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Found 2 results

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  2. Over 20 yrs ago, I worked in a LFS. Every Monday we would get tanks ready for the shipment of fish that arrived Tuesday, mostly wild caught imports. The boss told me to get the 8ft planted display tidied up as he had a surprise shipment. This tank was purely for large shoals of individual species that would be emptied of fish at the end of the month and a new species introduced to show how good an individuual species looked in a large shoal, in a large display. It had just been emptied of some of the largest, most colourful congo tets I had ever seen, which were then moved to other tanks for sale. I had always viewed this tank as "special" as it was only ever stocked with wild caughts. Tuesday came and he pulled one poly box aside and said he would see to it himself. He set up a drip line into the large bag inside the box whilst I dipped the other fish and then went for lunch. When I came back, I saw the most magnificent sight I had ever seen in the hobby Anyways, when he priced 'em up, I was gobsmacked at how expensive they were.......these weren't the ones in the display but smaller ones in the "for sale" tanks. Over the coming weeks, I noticed that the main buyers of these fish were those who kept discus, and knowing a bit about both, I shook my head that these guys were keeping the two species together (I assumed). I also assumed that it was only folk that could afford wild caught discus that could afford these fish............I couldn't.........even at trade price. As an aside, I'm not the one to mix fish from different continents/biotopes/climates etc and other than a 4fter that has rescued fish in it, I never do, and thought that I never would. More than 20 yrs on and I saw some of these fish again, whilst not really looking for 'em actually. My boy fell in love with them and has been pestering me for weeks saying, "they'll be alright with the discus" (our only understocked tank). We'd built up some credit, so pricewise, although they are still expensive but not as much as they were 20 odd yrs ago, I ummed and aahed and procrastinated, saying that they really weren't suitable for a discus tank, but eventually relented. The discus tank is at the bottom of their PH range, the top of their temp range, not as fast flowing as should be etc, but I thought, "what the hell, I can keep an eye on things and give 'em their own tank if things start going pear shaped". Anyways, there's 10 of 'em in there and what a sight to see a shoal like that. The're all about 5 cms and nothing near as nice as the ones I saw all those years ago, but they're still eye catching and will be even more so, as they grow. What were these fish I saw all those yrs ago, swimming in front of a backdrop of wisteria,cabomba and hygrophila that so captured my imagination and had me question, "what if?" The price over 20 yrs ago, for an individual small fish was 7 quid, which would equate then to around A$16 They were a shoal of 30, each of them no smaller than 10cms............weaving and turning in unison, as mine are right now...................Dennisons Barb.............bloody beautiful! I'll let you know if I've bought trouble putting them in with discus. :confused: kev
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