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Found 26 results

  1. Hi guys As per title, I would like to set up a 4x18x20 tank with American cichlids. After some reading it seems like Geophagus Tapajos Orange head might be a good choice as they don't get too big. Can you please give me advice on the substrate (I don't want sand as they tend to get sucked into the filter), the decor, tankmates and most importantly who breed good quality Geophagus Tapajos Orange head? Your advice is appreciated Cheers Toan
  2. anyone seen this before? 3 red dots on the lower jaw and and red mark up the gill plate, then a red area around the start of the lateral line i've never seen this before but recently changed their diet to a high protien (50%) food instead of a medium protien (35%) food, thats all i can think of but if anyone has a better suggestion please let me know cheers, joel.
  3. Wondering what the best diet for these guys would be and the frequency for maximum growth. they are nearly 8months old roughly and i have been feeding them a mixture of spectrum, spectrum thera + and hikari, also superior brand blood worms though i hear blood worms are apparently not the best and hence want to change. I feed them morning, afternoon and night. what would you recommend in their diet to best accommodate their health and growth? will post some pics tomorrow.:confused:
  4. I always thought these were Tapajos. But I'm thinking now that they might have been sold as Araguaia. I can't remember and I'm thinking they look more like Araguaia. They are about 1 year now and haven't got their orange heads, though I can see the faint colour there. If anyone has any clues on sex that would be great.. Probably still a bit young though. They all seem to act like boys being very territorial but I've noticed two getting a bit friendly and circling each other sometimes. Anyway, let me know what you think please
  5. Last night one of my females spent hours laying eggs. But as soon as she let the boy in he just ate them, hahah. Typical insensitive male hehe I got a couple of videos: https://vimeo.com/44442406 https://vimeo.com/44439671 https://vimeo.com/44442013
  6. I was hoping someone could help me with sexing this orange head geo I know I have two definite girls cause I can see both their tubes. But this one looks a little different to them. Much less colourful. Slightly different shape.
  7. These guys have really picked up their colour in the last month, so got a couple of new pics last night
  8. Larger more colourful pajos are from fabs about 8-9months old i think the smaller less colourful ones are new editions from americanlover2 about 3-4months old photos are taken with a gopro and just had my hand in the water (debris) hope someone else enjoys them as much as i do
  9. Dicrossus maculatus in their natural habitat
  10. Hey guys Thought id Upload some pics of the tanks i have up and running. Sorry in advance for any dirty glass.(Forgot to clean altifrons glass). 1.) 4 x 2 x 2 Tank Bolivian Ram Geophagus Araguia Geophagus Braziliensis Geophagus Rio Branco FireMouths Blue Acara Female Bristlenose 2.) 4 x 2 x 2 Geophagus Altifrons Tocantins 3.) 3 x 2 x 2 Geophagus Tapajos Juvies Bolivian Ram (Bullied) 4.) 2 x 1.5 x1.5 (Temporary) Rivulatis/ Gold Saum/ Green Terror young adult. Enjoy!!! My 4 x 2 x 2 Geo Community Tank Geophagus Araguaia 12cm Female Same Same
  11. I've read that you can put anything with a ebjd that can hold it's own and not fit in its mouth. Keeping this in mind I'm thinking of getting two or three Geophagus Tapajos. My ebjd keeps to himself in his corner or the tank and only comes out at feeding time. He's about 3.5 inch and growing very very slowly. Been about that size for nearly 6 months. My tank is 4 foot (280 litres) The Geos I'd like are 5cm. How would this go? I've also been looking at firemouths...
  12. Hi guys, As you know have had my geos for a little while (wish I kept them forever), however they outgrew the tank and my orders from my parents (Currently living at home for final year of uni doing thesis) was no bloody way a 6 footer is going in here, so it meant they had to unfortunately go to a better home that was more spacious. I hope to still keep in touch with the person who bought them off me and hopefully can get some fry from them as there were a definite dominate breeding pair amongst them. The tank they are in has made way for an apistogramma biotope with a to die for breeding colony of lovely corydoras atropersonatus. Here are some of the final goodbye shots I got of my geos before saying bye; Nice fin colour from this pic;
  13. Just wondering on some thoughts to put in with my tapajos. I just had severums in with them and was thinking of letting them breed for a while but after that what would do good with them. Different tpye of geo? Any ideas would be good cheers.
