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Found 6 results

  1. HI,Has anyone used those DIY root tablets,the ones they fill a capsule with slow release fertilizer balls then push them into the gravel or substrate.As i've got angels,clown loaches etc just not sure how safe they are.Or am i better off to buy pre made ones through an aquarium store. cheers
  2. Deal of the Day - TetraMin Tropical Tablets 48gm ( 160 tabs ). Don't pay $14.95 elsewhere. Today only $4.95 per tin !!. Link - Age of Aquariums - TetraMin Tropical Tablets 48gm ( 160 tabs ) Ben
  3. Tetra Ammonia Safe Tabs use a fast-acting formula to detoxify hazardous ammonia in your aquarium water. Each fizzing tab treats 40 litres of fresh water. Works in seconds and provides long-lasting protection. Detoxifies dangerous ammonia Long-lasting protection Easy-to-use fizzing tabs work in seconds Suitable for all freshwater aquariums Great to keep on hand in case of emergency Link - Age of Aquariums - Tetra Ammonia Safe - 8 Tablets
  4. .Hi all - I keep a lot of plecos in all my tanks at home (all types of common bristlenose, peppermints etc) and want some advice on which algae tablets are not crap. By this I mean, I don't want to spend an excessive amount on the "best/highest quality" spirulina tablets, but just as important, I don't want to purchase cheap eBay bags of complete crap quality ones that look like they are made from green plaster and pollute the tank. I'm looking for something middle ground - affordable and decent. I was thinking along the lines of Aqua One Vege Spirulina Wafer, but have no idea of how good/bad they are on the scale. Any advice on this product, or recommendations on a decent affordable brand of food for my plecos? Thanks! P.S. Before being told, I also give them cucumber/zucchini/etc for variety. EDIT: I just realised that what was going to be a general fish food question became a specific post to catfish and should be posted in that section. However I can't move/delete posts. My apologies.
  5. Just wanting to know if anyone has succesfully used Avitrol Plus tablets to worm their fish? yes I know about Big L etc, but wanting to know who has succesfully used this - You had a fish with worms, and fish recovered worms were expelled. active ingredients - Levamisole hydrochloride 20mg, Praziquantel 4mg Aquarium dosage 1 table for 10L or 2mg per Litre.
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