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Found 9 results

  1. On tonight! Betta Australis table show and March meeting. Doors open 7pm, Meeting starts 7.30pm. Bring along your solid coloured Siamese Fighter for the table show. Bought or own bred, all welcome. Members' draw, lucky door prize, supper provided. Tonight's discussion is on the much threatened wild Bettas. Come along see some of these beautiful fish "in the fin"! Cheers, Jodi-Lea
  2. REMINDER: TONIGHT - Betta Australis AGM Tuesday 19th 7.30pm Ace Comics & Games "Magic Room" Annerley Arcade 478 Ipswich Road, Annerley Q 4103. Nominations for office bearers taken on the night. Please consider taking on a position, the club will benefit from your input. Following the AGM will be the general meeting and table show. Bring your own bred Siamese fighting fish along to compete for these great medallions. All welcome. www.bettaaustralis.org
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. I've got a wedding coming up and thought it could be interesting to have a bunch of fighter fish on the tables. I've never been a fan of them in such small jars but they live like that in fish stores and its only for a night. Has anyone seen/done this before? Just trying to work out the practicality of the transport, tank and what to do with them after. I'm guessing it would be 5-10 fish in total, maybe i could rent them from someone? Does anyone have an opinion/suggestion on what i could do? Also, before anyone flames me about it being a bad idea , that's why i am asking first.
  5. Hey guys, As you know the QFAS market day is coming up. having an event for those members down south Brisbane and Goldie this is fantastic location. I would like to seek feedback about the idea of having a joint QLDAF table. Obviously all the rules of the QFAs event would have to be followed. We would expect any involved members to be responsible for there own float (have money for change). Depending on how many members are interested we may need to limit number of lots to be sold to ensure all have a fair go. Please either indicate interest here or shoot me a PM. If we have sufficient interest QLDAF will fund the table. Regards, Steve
  6. Some one here might be interested in this? http://www.gumtree.com.au/m-my-ad.html?adId=1030081811
  7. G'day all, I was just wondering if anyone would have a table saw that I could come over and use (or know a place that I can get it done professionally) to cut a 40x40mm section out of a 70x70mm piece of timber to create a l shaped leg for a stand. Close to eight mile plains preferable, am willing to pay to use it. Thanks Regards, Ryan
  8. Before my pc crashed i had a site where you put in tank size and told you capability "leters "of the tank . can some one please let me know the site name
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