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Found 13 results

  1. Hi Everyone i have been searching for awhile now and have not been able to find either of these synos anywhere is aus. (well i lie i have been told of 6 flavs but they are all the same sex and owned but the one person). anyway my question is has anyone see any in the last few years? or would it be safer to say that the few that were here have most likely died off. (would have to be atleast 10 years old.) even tho i synos can live for along time and i have one that is estimated to be 20 years old accidents happen. i really am thinking that if not already then within the next few years will sadly be able to say we can no longer own these beautiful fish in australia. i guess the main point of my post is that i want someone to prove me wrong
  2. Hi Guys getting this syno soon and wondering if anyone can help me id. i no there not the best pics so far but will get more when it arrives. at the moment im thinking maybe a rebeli or a low quality marked ornatapinnis
  3. Hi, I've just purchased a pair of wat I think are synodontis nigrita gold( i was told they were nigrita gala) but i can't find any information regarding their diet, water requirements, compatibility etc.. can anyone help please? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  4. as the title says .I probably will be chasing some real soon [MENTION=372]mitch[/MENTION].o the tang tank starts real soon
  5. So many fish! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nKW_Lq0ok0
  6. I was up in Brisbane yesterday visiting a few lfs as you do, and in one of them I saw a tankful of cute little catfish around 5-6cm labelled as "synodontis valenies". I haven't heard of these guys before and on enquiring was advised they grow to around the same size as adult cuckoo catfish (Synodontis multipunctatus), around 14-16cm. Today I've been googling and checking the planet catfish site and I can't find any reference to Synodontis valenies. Is anybody aware of a reference site for these guys and/or have any experience with them? Cheers, Doug
  7. Just a few pics of my Synodontis Zambezensis, before this guys I had never seen one before, thanks [MENTION=2455]liljohn_83[/MENTION] for him! Thanks, Finn
  8. am pretty keen on getting some cukoo cats but am curious on a host colony. i have heard that blue fish such as dolphins and peakocks are a good host along with most protomelas. i have also read that anything that breeds like rabbits is good. i would rather use a colony which i already have ( too many fish atm haha) if i was to use my venustus colony or lombardoi. would these fish be just as successful as other types? cheers in advance, murray
  9. was wondering if synodontis ornatipinnis where available in Australia? saw a picture of one while browsing net
  10. well i was about to give up on these guys having fry,had the dark marbles in container,but nothing happened,so moved them to another tank and didnt worry about them,I was just about to do a gravel clean when I spotted the fry under some rocks.Isnt that the way it goes,just let them do there own thing ,think there are around 20 fry and they seemto be doing fine fingers crossed.
  11. hey guys, I like to post if I ever see anything interesting in a lfs. Never know, some one here may be intersted in what ever. Now I don't want to p!ss any sponsors or forum admin off, so I won't name the store. And no I'm not touting my own fish either. I know sfa about synodontis catfish, but saw some nice little 3cm ones in a lfs today. Sorry can't remember which species they are, but they definately looked much nicer than the ones I regularly see at PetCity. The lfs I was in was not PetCity. If anyone is interested they can pm me and I'll tell them the store and price, and they can phone and find out the species of synodontis.
  12. hi does anyone no how to breed synodontis eruptus or tell sex of them is it just like the the cuckoo cats. or could u tell me where i can find some information on them. cheers reeco
  13. has anyone here had or have an Synodontis angelicus?? i really like the look of em...are they much harder to keep then the similar Synodontis eupterus??? also, what price range would i be lookin at?
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