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  1. Hey guys... Just wanted to throw this up so you guy can give me some feed back. Let me know what you think.
  2. I have used a couple of old ehiem U-pipes with strainers and taps, and a link to the garden hose for the last few years, and broke them both in one weekend. I feel the need to reinvent the system. Criteria, must attach to a garden hose to go out to the garden and in again. Wonder if I can do two tanks at the same time? If they had a common system would hydrostatic pressure equalise the depths? Any ideas welcome.
  3. So I have been reading up heaps on drip systems all week, and I have been trying to convince myself to let the moths out the wallet. I like the idea of fresh water for the fish even if there is more waste. I like the idea of not heating the water as is required from my water storage IBC. I like the idea that apart from the filter I can set-up my whole room for next to nothing. One thing I can't work out, is how do you make it worth the cost with chloramine in the tap water? I understand you can use a bucket load of carbon, which will free the ammonia and then you give your fish a small dose, before it is taken out by the bio filter. Or you can use catalytic carbon, to remove the chloramine completely. But I would be buying replacement cartridges every month at least with my water usage, as they don't last long. For those who drip, roughly how many litres of water do you get per cartridge and what style filter do you use? Or do you think it is better to just fill/treat my IBC with water/dechlor and then apply pressure via a pump, the perks of this style set-up (if it exists/works) means I can hold multiple water types and run multiple drip lines to different tanks! eg. town water for fry, soft acidic water for discus, l's, apisto, etc and hard alkaline water for my african breeders and then I can sit back knowing I'm giving every fish my best. Oh I could also kick my IBC's outside as temp wont be a bother at the drip rate. Thoughts, feelings, appreciated!
  4. Been working on my new filter drums today. Going to make them up one at a time and swap them out so it doesn't upset the filtering system, someone else started the filter design and the drums have seen better days, so brought some new better ones. They are currently full of lava balls and they keep blocking the system so have to go. This will end up containing this new BioHome media that is supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread....hmmmm, jury is out on that one, only time will tell (f**king expensive sh*t I know that much). I have glued some egg crate in the bottom (with super strength araldite) to stop the media from blocking the flow and allowing the air to flow up through the media. The water comes from the tank into a pressurised pond filter that I use as a mechanical filter and UV, then through the inline heater and splits into 3 lines, each one going to one of these drums and then back into the splitter that takes 3 into 2. Each of the 2 lines goes into a separate canister that contains a filter sock, bag of Seachem Purigen in one and sock with a bag of carbon when needed in the other. Then from there back into a 10,000lph pump and back up to the tank. At each end there is a ball valve to shut off water supply and a tap and hose fitting under the tank for draining and filling the tank. I have glued an airline into the bottom of each of the drums and these are connected to a battery backup air pump to protect the biological media in each of the drums in the event of a power cut. There is another backup air pump supplying the tank with air in the event of a power cut as well. No such thing as overkill, is a stupid word. If the Nitrate stays too low it can mean only one thing.......you do not have enough fish in the tank. Go and buy some more! Only thing I am not sure about is my idea of supplying air to the drums (which they don't currently have) to protect the bacteria in the event of a power cut (and we get a few), What will happen when the tank pump stops circulating the water and the air pump is still blowing air into the drums. I am guessing it will get pushed back through the splitters at each end of the system as the drums are all individually connected via the splitters. At one end they go to the heater and then into the mechanical filter and back to tank. At the other they go into the filter socks and then onto the pump and back to tank. I am hopping as they are only air pumps, so low pressure, they will not have enough power to push the water and the crap from the foam filters backwards from the mechanical filter and then into the tank. With a bit of luck as it is only small bubbles from an air pump they will simply pass through the water and back into the tank. If it works really well I may even be able to remove the airlines to the tank as the air will get pushed back into the tank protecting the fish from suffocating. But does it mean I will see lots of air bubbles coming out of all the returns to the tank. Hoping that will not be too visible as I hate air bubbles in the tank. I use a wave maker to agitate the surface and oxygenate the water, so didn't want airlines in tank, but have no other way of protecting the fish..
