So my questions are: What else do I need to consider when organising the shipment of these fish? Who is a reliable person or shop that could do this for me? Best company or method to go by? All input is greatly appreciated as this truly means a lot to me and I'm desperate to get it right. Cheers, Richard.
  4. Hi all have been on here for last week or so thought it was time to introduce myself now im Mike from sydney been in the hobby just over a year now started off with a neon tetras n dwarf gouramis in my 4ft tank had the worst possible experience with the dwarf gourami would not touch them with a 10ft pole anymore long story short noob + bad advice = 12 dead dwarf gouramis, almost gave up on the hobby, horrible horrible experience anyways ive moved onto NG and natives at the moment i have a boesemani rainbowfish species tank only with some riffle shrimps and glass shrimps im looking to get more species or rainbowfish in the near future
  5. Think you could do an amazing effort on a Nano Tank. Here is a chance to get a Aquael Shrimp Set 30 (we sell them for $149) just for entering and showing your talents. Only open to 30 entrants so be quick and make it awesome - and that is not the only prize going. Would love to see some QLDAF members have a go and if you do pop a pic back here would be great, I know we have some top scapers here - would like to see what you can do with one. This is what you will be working with - and taking home with you - Nice!! Aquael Shrimp Set 30 is a neat Nano tank designed for Shrimp or Planted and comes ready to go.
  6. Hey Guys, I know a few of you have been on the look our for Cubans, for anyone interested 'Something Fishy Aquarium' in Sydney is selling Juvies (10-13cm) for $50....get in quick! Postage available, I think? Saw the add on Facebook. I might also be keen to join a group buy If some other people are interested... Cheers,
  7. Sydney aquariums recomendations pls
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Wondering about the best aquarium stores in Sydney as it seems im going to be hitting the big smoke.. Also wondering about best ways to get in contact with fish keepers down there as far as breeders go etc... I figure its a new location & I might as well take advantage of any stock that is not so easily available up our ways... Also here my dumb question of the day...Can you bring fish in your walk on luggage???....ha ha yee haa...dont ask you'll never know...if not..I'll just be sending them up by the box load...
  10. hey guys and girls, i was just wondering when the huge fish auctions in sydney are on? cant seem to find anything on the net about it. cheers, luke
  11. Hi All, Can anyone provide me with names of aquariums in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne which will have Seiryu Rock used in Iwagumi Scapes. Thinking of travelling down to Syd/Melb next week if there is none in Brisbane. Thanks, Andrew
  12. I'm planning to heading to sydney for a training early next year and was wondering of buying some fish while i'm there. Can i bring them on my trip home to brisbane as check in baggage? Can someone explain the procedures/protocol of this. will be taking a plane and won't be driving. Also won't be bringing illegal fish so as to avoid hassles.
  13. Sarah and I had the chance recently to visit a Fish Farm in Gosford (where her friend runs it) and while we were there we hit the Reptile Park also, where Sarah wanted to steal the Burmese Python, here are a few pics to start off with, some of the Koi were awesome, i was more interested in the behind the scenes stuff, the fish farm used to be an old sewerage farm, and its waters comes from a bore so hence the clayish colouring in some of the pics, and the fact it poured raining for the 2 days we were there didnt help lol enjoy!!!!! we were lucky enough to have a pond drained as they were sorting out Koi, so we got to see some amazing fish, sorry about the fotos, was wet, and soggy lol more pics to come!!!!
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  15. Hi all, as the tilte says, I want to buy these fish from a guy in Lane Cove (about 10-15mins north of cbd), Sydney. He doesn't know how to ship, and I have no idea either. Does anyone know of anyone who can ship these fish for me?
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  17. Hey, Have to go to a funeral in Sydeny next week so will have some time to kill(pardon the pun) So does any body know any good fish shops I cant hit on the south - south west side???
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