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Found 37 results

  1. Have been thinking seriously about some of the smaller rock spawners from Lake tang wanted to know if it's possible to get the following wild caught Neolamprologus Brichardi neolamprologus dafodils neolamprologus stripped Brichardi fell free to pm me if you have any info of where I can get said fish thanks in advance
  2. Hey guys I've just got my first 4ft tank, it's currently cycling Any tips? Also places to buy yellow tangs and blue surgeon fish cheap? Also does anyone have any spare live rock for sale? I need about another 3kgs. I'm in morayfield
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Hi everyone, I have a Tank display tank, mostly Juvies: 4 x Birundi 1 male 3 x Alto Comp, 1 male 1 female 1 too little to tell likely female. 6 x Leleupi no sex yet 6 x Brichardi 3 each I think, paired and happy! 3 x Juli Transcriptus but may have been too small and be swimming around the Frontosa's belly... Anyway, all is going well, except the male Birundi and Female Comp seem to have paired and the Male Comp and a female Birundi have as well... It's a display tank so I won't be rearing any fry, but can they even cross?
  5. hey guys trying to nut out a stock-list for my new 600 lt tank. I need to buy substrate for the tank but need to work my stock-list out first Tangs have intrigued me for the colours, behavior and somewhat resemblance to our Aussie reef fish. A bit about me, i'd say semi experienced fish keeper. Have had Americans, Malawi's, Natives, and a hugely stocked tropical aquariums. Ive got a few hours a week to put into a tank, can operate an API test kit like a champion, I'm no Lance Armstrong but i can cycle a tank (bad Fish-keeper dad joke...) The more i look into Tangs the more i like but the more i get confused. So keeping in mind this is a display only tank. What would your goto species be? budget of up-to 1k on livestock Thanks in Advance Bryan
  6. I am happy with these....... better pictures to follow........
  7. Hi guys, my names Charles and i have been slowly getting into tanganikans. I have set up my 4 foot tank over the past couple weeks; here are the specs. Tank: 4 x 18 x 18 i believe. Filter: external aqua one 1100 Light: Dalbarb, nothing special Substrate: aroganite Rock work: single piece from Tibetan mountains i am looking to set up a community tank with a couple rock dwellers, shellies, open swimmers. Now obviously they have to be a little timid but this is were i can't seem to get a good answer through my own research. I honestly don't know what to get, i have done so much research yet i can't really find what will work. hopefully someone could point me in the right direction to getting the right combination. also any recommendations etc you guys have would be great. Thanks for your time guys.
  8. c foai 'ndole bay' c furcifer 'ndole bay' o boops 'nkondwe'
  9. After a very long think i have decided to go back to africans but undecided on malawi or tangs i need a bit of a shove in one direction so i thort id leave it up to all the african lovers on hear to fight it out and decide for me :-) lol starting now
  10. Hey all quick few pics of my garage setup will put up a few more later thanks for looking
  11. Hi guys, First time keeping tangs. They have been in my tank for a period of one day for the similis, to three days for the callochromis pleurospilus and Tanganicodus irsacae and the nigripinnis. They are settling in well and very active and feeding lots. This is a whole new journey for me venturing into hard water high ph stuff so it is a fun journey and am really liking it already. Should just ditch the bloody planted tanks (kidding) as I am really loving the similis personality. I cannot believe the similis can boss around a callochromis so easily! Any tips on how to take good photos would be appreciated as I am still learning how to use a dslr and am such a rookie behind the camera. I am only using a 550D Canon with the standard 18-55mm lense with a manfrotto tripod I found around the house. Oh and any tips on how to use a editing software as these are straight from camera and are terrible but gives you guys an idea of the fishies and how excited I am to have them. BIG THANKS TO SHON, AND AQUARIUMS ALIVE! Tanganicodus Irsacae Callochromis Pleurospilus The group of four;