  5. Hi guys, brought a new tank and need some advice on the filter system. The current filter system is a nightmare to prime, so everytime I do any work on it, it results in a nightmare to get going again. Once running it is fine. However I have recently removed the filter socks as the were blocked solid and was looking to buy some new socks. I left the socks out and started the tank back up and this generated quite a bit noise from the water in the sock section, basically it sounds like it is cavitating due to the pump pulling through the filter system. The Foam Filter and UV drum is about 35L and each of the bio filter drums are 30L and packed completely full of ceramic knoddles and lava balls, so should be an awesome system, just want to make it easier to work with and functioning as best as possible. This got me thinking and I came up with rerouting the plumbing and pulling the water from the tank and pushing it through the filter system. This should make it very easy to prime and the water will pull straight from tank and into pump. Only downside I see is crap from the tank will get sucked through the pump, however I am not sure it is going to affect the pump as it is only fish poo etc I have attached a diagram of the current setup and then the proposed. Need some advice from the filter experts...... any advice would be appreciated. Aquarium is 10ft x 2ft x 2ft and will be housing mostly large Americans, so plenty of mess Mind you, since removing the socks it primed straight up and sucked any air straight through the system and started right back up. When I removed the socks they were completely blocked and I could fill them with water and is trickled off rye bottom of the sock, was lucky it hadn't burnt the pump out already from strained so hard to draw water through the system
  6. Hi all, I am playing with the thought of setting up a tank that has very low conductivity and PH. To ensure that the PH is kept around 5.5 i was thinking of using a CO2 system with PH controller. There is no plan to add plants to the tank and i was wondering if the CO2 in the water will be harmful for the fish as there would be very low oxygen. Using RO water i will try to keep the conductivity around 50mu/s adding only blackwater extract to the RO water. Usually the ph would be pretty unstable in such soft water and that is why i thought a CO2 PH controller might be the way to go. Maybe someone here has some suggestions on how to reach and maintain these water conditions. Looking forward to heaps of input :-) Thanks
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Kamoer - F05X Wireless Dosing And Water Change System arriving this friday only $599.00 !!!. Great time to buy now for delivery next week as their is the 15% off QLDAF sale which ends this Sunday .. With the discount this brings the unit down to $509.15 which is crazy value for money considering what you can do with this system !!. Link - Age of Aquariums - Kamoer-F05X Wireless Dosing and water change system Ben
  9. Gidday everyone I have purchased 12x4x1515 tanks and want to build a system,it will be a 3 teir system my questions are: 1.timber or steel stand ? I can build the timber stand myself or have a boiler maker mate that welds for 20 bucks an hour that can weld me one whats your opinions on both? and if I go with timber what size structual pine or hardwood would be best 2.I have a 38mm glass drill here which I have been told will drill a hole big enough to fit a 32mm bulkhead will this be big enough or should i go 40mm and buy a 42mm glass bit. 3.I dont like plumbing on the outside of systems so I was thinking of drilling the bottoms of the tanks and fitting internal standpipes with a strainer on top whats your experiences with this type of setup? would I drill the tank in the middle or at 1 end and then run the return into the opposite end? 4.The system will also include 3x4foot divided fry tanks that need to be plumbed into the system as well ,the tanks are divided into 1 foot cubes with no way to get water flow through them all. that will do for now I am sure I will have a heap more questions as it progresses will try and put pics up as I go cheers
  10. i've been looking into alternatives to using aquarium heaters. i was considering going reverse cycle before i stumbled upon these. 4 4 5 Swimming Pool Heat Pump Heater Solar SPA GAS Heating Cooling | eBay They seem like the could work with the addition of another pump to cycle from the last chamber of the sump, through the heater then back into the sump to be pumped up to the tanks. i would also use a solar controller to shut off the heating system if it passes say 26 degrees, and turns back on around 24 degrees. the fish room is around 6500L and well insulated so heat loss shouldn't be too much of a problem. im leaning to these over reverse cycle as well as i wont have to worry as much about closing the door into the fish room or moldy ceilings. anyway whats your guys thoughts? anyone had any experience with these heat pumps? steve
  11. What's best and why ? whats the ups and downs on both ? FJ
  12. .Hi Folks, I have a small Aquaponic system with an automatic bell siphon, which is quite loud the end of the water flowing down. I tried to seal the siphon with Styrofoam and extended the hose where the water arriving to the fish tank, but it is still noise. Do you have guys any other ideas what could I do to reduce this noise? Thank you! Jani
  13. .Does anyone have one of these systems and if so how did they go about setting it up. I am interested in doing this but not sure where to source the parts ect. Would like to use a soleniod regulator also.
