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  1. Hi, Finally, I have purchased enough to set up a fully planted high tech with CO2 (need more lights) shrimp and goldfish setup. This can allow me heavily feed my goldfish like pigs, their ... feeds the filter, and the filter feeds my plants. Shrimps are cleaner. Of course, no heater to save $$$ on power. How good is that? I will upload pic tonight lol
  2. Hiya, been a while. Thought i'd share some of my current tanks African cichlid tank Discus/Angel tank Gold sev tank Goldie tank (cloudy due to substrate change) Tetra tank Betta tank (currently only 1 male in residence, cloudy from new sand) Oscar tank
  3. Needing to chill two small tanks 18" x 9 x9 with one chiller tanks are undrilled and don't really want to drill them, I want this to be cost effective. Chiller is a 250amp hailea.
  4. Has anyone got any reviews or experience on the fluval vista aquarium tank kit in either 60L or 87L as a first timer display tank. Seems to be pretty tidy kit with all the basics (filter, led blue white LED's, heater etc). Would the LED's be good enough to sustain low light plants?
  5. Does anyone no whe i can get manuals for these tanks - just bought both 2nd hand and missing some parts - manuals would be fantastic thanks Evan
  6. They're on Facebook located in Pimpama.They got 6x2x2 tank stand and hood for $880 on facebook. Im thinking of purchasing one. What are your opinions? Cheers..
  7. Today i went to pick up a 6ft tank with 3 blokes helping with the move... I thought i was getting a 6x2 but turns out it was a 6x2.5 and thus the glass thickness was way thicker than i expected. the three of us were struggling under the weight of the tank and as we were about to lift it up in to the ute we dropped it. Id assume it weighed around 300kg... The tank scraped down my brothers leg giving him a 22cm laceration basically from his knee to his ankle that was deep enough you could see his bone. Thankfully I have my first aid training (which if you dont have you should get now because you never know when you will be in a situation like this). He was rushed off to hospital and had surgery today, should only be there over night... it could have been much worse. Point of the story do not try to lift tanks without the correct amount of people... not only will it save ya tank but it could potentially do permanent damage if you don't, thankfully it didn't land on anyones feet... cheers, tristan
  8. Springfield tap water after being aerated in a bucket for a day is measured@ pH - 8 - 8.2 gH - 143.2 ( kH - 125.3 (7) I have two nano tanks which keep, neon tetras, guppies and a better are currently at 7.2-7.4 Can I slowly raise the pH up to 8 - 8.2 and the fish will acclimatise, or is the pH too high? Any help would be great!
  9. Well I've now expanded my tank arsenal from 1 to now 3, I picked up two very nice tanks yesturday for my shrimps. I'm just wondering if later on I want similar looking tanks where would I go? I know shops like pet barn don't sell them. They are just 18"L x 9wx 9.5h rectangler tanks. As I am thinking later on I wanna build a rack but want identical tanks on it.
  10. 1- 600x285x340- 57 lit 15gal 2- 900x390x450- 158 Lt 41 gal 3- 1300x365x450- 214 lt 56.5 gal 15 Gal will be a quarantine/ fry tank if needed. would i need to run this tank all the time? and should i plant it? 41 gal i was thinking would be planted and have fish like rainbows, mollys, guppys, neon ect? 56 gal would be planted and have 3 pearl gouramie and 3 angel fish, 6 juii cory , 5 kuli loaches and something else...? OR 40 gal 3 pearls, 1 angel? and 6 corys. 56 gal a large fish something with personality and a few cory ? So for these types of tanks would these filters be ok? i need to keep cost down and electricity low. 40 gal Aqua One Advance 750 Aquis Series II Canister Filter OR AQUA ONE NAUTILUS 800 LPH and a sponge filter. 55 gal AQUA ONE ADVANCE 1050 AQUIS SERIES II CANISTER FILTER OR AQUA ONE NAUTILUS 1400 LPH and sponge filter 15 gal not sure yet AS I dont know if this tank needs to run full time or only when needed? thanks guys [h=1][/h]
  11. Hi, Just thought I would put up my latest additions. The 2 ring tanks have been up since 2005 or so. Put the two 1/2 cubes in on the w/e to house a few adult Empire gudgeons I acquired and the 500 or so altogether young Murray Rainbows and the Fly Specked Hardys that resulted this year. Still have fry hatching...slowing tho. Had to re think the cycle from the main pond but seemed to work out ok. Want to put in a little solar pump about 200-300 l/hour just to move the water just between the tanks and just top up from the 'big pond'. Each tank just overflows via a down pipe embedded in gravel so fish cant move either way. Here's the pics... https://www.dropbox.com/s/li0dw1e3qbcahtn/F4IMGP0031.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/4kafz2stshjyh47/F3IMGP0027.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/oplkws81q78ml2m/F5IMGP0035.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/mq0bsq0jna8f1x1/F6IMGP0036.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/1vaw3l6oat0wv7h/F2IMGP0028.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/qexr7pu4ux4zjzc/F1IMGP0032.jpg?dl=0
  12. Hey all, Chasing the general consensus on tanks that have been empty for long periods. Mainly, would you buy one? I have an assortment of tanks that I have been sitting dry for just over 12 months, all 2nd hand but were in use previously and completely leak free. I moved in with my partner, and they have been waiting for me to put them to use, but life gets in the way, and now the arrival of a little one, I can safely say that my fish breeding ambitions are officially on hold for the foreseeable future. What I'm getting at is, Would anyone buy them as is? Or would I be best to strip them down, clean them and redo all the silicone? (I was planning on doing this anyway before using them myself) Thanks guys Jesse
  13. 30 + years ago under gravel filters were popular, are they still being used? The breeders I came across did not use filters in their breeding tanks just an air stone and in the shop situation we only used air stones and no filters. I see the shops selling all sorts of 'scapes some that should not be underwater. What is going on. Maybe aquariums aint aquariums anymore they are artworks. Ponds it seems are still a bit traditional but some are opportunistic, I always wondered about a windmill to run a bucket ferris wheel pump to lift and aerate water to a top level pond that overflows back down to the bottom pond - sort of movement action all the time the breeze blows. The other idea that caught my attention is the oriental idea of a garden quiet seat, from where you can only see the tranquil things and not the ugly stuff some even have a portal through which you can see distant mountains or a town hall clock. add in some cascading ponds and you would really have something special. I am banned from such enterprises my wife wants to keep things basic and lo-key.
