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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all i am going to pick up 100 sword tails in abut 2 weeks how big a tank would i need. I have toones od tanks up and running. I am going to be breeding them for my oscars and red devil and turtles.
  2. So iv got a few ebjd that have been growing out,fish are now about6cm and over the last 2 weeks a few 3-4 have been showing some black tails ,I know the black tail gene has been known in jd's but never thought it would come throw in ebjd's.I would normally feed deformities as soon as I see them but this is something that iv never seen .so I thought I'd share some pic's
  3. It seems its not so easy to tell the difference between L333 and L066 but here some photos which may help. This is an adult male L333 tail. Note there is not a huge fork in the tail but the tips or filaments are a little longer. You could call the shape a crescent moon if you like or if you turned the fish the other way a C. Ignore that the fish is white, I've especially kept him for his white qualities and despite the market name calling them yellowish king tigers, they do come in white as well. This is an adult female L333 tail. No great fork or even great tail filaments either. Doh ignore the smartie shrimp too. Now here's where it can confuse some people. This fish is 5.5cm and he is a L333. Actually its the baby photo of the adult male. He is at the gangly stage where the tail has developed and the length of body is there, but he has no width or bulk yet. Rather like a teenager. His tail tips or filaments are quite pronouced and you could be forgiven at this stage for mistaking him for a L066. This is why the side on photos of them are so important and if you are buying them as fry then perhaps a photos of the adults may help to make sure the fry is in fact a L333. Since there is only allowed 4 pics to a post, see next post for the L066 pics.
  4. Hey gang ive got a batch of baby whiptails not sure what to feed them ive heard different thing like spinish nuked for 10 sec to alge grown in a bucket so far neither has worked the fry are only 2 days old please help!!!! :whyme:
  5. i just recently had some albino b/n fry ( about a week or two old) and are going strong. the male chucked to left over eggs out now the eggs have tails growing out of them and are moving around just wanting to know if any one has had this before?
  6. I have a tank where i was growing up my "royal" whip tail s that i had collected from several different places , some are defiantly not royals they are about 8cm and are breading , and yes the fry are surviving, some have rounder noses than others . i have some Lg6 whip tales in another tank some are lg6 but the smaller ones are more pinky . is there some where i can look up the difference in the different whip tails. The pleco sight is hard to research as they are to brawn and do not concentrate on one species
  7. Hey, I've been stalking fish shops trying to figure out what to stock my big tank with and found 2 varieties of native eel-tails, well 3 to be exact but Tandanus. Tandanus grows too big, so I've narrowed it down to the Rendahls eel-tail and the Neosilurus Ater (aka. the Butterjew). Anyone kept any? How are their temperaments? Are they hard to keep? I've found a little info on them but being a native Aussie fish alot of the fish info sites I go to don't really have any info... Any info would be good. Thanks, Z (aka Sarah)
  8. Hi Folks I'm new to this forum and my dilemma is my "peppermint" - I bought it from someone clearing out their tanks and thought it was probably a girl. It's about 10cm long, has started to grow longer bristles just around the lip since I acquired her about 3 months ago. She doesn't have a white edge on her fins like my other smaller pepps and her tail is not as rounded. My question is this - could it be just a really old female, or could it be another kind of bristlenose? I have some pics in my gallery if you're interested. Would appreciate any input Thanks Mouse
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