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  1. Hello, I bought a digital ph meter which arrived today so of course I stuck it straight into my tank. Got a reading of 7.5... Then I put it into a glass of tap water and got 7.8... So, my tap water seems good for my Africans. I have a tank of Malawi's with a coupe of others thrown in, kribs, flamebacks, humpheads and some common bn. My question is, can I use pool chemicals in my tank? I can't really see why not. Specifically I'm talking about alkalinity increaser, which is 100% calcium carbonate. I have these chemicals anyway, so why not use the tiny bit it would take to bring the ph up a little. Of course only if it's safe. But I don't see how it couldn't be.
  2. hi guys getting back into having a small freshwater setup again. so bought this little beauty Max Nano Pro Aquarium - available for pick up only at Woodford or Caboolture . pick it up next week. so researching some ideas on what to put in the tank thinking of having 8 small 5cm fish ( unsure or breed yet) and pleanty of live growing plants ( unsure of type) cheers
  3. Hi all, Decided to post a worklog on my latest project. I'm going to replace my 4 ft with a 6ft and turn the 4 ft into a sump. Will be a long term project, but gotta start somewhere. Here's a piccy of the existing setup, i have to build a stand to fit into that alcove. You can see part of the steel frame cut out and laying on the floor. This is the stand in planning stage, its 50x25x3mm steel. And here's a plan with the tank and sump on. Thats not the finished product, after i make the stand its off to the cabinet maker to get "dressed" in some sort of quality timber with mini orb steel trim. Here's what im hoping to achieve, Let me know what you think, any suggestions, ideas,thoughts, etc. Off to the shed now to get a piccy of the half built stand. Brendan
  4. Ok so for you that know me I've spent the last 18 months setting up my latest meter fish room, build pic are on another post. That is now Finished. Well 95% which is close enough. Next project is a 5000litre tank No pics yet but plans are well underway- I will post progress once started Basics Tank will be 9x4x5h foot 4860litres Engineered steel frame Walls and base marine ply Rubber membrane sealer internal and external ( spillage and splashes) Power coated frame 40mm 2400x1200 viewing window, External sump ( tank build is enough for now) Stock -some of my large nimbochromis and frontosa and some exotics ( could end up all exotics) Stay tuned. 😊
  5. Last week I started construction of a plywood fish tank the same as "greenterra" aka brent smith. Firstly I would like to thank him for putting up the plans and for such a detailed post on his build. I followed his plans to the mm and all the pieces worked perfectly so far I have worked on it for one day on the weekend and 2 hours every day after work and I should be ready to start the fibreglassing early next week. I will post up some photos as I go. The measurements for this tank are 2.7m x 1.2m x1.0m high or 9ft x 4ft x 3.5ft.
  6. Just wondering if anyone is keeping a small native nano tank, if so do they have any pics? Really in two minds of setting up a nano for a handful of nano natives, curious to see set ups and what people are keeping. Thanks.
  7. Hey guys Just wanting your opinion on the crack that I have on my fish tank It's a 20L tank roughly 450 x 220 x 250 dimensions The crack itself is located on the bottom of the width side of the tank Do you think it should be safe to set up without any issues or should I patch it up or waste of my time?
  8. Had another thread running for this project but it's quite old now so I figured I may aswel kick up a new one. This concept was something I had dreamt about since I was maybe 8 or 9 years old, so finally having it come together is really something special for me. Add to that the fact that prior to this tank my biggest aquarium setup was a 65L two foot tank, and I think you can imagine how excited I am about this. Keeping (and raising) discus is a challenge I'm really looking forward to as well, and hopefully giving some breeding a shot further down the line. Anyway, I'll start with the earliest photos and fill in the blanks up until now. April 2014: very veerryyy early planning stages. A couple concept sketches and a scaled plan for the builders to work off. A stray photo of my general inspiration for the overall look. (white sand, large driftwood, big swords, blue discus, happy days) Fast forward a few months and things are looking a little more advanced. Here's another tank with similar elements, regarding the fish, unusually tall dimensions and aquascaping. Then received my first look at the tank... Funny story I've been told about the installation of the tank before I throw those photos up. I was at school while it happened and only heard through one of the builders but turns out the 6.5x2x80cm high 12mm glass tank was carried almost 25m and installed by four guys, one of which threw up afterwards because of the weight... makes me glad I wasn't there And finally the three foot sump. Don't know when the next update will come unfortunately, for those of you who follow my pond thread you'll know that the chances I get to put time into my projects are few and far between while I finish year 12. Anyway, hopefully the photo overload wasn't too much to handle. Would love to hear some feedback and any advice would be much appreciated because as I've said this calibre setup is mor than just a little unfamiliar to me. Cheers.
