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Found 24 results

  1. I am just curious if anyone does chlorine tests on the tap water before they use is ? I have no water tanks to collect rain water so i am stuck with tap water for now. I found a tester on ebay that might work as a general safeguard in case the council has a dosing pump fail or decides to spike the chlorine for some reason. does anyone have one of these ? are they ok or am i better off with test strips or whatever ?
  2. Pretty much a question around the title but first up a disclaimer that I don't recommend this or anything like that and I run three filters in my tank which makes it a little more robust. Background is this tank has been running for a few years so well established, has two canister filters and one internal for mechanical filtration / powerhead. When cleaning a canister filter (say one every 3 months), I use the hose (town water) to spray out the filter wool (or just replace), the sponges and the ceramic ring biomedia. Ceramic biomedia always stays wet and gets more of a quick rinse. I use the API FW master test kit and have for a long time never had a mini-cycle doing this. I know the test works as I've had ammonia readings testing DIY substrate ferts in a bucket and on an unrelated mini-cycle. So it's bugging me on why I'm not killing off my bacteria population with a filter clean to some degree. Tank is well stocked. I'm assuming that most bacteria in the filter are in the biomedia and are protected as I only give it a quick spray. Also perhaps tap water treatment isn't strong enough to kill off bacteria with only short exposure? And that the bacteria in the other filter plus in tank gravel,etc pick up the slack before I can notice it. Is that possible?? I mean I find it great I can give the filters a really good clean but .... Wondered what others do for cleaning filters?
  3. I have attached a copy of the water analysis of my tap water gabbinbar and would like to know are there any stand out issues you can see especially in regards to keeping disucs? What will I need to be careful of and which products ect.... Setting up a new tank at the moment thank you. This analysis may be of interest to others in the area as well.
  4. .Deal of the Day - The Ever Popular API Tap Water Conditioner in the 473ml bottle - Treats 35000 litres !! for only $8.95.. Link - Age of Aquariums - API Tap Water Conditioner 472ml Ben
  5. does any one else have trouble getting the ph down to neutral in brisbane tap water? my tap water is 5 at best any ideas/ suggestions to bufer it ? what do you use? cheers
  6. Hi guys, Have just finished cycling a cichlid tank with existing filter media. I am getting low readings of nitrates and low readings of ammonia (non existent). 0 - 0.1 I changed water and I use seachem prime (double dosage) and my ammonia readings go up so i Tested the tap water, with a nutrifin test kit. the tap water reads at 2.4 (checked twice) anyone else have these problems?
  7. I bought one of these the other day. https://www.masters.com.au/product/901050335/neta-plain-tap-adaptor-20mm If you like me and have a laundry spout that you cannot attach a hose to and would like to have the ability to use a hose indoors to fill your tanks then this is a great option. I didn't want to put an threaded adapter on the kitchen tap and also my laundry is the mid point between my garage and the display tank in the front room, so it made sense to add this to the Laundry spout and a hell of a lot easier/cheaper than changing the laundry spout to a threaded type, which is a hard to find and be the only ones I could find, bloody expensive. Bunnings also sell a Nyelx version which is actually the one I bought as the clamp has an attached wing nut compared to the standard hose clamp nut which has to be tightened with a screw driver and this can be taken off easier by a flick of the wrist as it were. Result
  8. Was in the process of doing a water change today and noticed that the alkalinity of the tap water was off the charts. I did several tests from different taps around the house and even left them running for a bit and they all came out the deepest blue colour I have ever seen. Just wondering if anyone in the springfield/brookwater/redbank area has noticed the same?
  9. What do you use ?? I have seen many posts about people losing fish due to town water. Just wondering what people use and why ??
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. I have a Blue Ram in 30 Litres tank of Tap water with a pH of 8.0 GH of 12 degrees KH of 4 degrees Conductivity of around 700 uS/cm I wish to convert the tank to rain water... FYI pH 6.5, GH & KH undetectable. How should I go about it. I would like as much technical advice as possible please..!!!