  12. Hey guys i have a 3x1.5x2 ft tank which i am planning on changing to africans And im thinking of tangs as ive had malawi before and just looking for something new So if anyone could throw me some names of some tangs that would love a 3ft tank haha so i can google and i might think about selling the stuff thats in there The only fish ill be keeping if i change will be my 2 cuckoo catfish
  13. Hi guys, Some of you who follow my threads would know I keep a South American Dwarf (Apistogramma, corydoras colonies, tetras, pencilfish biotope) biotope tank. I have recently lost a substantial amount of interest in them. The tank just does not excite me like it used to. I used to LOVE watching my apistogrammas flair at another and show off and watch my tetras and pencilfish school in the tightest school weaving through the melaleuca but have faced a problem. I think I am bored with the tank in general. Here is the current tank; Now I have TONNES AND TONNES AND ABSOLUTELY TONNES of melaleuca laying in the garage, so here is the question. Should I rescape the tank to maybe bring a new lease on life, or should I go for tangs. Do a tang biotope. The tank size is 3 foot by 20 inches by 20 inches I believe. I was considering something like this; 2010 AGA Aquascaping Contest The background and rocks are easy to accomplish, its just a matter of preference. I have been soft water, planted tanks for so long this would be a whole new journey for me and part of me is so keen but other part wants to keep soft water. What is everyones opinions? Rescape SA DWARF BIOTOPE or do a TANG BIOTOPE. I was considering stuff like ochrogenys makola or ndole bay, neolamprologus brichardi, Neolamprologus caudopunctatus, neolamprologus similis, neolamprologus leleupi, leptosomas, nigripinnis , julidochromis marlieri, julidochromis transcriptus, or gobies. Ofcourse cannot place all of them in there but gives you an idea of the sort of fish I like and would opt for one of those. I wanna know, how does everyone go with keeping these guys in summer as I know they like cooler waters around the 24 to 28 maximum, I am assuming a chiller is now a must? Thanks, Adam
  14. Hey all here are a few pics my old man got with his new camera.
  15. Just some random pictures of my tangs plenty of breeding action lately, must be the season next time I want to get a better pictures of the Dwarf comps, Nigripinnis and Tanganicodus though Altolamprologus Compressiceps Dwarf Sumbu Paracyprichromis Nigripinnis Albino with some normals in the back Cyprichromis Leptosoma Kigoma
  16. Hey all, I'm about to set up a new tank and i'm looking to stock it with some Tangs i can't seem to find locally on this forum, or brisbane. Does anyone have some good websites for imports or even sites for tangs? Looking for Aulonocranus Dewinti L. Stappersi N. Buescheri C. Macrops O. Heterodonta X. Papilio the list goes on... Cheers, Ash
  17. stocking: white calvus black calvus leptos utina bristlenose thanks for watching!
  18. I was just thinking of setting up a nice shell dwelling tang tank on my desk and was wondering what was available and what was recommended. Never kept a shell dweller before and just recently interested in them so bear with me
  19. Here's some new pictures Got any questions, just ask See sig at the bottom for fish Adding Lamprologus ocellatus 'Gold' on the weekend to the list
  20. Hey everone I was just wondering if tangs, such as calvus and comps will live with Malawi cichlids such as hongi, joani etc. Thanks in advanced
  21. Hi everyone! I am just about to get into Africans, and want some advice. The tank is a 6x2x2 with a 4 ft sump, 36w UV, and have a couple of internal filters on hand. (otto 1200 and similar) Tank has been discus display for about 2 years, and my previous experiance is with americans and cattys. I want everyone to give me some pros and cons for Tangs/Malawi....... And also what works well with either or what I could mix? Substrate- Cal carb, sand etc Furniture- rocks etc where to find and what looks best? I am not being lasy, I have been researching online but find real life experiance better than web pages! Yours Thankfully Steve
  22. Took a few rushed pics ... White Calvus Fire Fin Comp Fasciatus Black Pearl Calvus YellowFin Occie
  23. Just after a little advice as to a good staple flake for my shellies and Tangs . I am nearly out of flake and am about to buy some more food . I have been feeding O.S.I. but I am looking to change brands . Looking also for one that comes in 500g or 1 kg quantities . and readily available !
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