  9. I have a small (30 inch) tank in my bedroom. It gets some direct sunlight in the mornings ( from around 7.30 till 9.00 ) I have the choice it gets sunlight or I get Asthma - got to have the window open a little bit . But also the tank goes cloudy about 8am to 8 30am this clears by about 1pm at the latest . Obviously this is some kind of life form (the tank has no fish yet , but does have plants ) I was wondering what it could be . I do not think it is algae as it is grey to slightly brown not green . Actuall looks like an infusorian culture but not as dense .
  10. Finally, after all this time there was no rain for long enough for me to get my dream tank home and into my room. 8x3x2 made by Michael at Aquarium and Petland Southport, who I can't thank enough. Had about 9 people lined up to carry the thing, only 6 turned up but it was an easy and smooth lift (not that I can say anything I didn't carry it lol). Made it off the ute around the corner and onto the stand with no damage. Had to get into it, fishkeepers tradition. I didn't want to get out of it once i was in there! A new experience is all I can say. Enjoy the pics. Couldn't imagine a better view from my bed. (Pardon the socks I was as tired as hell by the time I got in there... who cares!)
  11. Hi there, I'm having a hard time maintaining soft water and low ph in my 1200 litre tank, due to time to cost restraints. so i'm thinking i might give up on uarus for now and shift over to something more tolerant of my tap water which is 7.6-7.8 and i believe about 80TDS so i'm fishing for suggestions on species which are readily available, have a good amount of character and grow LARGE (and i'm not really keen on oscars) I've never kept any tank busters before but i'm thinking at the moment i would like a green terror at least, maybe a red devil, trimac or veija sp. please give me your thoughts/opinions on 3-5 large fish that would get along in a 2.15mx0.9 wide x 0.75 tall tank with plenty of decor. i also really like fish that dig Thanks, Joel.
  12. So after purchasing the tank from inkevnito. i now have a project to work on. 1480mm x 170mm x 850mm Hopefully plan on stocking it with rainbowfish but im not sure which ones yet. going to try for the smaller type so they dont have issues with the slimness of the tank, maybe Pygmy Rainbowfish - http://rainbowfish.angfaqld.org.au/Pygmaea.htm My plan is to use as much stuff as i have extra laying around but not trying to scrimp on the look of it. Im getting a steel stand made up for cost price from a mate and planning on wrapping it in wood/ply and painting it black. Using Iron Sand as the substrate (already have leftover sand) possibly a 30cm T5 fixture i already have as the light (hanging from above the tank attached from some steel welded to the stand) need to get some lids made up for the top. Dec 30th 2015
  13. Hey there Fish Friends, Just started a scape, but not 100% happy with it quite yet. Plans so far are to remove sand and add more soil. Currently using Eco-Complete and liquid ferts. with new soil, i will have grasshair carpet the whole front and right side of tank. but the left side where driftwood is looks a tad bland IMO. was thinking of adding rotala rotundifolia in the very left corner and maybe some behind the big driftwood? Opinions on that or any plants that could look good? would love to hear suggestions wanting to fill it up more. Note: Waiting for new impeller for canister, thus the internal is there. Sorry for having too much to read! Cheers, Kev.