  14. Hey all just wanted to share my new up and running nano tanks, been working on these for last few weeks and have just added my resident shrimps. Two 5 gallon tanks, one with red cherry shrimp and the other with ghost shrimp. Can't wait to see how they go! Any comments or advice welcomed, this is my first attempt at shrimp keeping
  15. does anyone have eds number who makes fish tanks at caboolture markets please,im in need of some lids. cheers tyler
  16. Hi guys, Here are my two recently redesigned Aquaone tanks: an Aquastyle 510 and a UFO 550. Both have black sand, 2x 11W bulbs and low light plants such as Bolbitis heudelotii, Java fern, Java moss, Anubia nana, Cryptocoryne wendtii and Elodea. I have ditched the original filters and gone with a Midikani 800 for the Aquastyle 510 and an Eheim 2213 for the UFO 550. UFO 550 fauna: 10 Harlequin Rasboras 3 Albino Cories 1 Albino BN (female) 1 Angelfish Aquastyle 510 fauna: 5 Cherry Barbs (all female) 4 Kuhlii Loaches 1 Albino BN (male) Can you spot him?
  17. I'm going to drill a few tanks. What's the best type of drill bits to buy. ?? Also any advice on to drill would be great. I've looked on YouTube and it looks reasonably easy !!?? cheers Marty
  18. Howdy plant peeps, I'm using a bba treatment in my tank and I can't waterchange for at least two weeks which got me thinking. Are waterchanges really necessary in a planted tank? The main reasons for waterchanges is to remove nitrates and replace minerals that have been depleted, so if the plants consume nitrates and minerals are dosed would that negate the need for them? I don't think the water would go stagnant as there is flow and by injecting c02 the plants release oxygen back into the system, would that be a correct assumption? What are peoples thoughts on this subject? Cheers mick
  19. Hi Guys Can anyone recommend good quality **** if possible see through *** plastic tubs to be used as small plant growing tanks. im going to setup a project in the cavity above my main tank ( its in a cupboard) will build a solid shelf to take the weight of a few maybe 20L tubs and ill have main tank water pumping up into them then gravity fed through them back out to my main tank. Will have LED lighting for them. Just want to know if anyone is using plastic tubs as sumps or fuges or even small tanks.. Regards Aron
  20. Afternoon guys. I am seeking some advice, I want to restart my 2 largest tanks utilising the sump that was used including the 2 tanks on a rack system. which as we all no went south super quick! White Spot (ich) & then ammonia spike finished everybody off. The 2 largest tanks 6x2x2 & 6x2x700 are the only tanks left with the 4x2x18 sump, still sitting as they were when I drained them including sand in the tanks & I also had bulk little black snails that lived in my sump & drove me nuts! Basically I want to fill the tanks & sump, plug the pump in & if possible BOMB THE **** outa it with whatever. I want every last bit of bacteria, be it good or bad DEAD, also I want the snails DEAD. Then once all this has run it course, I want to clean out the sump, IN TAP WATER :0 OMG! Then start the cycle fresh & new. Any advice would be appreciated, I just want to make sure I get everything including what lives in the sand substrate. Thanks you guys & girls.
  21. Hi, im wanting to get a tank built by Peter who works at Tech den, has anyone had one built by him ? Could I possibly see a photo just to get an idea. Thanks
  22. Just wanna know wats everyone's thoughts on breeding tanks for Africans do you think 2x1x1.5 is big enough to house most Africans with colony sizes of one male eight females and four footers for grow outs obviously the tanks will need to be larger for bigger fish but for most variants wats your thoughts?
  23. A tiny little bit of blue was amongst some algae I added a while back and this came from that tiny peice? Oh and its getting bigger and in the tank it gets eaten straight away but at the back of the tank where this one is, I cut some off and toss it and it grows back, so pretty! I thought it might be blue green algae, but it doesn’t fit the profile.
  24. Hello! Is my first time here! My name is Rey and I am from Puerto Rico.. I want to learn more about this nice lifestyle hobby from the friends here and also sharing my experience with all of you. Thanks for your attention. I hope you like my tank. Have a nice day! ___________________ My channel in YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVImmM5y7P98cGsVEVwidJA
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