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Found 43 results

  1. Hi guys, I am planning stock for a 4x2x2. I am thinking the following but have a couple if questions. 5x Neolamprologus Multifasciatus 2x Neolamprologus Leleupi 9x Paracyprichromis Nigripinnis 9x Cyprichromis Leptosoma Ikola 9x Cyprichromis Sp. Leptosoma Goldfin. What are your thoughts, too many fish? What are the chances of hybrid fry? I want to avoid them. Sent from my D6653 using Tapatalk
  2. I definitely love the Tangs ...BUT.. no more than I love these guys...Lake Malawi magic And there's plenty more... Just too many great fish worldwide hey
  3. Hi everyone, After some one advice and assistance. I saw a small tank at a shop which was around 2-3 feet long and only about 15 cm high and wide and thought that would look good with some shellies in it. So so I want to make this my first DIY aquarium project. So decisions: Size? 3x1/2x1/2? Dimensions? Exact glass measurements? Glass thinkness, the glass shop said they can do 6mm or 10mm, so I'm unsure. Filtration, heat etc! so many questions, any help would be awesome.
  4. .Thanks to [MENTION=2023]shon982[/MENTION]
  5. .Hi guys, ive ve got a never ending battle with algae in my tang tank. i ve cut down the light I'm using algexit but I only seem to be controlling it not eradicating. ive been told common bristle nose will be no good as they will suck the slime cost from my sand sifters. any suggestions for other critters I can wack in the tank to chew this algae up? being a tang tank ph is quiet high. i have the common poo brown algae over everything. That hard green algae on my rocks and a green stringy kinda algae. tia lippa
  6. Coupla more tang pics - still editing .... Probably the yellowist of emperors I saw - hard to correct exposure with green water. Dive buddy Heinz entering one of many Cyp caves.
  7. Can everyone tell we what they run their tanks at, as been told may stories, running mine about 26- 27 degrees do i need to turn this back a bit or just leave it. Cheers Tracey and Doug
  8. A 'Must DO' Experience for the Tang Keeper - can only get when face to face with The Emperor....
  9. Hi all, just took a progress pic of the new tank. It's 3x15x18, has aqua one 1250 cannister and needs some texas holey rock. Currently has a colony of n.similis and I will add some top to mid swimmers later. Cheers mick
  10. of 50 tanks i have one display. this is it. not the best at photography. much better at breeding/keeping cichlids. 15 F1 mpiwmwes 8 orange leleupi 4 multies 2 birchardi and hald a dozen or so bn.
  11. Just took some pics today of my fish Nothing special but a few were showing off so here's some pics - note, the differences between the individual male ventralis kalubamba - pretty cool!
  12. I recently added a purple tang to my tank. Unfortunately ich appeared within 24 hours. I treated with medic but it died 3 days later. I was a little surprised that it succumbed so quickly as it acclimated very well, was eating right from the get go, and showed no obvious signs of stress. Also none of my remaining fish showed any sign of ich and are still ich free. I have decided to move my remaining fish ( 4 chromis, 1 clown and flame hawk ) to my old tank and let the display tank go fallow for 8 weeks. I will then use old tank as quarantine tank in the future.. I have also bought a uv sterilizer for display tank.. So my questions are : 1. Is the purple tank prone to ich and if so, is it usually responsive to treatment. 2. When I put the next tang in quarantine, should I expect ich and start treatment before it appears. Also should I start to lower the salinity straight away or wait until ich appears. 3. In general, when I quarantine a fish, what treatments should I be looking to apply so that the fish enters main tank healthy and disease free.. Thx
  13. Hey guys and girls, I thought I would start a new thread as all my fish are now TANGS TANGS TANGS only in my fishroom. With the breeding aspect of these fish: I will try my best and always up for a challenge with the breeding side of things so fry will be available at times if not pre sold so if your interested please PM me. For you interstate members I do ship fish. I have a decent camera now and my pics are only average from it until I can learn and work out the art of photography. Enjoy
  14. Well it's finally happened. The glass was picked up 2 weeks ago and nearly ready to start the build for my 2 sump systems to complete my fish room. System 1: 4 x 8x2x2ft 1 x 6x2x2ft 1 x 6x2x2ft sump System 2: 2 x 8x2x2ft 1 x 4x2x2ft sump I have near completed 2 sump systems on my fry racking now which I was too eager to set up and never took any pics along the way but I will make sure I do it with these 2 systems so here is the start. I will start building in about 2 weeks and Nathan will help me with the first tank and then on my own.
  15. Think I have a niggripinis with a mouth full??? Nice surprise, but def a first. Help [MENTION=2023]shon982[/MENTION] ??? Lol
  16. And so the latest addition to my currently growing Tanganyikan collection....Some nice little Alto. Comps "fire fins"....these guys get a really nice bright orange-red tip on their fins and are great looking fish(if you were to ask me )...seems Im getting the comps/calvus bug again and will be adding some more varieties of these guys to the collection soon...but this little gang(currently standing at 4 and hope to add more soon) has me pretty chuffed :clap2:as they are one of the harder varieties to come across... And an example of a nice big adult:
  17. Just started up a 3 foot tang tank going to have a few CALVUS in there what else can I put in their I was thinking of getting leleupis. The CALVUS have bred before so was thinking of leaving it as a breeding/display tank if that makes sense, open to suggestions sorry for poor quality photo but that's the setup
  18. POA, call the shop for details, we do ship all over Australia! This guy is massive, we are looking a full adult Zebrasoma here, so before your heart beats a little faster, please take a serious look at your tank!
  19. hey guys i have a 165L tank, which is 85 x 44x 58 (i think) which Africans does not matter i am thinking some alto Calvus and Alto Comp i am mainly thinking tangs, looking to be able to keep these fish in the tank for life any suggestions help thanks
  20. So i made the changeover today from river sand to calcium carb and wood and plants to big rocks haha Ill post some pictures tomorrow of the tank once it clears up a bit im quite happy with it Now im saving up for some fishies It already has 2 cuckoo catfish and im planning to put in 1 or 2 more cuckoos 1 or 2 black calvus 2 or 3 orange lelupi And 6-10 of the blue neons not sure exactly of the name How does that sound guys
  21. hi all ive got a blue lipstick tang and an emperor angel in my tank, and have had them for quite a while now they have been behaving strangely lately and after some research, I havent really been able to find any explanation for it so what is happening is they are lying side by side (generally with the tang slightly below the emperor) and wiggling their fins and tails at each other (like i would expect from two fish who might be mating etc) ... the lipstick changes from a light blue colour to a darker blue colour (almost a dark greyish colour) im at a loss as to what they're doing, so if anyone has any thoughts please let me know! thanks heaps! simon
  22. Guys just interested to hear what you fave African cichlid is... and why of course?? Thanks Matt.
  23. Current display (After the new 6ft tank is paid for and delivered I need to convince the misses that I need a 6 x 2 x 3.... but anyway) Inhabitants Pair White calvus (trying hard to breed, but just not quite getting it...will get them a tank of their own shortly) Breeding Pair Brevis 'kigoma' Breeding colony of Cyp 'mpungulu' 6 or so juli ornatus and the newest edition a pair (hopefully) of E cyanosticus Would love feed back in the 'scape as I am always looking to make it perfect.
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