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Found 14 results

  1. https://www.facebook.com/events/1024810137577804/1024810147577803/
  2. https://www.facebook.com/events/1024810137577804/1024810147577803/
  3. I'm a big fan of a lot of fish(hello my fellow addict fishkeepers ) but I've always had a spot for the beautiful varieties of Mbuna(a variety of beautiful rock inhabiting cichlids from Lake Malawi for the unknowing ) and one group in particular I have always liked are the cynotilapia...so your Afra Hara,Cobue,etc etc and just thought I'd get a little action going on some of these great fish(I've heard inexperienced folk telling those interested in these fish some bad info) and we can share thoughts,tips,experiences etc whilst I will discuss some cynotilapia varieties please feel free to discuss othe Mbuna because many share similar behaviours and this can only help appreciate these great territorial fish.... Anyways was reading a Cichlid News mag and these guys popped up: These guys are Cynotilapia Aurifrons and very nice if you ask me
  4. What's your thoughts on Xtreme aquatic foods, I have been talking to a few LFS in Bundaberg and they are raving on about Xtreme aquatic foods one of them gave me a sample so I'm gonna give it a try. But I was looking at the pamphlet they gave me and it is quite interesting. So I have taken some pics and uploaded them to show you all and see what you all think. The last two pictures are ingredients of Xtreme aquatic foods vs new life spectrum Thera A
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  6. Hi Guys, Just wondering what your thoughts would be in a easy breeding fish to use for feeders for my Mangrove Jack ? he is very fussy and he has finally decided to stop eating frozen prawns, so now its costing me $12 a week just to feed him Gold fish feeders does anyone have any suggestions or know of someone who breeds feeders in which i could possibly by bulk. Cheers
  7. Im a big fan of these guys and Im currently working on having a nice variety of groups as for me personally I don't like keeping groups that are too similar in appearance....Ive currently got mpulungu and red moliro and have cherry spots due any day now so hopefully the cool variations keep coming...just want to hear others thoughts on some of the variations out there...Im not really too concerned about the man made variants that stem mainly from Asia..I can appreciate a pretty fish and understand the principle but I enjoy all the beautiful wild varieties that are out there..especially when we can bring them in to the country...so guess this is a thread to discuss and show off your tropheus..what do you enjoy about them?..what do you think of the man made variants?....Im also pretty keen on the lime spots...and the canary cheeks...2 variants I hope to add to the collection asap...nothing beats a colourful aggressive vegetarian :dance::dance:
  8. Ok, so ive finally started putting fish into my 8ft display tank, and what do I get, 2 fish that have been together for a whole 2 days pairing up and cleaning out a nesting site, and laying eggs about 20min ago. Which fish I hear you say, none other than my 35cm male red dragon flowerhorn and a 20ish cm rivulatus (was meant to be male aswell). I find this even more funny because I was just having a conversation with another member about fish supposedly being male or female etc and that untill they lay eggs or fertalise them you dont really know what you have. Apologies for the crap photo Cheers Gavin
  9. So heres my problem. I dont want to be running canisters any longer and also cut back on my heaters. I have a pair of L333s, 2 sub adult L387s, 9 L002s and 2 sub adult L134s as well as a colony of peps, at this point the 333s and the 002s have there own species tanks 387s are sharing with L134s and the peps are bigger than the rest so they have there own tank aswell. i know they all live in different waters but is there a way i can make this work. even if it means i run 2 sumps, all the tanks are 4x15x18 hoping to get a four 2fters for breeding tanks and include them in the system(s) let me know what your thoughts are. I also ave a room 1.3m wide and roughly 6m long (strange little storage room i guess) that ill be moving all the tanks into and building a rack and styro all around it so its contained in a little area and hopefully save on abit of heating. what would you do?
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  11. Just wondering how many people know about Heiko Bleher doing a talk tommorow night at Bar Jai Hall in clayfield,
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  13. Hi Everyone, Gunther Schmida, renouned fish photographer and author of books and magazine articles regarding Australian Native Fish will be speaking at the Gold Coast Aquarium Society meeting on Friday May 13 2011. He will be giving a talk about keeping native fish species and will be on hand to give pointers on the best way to photograph fish in aquariums. The Gold Coast Aquarium Society meeting will be held on Friday May 13 2011 at the Southport Community Hall - 6 Lawson Street, Southport and starts at 7:30pm. Hope to see some of you there
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