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Found 7 results

  1. Please read the entire ad, these are excess from my Blue Spot linebreeding project. Synspillum are a perfect large robust community fish, they will fit in with other fish like Festae, Robertsoni, Bocourti, Snooks, Texas, Oscars and other largish American Cichlids. They do get to roughly 40cm so a large tank is required. This variant is believed to be from Belize where only few specimens come out of a certain part of the river. The parents shown in the picture were sourced from a reputable breeder in Brisbane, he sourced his fish from 2 other hobbiests who had individual Blue Spot Syns showing little spotting. The parents shown above were the pick of the batch which have now produced these beautiful heavily spotted Juveniles. The fish for sale are 1st gen from the project, the second pic shows their keeper siblings, so that means they are direct siblings and have the same genetics. There's some really good fish in the 5-6cm ones, I want to pull out another 10 or so to keep but I have way too many. The smaller ones are the second batch from the same fish, not siblings to the 10cm ones, they aren't stunted or anything just younger. Photos really don't do them justice, they are so eye catching as a display fish, people come over to buy other fish and they try to buy these off me instead of the fish they came for - you won't be disappointed. Please message with any questions. Before you message - these are not hybrids, they are not crossed with any other fish, I have confirmed with people in Brisbane and overseas about these fish. Blue Spot Synspillum 10-12cm $40 - ONLY 7 LEFT (going very quick) 5-6cm $20 No Shipping - Pickup only Bris South - Slacks Creek (2mins from IKEA) Plenty of smaller ones left, i rate them better then the larger ones. Cheers.
  2. He seems to have the upper hand for the moment but something tells me that will all change one day soon....
  3. Hi Guys I'm hoping someone has a male Synspillum 12-15cm if they can be sexed at that size? Please let me know if you've one for sale or have seen one at your local LFS cheers Gary
  4. Vid with my girl she has her tube out n dress on. Will add more vids later of eggs and them courting
  5. Unfortunately last night my zonatus and synspillum decided to lay eggs, I know x breeds are not good and I am hoping the eggs will be food for my other fish but at the moment the zonatus has them pinned down the other end of the tank, on the other hand I would be interested to see what comes out, but if I let them hatch I have a problem with feeding cichlid off as feeder fish, I just can't do it, so what do you guys think I should do.
  6. This is my big boy, this is what i class as a pure. Not the best picture, taken with a phone camera Hope you enjoy.
  7. Hey Everyone, Just curious to know whether this is a veija synspillum.. Cheers Steve
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