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  1. Hi, I'm setting up an African tank and I want to have 5-6 Blue dolphins as the centrepiece. I was wondering what other fish go well with them? My tank is a 6x2x2 foot and minus gravel and rocks will be around 530 litres. Any suggestions about stocking densities. Also does anyone keep plecos with their Africans? Thanks in advance, Nicola
  2. Hi all, Starting to run out of tanks so looking to combine some of my breeding colonies. Just after some advice on which colonies I could combine without cross breeding or too much aggression. Colonies I wish to place 2 of together are; Electric Yellows, Electric Blues, Blue Dolphins, Flamebacks, Demasoni, Maingano, Dragons Blood Peacocks, Kingsezei, Lombardoi, Hongi. Any thoughts/opinions appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. I have a breeding pair of sgjd in a 160L tank and the tank feels so empty. what fish would go well in this tank?
  4. Recently moved my pr of firefin comps to a new set up and they seemed a bit down(well that one that didnt get the prime real estate anyways!)so they now have some new tankmates to help them socialize and I think it shows a bit of entertainment goes a long way..... And yeah 1 problem....I cant remember what these guys are ...I forgot about 10 minutes after grabbing them ... i know they are Cyprichromis Leptosoma Jumbo ?????????????? and then its gone....kitumba?...chaitika?....gold fin kapampa?.....being new to these guys and having a big name like that...bad combo and google aint helping as it seems to them these guys all look the same .....
  5. Hi all, I'm moving my Texas cichlid into a 3x18x18 on the weekend. He reached a max of 15-20cm which he has stayed at for over a year. I am wondering what you guys would put in with him if it were your fish. He is 100% male and completely docile. The only tank mates I wouldn't put with him are large growing cichlids because he is a sook and has copped more than one flogging in his lifetime. Thanks guys any suggestions otherwise would be much appreciated
  6. What are peoples thoughts of tankmates for a single flowerhorn in a 6x2x2. Was thinking of some large plecos or native catties?
  7. I'm looking to upgrade my tank and would like to know if anyone has successfully kept tank mates with their jack. My jack is currently 20cm andd I'd like to get a motoro or 2. I'm trying to decide on a 3foot wide tank or going for a 2 foot wide tank. This is the second jack I have owned and i know they are territorial and aggressive. Any experiences or info would be great.
  8. Hey everyone I am thinking of adding a toga to my tank but I don't want to upset the balance too much. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they keep theirs with or opinions on adding one to mine. tank mates are: 3 35cm Pbass 1 oscar 30cm 1 Polleni 25cm 1 Salmontail cat 60cm 3 clown loaches 20cm + 1 Pleco The GG possibly may go back in this tank and he is around 45cm Thoughts? Thanks in advance Deeg
  9. I've recently setup a new tank with a couple firemouths (not breeding pair), a friend has offered me his breeding pair of red forest jewels as he needs the tank space, would they be okay with the firemouths or too much aggression? Thanks for any help, Lauren
  10. Hi everyone I have never been interested in hybrids and have never kept one. However I often just scan the hybrid sections and have noticed some awesome display flowernhorns in the mix and it has definitely intrigued me. so my question is, can flowerhorns be kept with other tankmates. The tank I was thinking of putting one in is an 8 x 2.5 x 2.5 with a huge filtration system. The tank inhabitants are a Pink GG about 45cm, a Pbass 27cm, an oscar 35cm, a polleni about 25cm, 3 clown loaches all over 20cm and a sailfin pleco 40cm. What are your opinions Cheers Deeg
  11. Trying to find info on veija synspilum. Any suggestions on suitable tankmates?
  12. Hi guys. I have a 4fter with: A breeding pair of Thomasii A pair of German Blue Rams A pair of Bolivian Butterfly's And a Quartet of Ellioti About 8 4cm B/N's (Albino, O/S, L/Fin and Common) And lots of plants, rocks and driftwood. Im wondering what else I could put in with them. I am going to get another pair/trio of Germans, but wondering if anything else would be suitable. I was thinking maybe some Apisto's of some sort (after researching more first of course). Any ideas? Josh
  13. i have 2 green terrors wanting to know if convicts are good tank mates i think they are cool, do they grow quick? what are they like to own? info on this or other fish that grow to 6 inch is helpful thanks
  14. we got some multis today, but we were wondering if there was anything we could keep with them, like bristle nose, cherry shrimp, other tangs? manly wondering about tank cleaners that won't eat or annoy the multis,
  15. As the title says. Cant find much information on the marbled fenestratus compatability...what are they most like aggression wise? Mid american type or more psychotic?