  14. Got nothing else going on tonight so thought i would share my build, has been going for 2 months or so now. Went with Pine for whole build and yet to make the hood just trying to get it filled. Started with 140x19 pine used a biscuit joiner to make them into the front and side panels The frame is 70x70 posts and rails are 70x35 ply for the top and bottom. Rails are checked into posts bit more tidy and stronger . Glued and screwed panels from behind onto frame, cut fronts with 45 degree angle. I think it gives a better look
  15. After about a month of getting everything together to start my first DSM (Dry Start Method) tank I am finally underway. First of all I would like to thank John [MENTION=1338]The Tech Den[/MENTION], [MENTION=9246]Donny@ageofaquariums[/MENTION] and [MENTION=7848]PETFISH[/MENTION] for helping put all this together. Having set up a few tanks in my time, I wanted to take the time and set one up without jumping in head first. I know that some of us, rush in and set up fast (guilty as charged), but I wanted to take the time, to make sure, everything is right. So let the journey begin. Initially, I was going to use my stock standard 2Lx1.5Hx1Wft tank which had little depth. But after a visit to the tech den, I saw a perfect tank, which suited my needs with a bit more depth. Less volume, but more suitable to my needs. So after a little bit of indecisiveness I decided to purchase the tank. The tank has a volume of 70L and will be set up Iwagumi style with HC. On completion of DSM, the tank will house CRS. Filtration for this tank will be an Eheim 2213, lighting is a Kessil A150WE Amazon Sun and an Ista C02 reg and solenoid (1lt) with reactor. Substrate is a combination of Benbachi Fluvic and Mr aqua soil. After a little umming and ahhing (I wasn't going to stain) I decided to stain and varnish the stand in black to match the substrate. Here is the tank before staining. And after...with the light set-up. Next, the substrate, rocks and HC added... Then, let the DSM begin.... Will post updates and pics as time passes by. Thanks for looking and let me know if I can improve in any way. Cheers
  16. Hello, long time forum member, but been quite a while since being user! Anyhow, was thinking of turning my 7w 2.5d 2h foot tank into a nice spacious peaceful tank... Wanted to try and grow out an aged healthy EBJD (I know it's apparently hard)... Tank mates currently thinking of 50 odd Cardinal Tetras haha... A pleco, and a yoyo loach maybe. Anyone got any ideas for me for tank mates or extra tips or recommend a breeder? (I'm Northside Brisbane). Any replies would be appreciated, cheers!
  17. Looking to get a tank build Who builds them Have spoken to dennision just wana see if anyone else does them
  18. Before i start this project, i was wondering if there are any members keeping salt or fresh water fish that over 80cm? Also any considering selling? ? Ty
  19. So after much deliberation and persuasion (Fiancé) I have managed to agree on a new display tank. I originally wanted to get a custom tank made L 3ft x W 3ft x H 2ft sadly I was struggling to get a cabinet maker to make a cabinet. My DIY skills and lack of time also hindered my ability to build a quality ADA styled cabinet and I estimated that a DIY cabinet would cost a minimum of $500 in materials. So I opted for the below. Concept Art: The basics: 4ft Aqua Serene 340L Tank and Cabinet in White includes filter - $1169 Black Vinyl Self-adhesive Wrap for Background - $20 3 x 20kg Bunnings play sand - $23 Approx. 30Kg of Texas Holey Rock - $210 White Egg Grate - $18 Otto PF2000N filter - $45 Approx. 20 Tonna Tesselata Shells - $16 Filter media for supplied Aqua One Nautilus 1400: 125ml Purigen – 250ml bought for swapping during recharging - $28 Purigen the bag - $15 Coral rubble 10mm 2kg - $8 Filter mesh bag - $7 Standard filter media including sponges and ceramic rings inc. in filter – bio balls replaced with coral rubble. Estimated total cost (excluding delivery costs, additional stock and plants): $ 1559 Stock: 8 x Paracyprichromis nigripinnis + (Dependant on successful breeding) 2 x Synodontis Perticola 3 x Neolamprologus caudopunctatus (to be replaced by the Neolamprologus Leleupi as I suspect the caudos have a year left of their life) 10 x Cyprichromis Leptosoma or equivalent (need to buy) 2 x Black Calvus (need to buy an additional Calvus) 4 x Neolamprologus Leleupi (need to buy) Breeding Colony of Shelldweller (need to buy) Rock Style: Loosely based on Iwagumi – http://aquascapinglove.com/basics/introduction-iwagumi-layout/ Plants: Vallis – Limited use behind large rocks Anubias – Mid / Foreground of Rockwork Example rockwork and shells purchased to date: Comments to date: The tank is sadly out of stock at the distributor and will take 3-4 weeks to be delivered expected mid-July. On a positive note it does leave time for the bacteria on the filter media to grow. Spare ceramic rings and coral rubble are sitting in my filter in my other tank since 16/06/2016 to enable growth of beneficial bacteria to aid with cycling. I will be transferring the Paracyprichromis nigripinnis at a later date, I have a few females who are holding and would like to grow a small colony – sadly the fry are being eaten by either my Calvus or the Synodontis catfish in my old tank. The black vinyl wrap is 900cm long by 60cm high, I only need 120cm and a further 100cm for my other tank. Maybe available for sale after i have set up. Shout outs and thanks to: The TechDen – For offering an extremely easy and professional service. Nothing was too much trouble even when I phoned and asked for specific sized pieces of Texas holey rock. They sent MMS to me of different rocks and I bought the rocks I wanted over the phone 20 minutes later. Exceptional service. Collecting and buying additional rocks from them this weekend. Petcity – For providing an unbeatable price on the tank. @Shon982 – For providing advice and quality Paracyprichromis nigripinnis who have been rock solid and started breeding. J Other QLDAF community members from posts: Sand: http://www.qldaf.com/forums/showthread.php?t=130001 I will update this with more pictures and steps once I get the tank.
  20. Hi all, I've been making the house quite the aquarium lately... All freshwater tropical and brackish so far though. But I am looking at making a special type of tank for purely Box Jellyfish and/or Irukandji for something different. Is there any must do's with keeping them, special filtration, etc? I'm thinking a large Perspex/Acrylic tube but not sure about what sort of filtration they need or works with them and if they are hard to keep? I'm pretty sure I'll only be able to keep either Box Jellyfish or Irukandji and not the two together but is it possible to do so? I know I need proper UV lights too but that also makes them look so awesome in a tank!!! Any advice with keeping them?
  21. So i finally pulled the trigger yesterday and bought a new 10gal to update my shrimp tank. Managed to bag some cheap seiryu stone as well so thought id get going on my first proper scape. My aim was to make a scape that didnt need all the bells an whistles and could be made with what was easily and (relatively) cheap and available. Running a basic aquamanta HOB with 2 clip in Animates LED and going to be dosing Excel every other day and trace elements and iron every water change. Currently has about 20 RCS and 2 endlers though going to change the endlers out for some smaller school. Not sure what yet. Its a basic black gravel (wanted to try something other than BDBS) with seiryu stone, some gold vine nano driftwood pieces, java moss, subwassertang, riccia and micranthenum minte carlo. Goong to be filling in the top of the cliff with a bushier plant, still unsure what that will be though. Would love to hear your thoughts! - Fuzzy Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  22. the bits that cover the glass joins on a hexagon tank . I think 135 degree? prefer black if possible - urgent please . tried Bunnings they don't sell it.
  23. I had to move my shrimp Tank Into garage I drained most the water out and left a couple of inches in there with the shrimp. I moved them in and re filled with the same water and added some new water to it. Instantly I had 1 death and lots of loss of colour, I tested the water last night and I had 6.6ph, 0.25 ammonia this might be the problem, and 0 nitrites. Today I had another death. Any ideas on how to stop this? I think the ammonia might be from the Ada soil that got shaken up
  24. Hi does anyone know or can reccomend anyone to move a 8x4x2.5
  25. Has anyone thought about putting a sticky in the pond section about setting up, maintaining a outdoors tank or pond? Would come in handy I think for others to read, both running filter or no filter, plants, substrate, no substrate, which fish for which area, amount of light, just all that stuff.
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