  14. Hey all. I'm after some info on auto setups. Drain and fill. I keep discus and due to work commitments sometimes I can't keep up the water changes that I would like to do so I'm thinking auto ?!?!? I've got a rack of 6 - 3 ft tanks with 25mm holes drilled into the front of them. I have some plumbing stuff and no sump. But no nessesarily wanting to sump it either. So I'm after some advice on the best way to do it. I there some where on the net that I can get some good detailed info. Or if you have some info that would be great. Cheers Marty
  15. Hi guys and gals I know this has probably been asked before, many times...Just after some information from you guys with experience with big sump pumps. I previously had the Waveline DC 10000 pump, and I thought it was pretty good, but since have come to the conclusions that they are very unreliable. I have gone through 2 pumps and 3 power packs, they just keep failing, this is in about a year. I need a replacement for the 5th time.....I have decided to ditch the waveline and get a better pump. I am looking at either the Tunze 1073.11, the Laguna Max Flow Power Jet 4280 or the Aquael PFN15000 plus. I hear guys rave about the Laguna pumps, but was more curious about the Aqueal. My main priority is low noise (or no noise), how noisy are they? Is the remote feature useful on the Aqueal? I did like the remote with the Waveline pump. Also anyone heard of any quality issues with any of the above pumps, I have some Tunze gear and it is pretty good quality...I am sure the rest of their range is the same. Also a side question, when measuring head height if my return pump goes 2.5m high then down 50cm so the pipe exit is <2m, for output flow rate do I take the head height of 2.5m or 2m? (not taking into account bends in pipes/hoses) Thanks guys, just after a pump that will do 10000+lph. p.s anyway thinking of getting a dc waveline pump, I highly recommend thinking twice....
  16. ill start off with: i should have just bought prebuilt rack for sale. thinking that getting some company to deliver me a tank rack would be too much hassle. but on hind sight.... doing one yourself would probably cost way more monetarily and time.
  17. hey guys looking into co2 systems just come across this one any thoughts? http://www.aquascapedesign.com.au/products.php?product=CO2PRO-S2-0.82L-Professional-Injection-Package or if any one has a suggestion on a reliable neat easy system thanks nath
  18. How does this ranking system work ?? What is the prize ???
  19. Just wondering how much people think it would cost me to set these 3 tanks up to a sump set up and any ideas would be good. I was going to drill the outlets in the left hand sides and have a 3ft sump sitting on the left side on the ground so what size pump,heater and pipes etc will i need
  20. Hi just after some advice on what sort of systems work best and value for money to keep a large 8 x 2 x 2.5 planted comunity tank. I am currently running a ista disposible on it atm for the intrume till I dicide what will work best. The tank has a sump filter too so would the Co2 be as effective difused directly in the sump? I am running 4 x 4ft LED 10,000k seems to be performing better than the T5 HO 2x twin 3ft fixtures. I am hoping to grow some ground cover plants but unsure wether it will be acheivable being 2.5ft tall? Also have the microbe-lift alive substrate. Any coments more than welcome I haven't spent a lot of time with the planted tanks mostly breeding discus.
  21. Here is a FTS from last night, just after a NSW water change, I can say the best results I have had in 10 years is largely in thanks to NSW! Cant vouch for it enough, and its a super inexpensive alternation to high grade synthetics. Some serious coral porn!
  22. Need some help!!!!! The system: 4x 8x2x2, 1x 6x2x2 with a 6x2x2 sump Currently using 2x 10,000lt per hour Jebao (170w for both pumps) Apart from the 2 pumps pushing into each other at the "T" pvc piping piece, if 1 pump was to fail the other pump basically just flows back into the sump and doesn't continue up the return piping. I currently have tried a 17,000lt per hour which goes straight into the return great but the flow isn't there like the 2x 10,000lt pumps To add a new sump pump of 23,000 - 28,000 I'm looking at 500w which is a lot higher then expected. My question: Is there a way I can use the 2x 10,000lt pumps and use a better pvc piping method so it doesn't restrict the flow if one pump fails or is there a low watt larger pump I could buy for a reasonable price or Is there a better way I could plumb the system to help the 17,000 do a better job. I'm just confused on what to do. Cheers
  23. Has honey blue eye broodstock and a gorgeous lily full of noosa river ornate rainbowfish and another nice water lily, the water lettuce has been taken out and destroyed being a noxious pest I keep large eastern and crimson spot rainbowfish in this one, they like to jump hence the mesh which is also to stop toads getting in
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  25. I'm thinking of starting a tiny aquaponics system (boredom of the holidays ) that wont affect the aesthetics of my tank and is removable. Looking around the house I found I had this old filter system that I got off a free nano tank that was cracked. I'm thinking of using the little black container as the growbed (yes it is tiny, but I dont aim to grow much at all). Im looking at perhaps growing mint or jasmine.... Can either of these grow in such small spaces? What would be an ideal substrate to grow these in - would aquasoil work? Most importantly, can an aquaponics system harm my fish?
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