  12. Just did a ph test on my tap water and its literally off my chart (don't remember it being this high last time I checked) Over 7.4 anyway. My tanks sit at 7 similar to my rain water tank I think. Just curious as to what every one elses is. Just me or is my tapwater very high?
  13. Hi, I was going to setup a second 2217 on my tank today and discovered a small leak in the in-line tap (intake). This leak is not where the two parts join but from a connection in the tap itself. Is this just a o ring needing to be replaced or is the tap stuffed? Cheers Trav
  14. Thought I would just throw this in please people CHECK YOUR TAP WATER if that is what you use before doing a water change on your tank. I got really lucky today almost did a water change and was thinking ahhhh can not be bothered testing the tap water luckily for some reason at the last second i did. My tap water nitrites were off the chart and would have most likely killed my fish. Even took it in to be tested at the lfs so as just to double check they did not believe it and had not seen that before. Even council tells me it is not possible but alas it is. So please please please make sure to check your water parameters before adding it to your tank. Your Fish will thank you
  15. Ok thort i had i fish with worms as there was white lil worms in its tank so i went to get some worming tablets was talking to my fish guru he was saying that particular worm comes threw in your tap water not so harmfull for the fish but better to knock them on the head Never expected them to come threw my tap water
  16. Hi all Just wondering what the general tap water readings (pH, gH & kH) for Brisbane, Eatons hill specifically, once the tank has been cycled but without any additives/buffers etc. Looking at keeping Tanganyikans so just looking at how much I will need to buffer, if any. Cheers Trav
  17. So, I just went to fill some buckets to do a weekly water changes and the water coming out of the tap is yellowish! Why is it not clear? This happened a couple of weeks ago also! Whats going on with brisbane water? I see it to be pointless to do a water change when the water that I would be putting into my tanks looks dirtier then the water coming out of the tank. Not looking forward to tonights shower....ewwwww:mad: Angel in Disguise
  18. Just a quick question guys. I have previously used the following products in water changes in my tank - Aristopet Aquamaster Water Ager (Chlorine Neutraliser) & Seachem Neutral Buffer 7.0 - Based on some info I've found in discussions it seems that the general opinion is that Ph Buffers are not really necessary unless you're specifically aiming for a very high of very high low Ph (as fish will adapt to the water). So am I correct in thinking that I could forget about the NeutralBuffer 7.0 because generally most water would be around the neutral range anyway? Water changes are done with 50% tap water (using the Water Ager to de-chlorinate) and 50% tank water. Thanx for any help guys
  19. Some of you may have seen the unfortunately loss of rosequoll's fish which was the result of toxic tap water. Her readings in Salisbury were .5-1ppm nitrites, .5ppm ammonia, 60-80ppm nitrates and mine (in Eight Mile Plains) within seconds have started to look much the same. I will give a final reading in about 10 minutes. I urge everyone to test their water before doing a water change! When doing so, can you please post your results here so we can stay updated. Thanks, Regards, Ryan
  20. I dont know if this has already been discussed but what r ur thoughts? Ive been using tank water for my Africans. Ive had to add salts and buffers and their all healthy and my lombardois r even breeding but is there any risks or advantages by using tank versus tap water?
  21. I saw on the news that there is an algae bloom in the water. Will it have and negative affects on fish.
  22. Just did a water change on one of my tanks today and noticed that my poor little fish was breathing heavily then i saw she had shedded some of her slime coat (GAHHHH!!). So naturally, while freaking out, i tested the water and ammonia is at 0, nitrite is at 0.5. Was just about to whip out the pump and hoses to do another water change when i thought I'd test the tap water. Nitrites at 1ppm!! So my question is; is there a way to detoxify nitrites in the tap water other than using 5 times the normal dose of prime?
  23. Just curious if activated carbon would remove a tap water conditioner (for removing chlorine)?
  24. Just wanted to do a bit of a poll i guess - wondering what the variation of pH from tap water in different areas. I live in mudgeeraba & my tap water pH seems to be coming out around 7.7 / 7.9 (i cant be certain cause im colour blind). Good for africans, not so good for my tropicals... Which leads to the following question - recommendations on a good pH buffer? or are they all about the same...
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