  16. I've got a female jack dempsey about 8-9cm in a three foot tank (160 litres) I know this tank is too small for her in the long run. But she is only in there temporarily then she'll be going into my four footer. So what might be good to put in with her for now? Thanks
  17. looking for a large desplay american that will go with geos and thomasi? rivulatus? any idears would be good laurie
  18. Would like some ideas for tankmates for 4 x Zonatus around 10-13cm (1M, 2F, 1 unknown). They will be in a 4'x24x18 with driftood and pots. I don't want to overstock it, but it would be nice to have something else with them. Would a couple discus be way out of the question? Otherwise, would they pick off/at larger tetra species like Congo's? There may also be a colony of orangespots in the tank.
  19. Hi all! I have one Electric Blue Jack Dempsey in a 3 foot tank (160lt) and I'm looking for some tank mates for him. I've had him in with 4 other ebjds but sold them off one by one over the last few months and ended up keeping the biggest most aggressive (and pretty) one. He is nearly 10cm now. He is also in with 2 clown loaches who are a tiny bit bigger than him. They get on very very well. I know my Africans but I'm only new to Americans and not sure what I'm looking for- so hopefully someone can help me out here I guess I'm looking to get maybe 6-8 small fish that are quick, hardy, school, swim around the middle/top, and big enough that the ebjd won't eat them. I want the ebjd to be my feature fish. I just want these to add some movement in the tank as the loaches are only out half the time. Bright colours are good - the orange of the loaches look so good against the blue of the ebjd. Suggestions would be very helpful! Thanks!
  20. hi all looking for advice on what to put in with my kribs?? currently have a trio and 2 common bristlenose in a 3x15x18. any ideas? also how would a couple of juvi red forest jewels go in there? as there in a 2ft im looking to use as a fry tank. any help is appreciated cheers jacob
  21. Hello all, I have a male dovii (he's prob 30cm long) in a 5x2x2 by himself atm and i wondering if my common pleco(about 20 -25cm) would be ok with him. I personally dont think it will work as dovii's tend to be pretty aggro (from my exp.) even when they are by themselves, but if anyone can prove otherwise or suggest ways to introduce the pleco, ( i was thinking maybe eggcrate to seperate til they get used to each other) that won't result in the pleco being mauled to death i would like to hear them. Cav
  22. Hi all. I am new to the forum (any forum for that matter),and I have just worked out (hopefully) how to ask a question. I have a question I am hopeing someone can help me with. I have recently bought some small cichlids. They are only approx 3 cm and are electric yellows and gold comps. I have temporarily put them in with my guppies and are all happy. I want to put them in my bigger tank, but have a couple of clown loaches and a bristlenose in there. They are all about 15+ cm. Does anyone know if they will pick on the cichlids, and if I have to wait until they grow a bit bigger to put them in that tank? Thanks
  23. Hi All I am a newbie and just working out how to use this forum (any forum actually). This is my 3rd attempt to post this message. I don't tink it worked the other times but please forgive me if it has. I have a question I am hopeing for someone to help me with. I recently purchased some small electric yellows and gold comps (all about 3cm). I have put them in my guppy tank for the moment but want to move them to my bigger tank. I have 2 clown loached and a bristlenose in the bigger tank, all over 15cm. Does anyone know if these will attack the new cichlids? Thanks
  24. Hi everyone I have recently purchased two large male Fronnies and have them in a display tank by themselves at the moment, i was just after some ideas of suitable display quality tankmates. They live in a 6x2x2. Thanks in advanced Deeg
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