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Found 18 results

  1. i just got back in to breed african cichlids but i never breed burundi frontosa befor can someone please tell me . how i can sex them if they are still abit to young to breed as im getting 25 of them and what i should feed them
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. My Mesophyllum lichenoides in the two masses I call the two sisters is getting really big! It was doing quite well but since i started using mag-carb like I use to in the early 80s, you can see the growth each day now and it is all over the place, it is going to be a complete take over by the this coraline species, maybe with in three years I reckon. The bottom tank with weak lighting is one quarter lichenoides now from just a few bits tossed in early last year from a hand full collected from a rock pool. It is popping up in all areas and nothing phases this stuff, just heat and to much light, maybe i should dose less, but then the corals and algae part of the NWMS will suffer so I am sort of stuck with a huge amount of pink/purple/maroon in my tanks.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Just wondering ,never been is there much variety
  7. hey I have got a colony of peacocks and yellows and they seem to have taken a break from breeding they are only young started breeding about 3 months ago is this normal have checked the water parameters and its all ok ?? anyone else having this problem or a solution nothing has changed in the tanks either
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. These are from when I broke them up moving from the top tank to the invert tank. The original acan is just orange/red all over, this is quite a bit prettier since it changed after they went into the bottom tank, now the frags are all healed and new polyps are already happening. Yes there are always abundant algae forms in my tanks, wouldn’t be with out them!!!!!!!
  10. Ok, so to begin... I have recently pulled apart my 600L marine system due to travel, life, moving etc etc. After being fishless for a couple months I miss it, a lot. So to keep me occupied and give me something pretty to look at I am deciding on whether or not I should give freshwater a go. I have successfully run freshwater tanks in the past (250L & 150L) with American and African Cichlids. However, this time, I would be looking at running a 50L system (originally going to be a marine nano). So my question to all you freshwater lovers is- WHAT THE HELL CAN I KEEP IN THERE?!!! Tank specs 58 x 30 x31 Lighting 2ft 4x T5 HO Filtration 3 stage trickle filter - bio balls - sponge - ceramic noodles I do not have a heater. I am wanting some colour in this tank, to make it stand out and WOW visitors (and myself). Low maintenance inhabitants is all I am looking for- failing this, I will just keep with my original marine nano plan (obviously filtration will be different). Any and all suggestions will be appreciated
  11. re-doing my fishroom with big tanks,This system hold 6 4x2x2's and 1 8x2x2.5,pictured are the front 4 4x2's and on the other side just visible is the 8x2x2.5 on the top tier and the other 2 4x2's under that, was hell getting it off and the work will be cut out getting it back up there in my fishroom, the second system is also a sump system holding 6 3x2x18's
  12. Had a bit of play with a couple of photo's and this is the result. I will explain how to do it if you like it and want to do it for yourself..
  13. Recently got new camera and have tried to take pics of fish and tanks to post here But having trouble with light and reflection of glass plus fish don't whant to sit still Any tips no mater how big or small !!! Thanks
  14. Hey guys I'm about to move my afri juvies into a bigger tank. And thought it a good time to pull out any that arent going to fair well long term. I have 4 Pulpican males only 4cm long, but these guys go at it non-stop amongst themselves. Its all harmless atm. Everyone else gets along fine. Are these guys in general known for their aggressiveness more so than other mbuna?? If so Ill remove a few of them now to save the trouble later. Thanks Matt.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. Was just wondering if anyone is taking some angels or l numbers tonight to the auction? Cheers
  17. Hey can anyone help with what to do/not do with my camera when taking pic's of my tanks. My camera is a Canon EOS 450 D, i have a 18-55mm lens and also a 55-250mm lens. I have a UV filter not sure if i sould or should not put this on when tanking pic's of my tank. I only have the standard flash. Any help would be great e.g. setting, flash,lens and what ever to do. Kind Regards Andrew
  18. We often see brilliant photos taken by members of their own fish. I always seem to end up with slightly fuzzy pics or end up missing the perfect shot. Can our experienced photographers provide us with tips and hints on how to get the good pics? Maybe also talk about the cameras they use, lighting etc. It would be a great help to any photo noobs (like me ), cause I have some nice fish to take pics of. Thanks Jeff
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