  14. Just wondering what tapajo fry is worth between 2-4cm? i have a patch ready to go soon just wondering if they are worth anything? I saw Geophagus araguaia at 4cm for $15 each the other day? what is the difference between the fish they look pretty similiar. Thanks
  15. Hi guys, As you are all probably aware I keep F1 Geophagus Tapajos. I have a problem with one of the larger ones (subdominant) fish in the tank. He/She has develloped these crator looking things that I am unsure on. After speaking to a mate of mine who keeps many geos we have come to the conclusion it could either be HITH syndrome, or it could be simply a battle wound from fighting another geo or scraping on sharp wood on the tank. It does not appear to be the four or two indented nostril holes when they breathe in and out that the fish have normally when you look at a geo. I have kept pristine water conditions where the nitrate at the very max would not even pass 10 to 20ppm from day 1 of the tank being cycled under any conditions from day 1 and am a firm believer of a mixed well balanced and high protein diet of frozen bloodworm, live blackworm, various hikari foods, nls formula foods, and also sera products. I have soft water and low ph water that the fish are kept in. I am hoping someone can shed the light on one of the two or three possibilities that it is. I have started treating Sterazin for the sake of it incase it is HITH syndrome as my mate said one of his mate who keeps big south african cichlids had great success using that during his recent bout of it. Thanks so much, Adam
  16. Hi everyone, Only got into fish at beginning of the year but gees has the bug hit hard ... tanks everywhere 2200 L system in garage full of africans breeding, and couldn't resist getting the tapajos for the inside tank so my question is this : 1st of all any help regarding keeping these healthy would be appreciated. What in your opinion is the best/easiest way to keep the water right indian almond leaves or driftwood that leaches tannin ? or both ? I currently have them with sandie bottom a few rocks 4 pieces of driftwood 2 of them have large anubias on them, water seems fairly clear they don't seem to be eating a lot I have only owned them for 2 weeks they are F1s , I have 13 of them at roughly 8 to 10 cm in a 5 ft tank. I got given thera A large fish formula with them as that is what previous owner was feeding them what else is recommended. Any news on the eartheater site coming back to qldaf ? Thank you Fabs
  17. Hi guys and girls, The Geophagus Tapajos in my tank are still young, only had them a few months from when they were 4cms already up to 10 to 12cms by now. They decided that it was time to do the dirty. I could sense they were pairing off but was not convinced and this put the icing on the cake when I went to release 20 Lemon Tetras into the tank (still stressed and not yellow for the moment as they only came into the fish shop today). Just done a test of the water and all read perfect and also pH was on 6.0 and it is also really soft water. They are still young so not expecting much from them, chances are they will fail first few times no doubt, but the future looks good ENJOY The tank with the lemons settling in; The start of their egg laying;
  18. Hi guys and girls, In my Geophagus Tapajos tank there are also some lovely Apistogrammas in there. Before anyone critics why, it is simply because the Apistos and the Geos never bother another and if a Geo comes within the Apistos area then BOOM the Geo gets it and the Apisto is more feisty than the Geo any day of the week. They are not big enough for the Geos mouth no chance in hell!!!! Until I found out tonight I was wrong. They get fed 3 times a day and just got their daily water change so unsure why it decided the apisto was an expensive snack after scoffing down a feed of live blackworm an hour earlier. Apistogramma Bitaeniata was the Apisto of choice for the Geo to be precise. They are growing at a rapid rate from small fry and are at about 3cms now with largest being 4cms. The smallest one however was no match for one of my dominant Geophagus Tapajos tonight who thought it would be awesome to munch on him head first leaving his tail wriggling around while he was still alive in the Geo's mouth. I had to become fish vet for the evening and catch the geo and try and save the poor Apistogramma however it was too late RIP APISTO I got action shots for those who want to look at the fat guts (got so bloody mad at him too wanted to stab him for doing it but it is not his fault after all) Will upload the youtube link of tank soon including it holding the apisto in its mouth Adam
  19. Just wondering at what size do these guys start to breed and how to can tell male from female? Cheers
  20. i am trying to buy a trio of Geophagus sp. tapajos orange heads. i was wanting to put them into my tangyikan setup but i soon realised that geos were not afericans but americans. could i put them in a PH of 8 or would they die or not breed. NEED HELP ASAP cheers timothy
  21. hi, was just wondering if the texas cichlid arnd 18-20 cm can handle 17-22c temperature, i got a cold water tank with other native aussie fish and cichild that i want to try put him in, only in the morning its around 17-19c than after 3-4hourds it warms up, was just wondering if it can handle the temperature, i know it might be winter but my tank has survived thru last winter without a heater, also how many tapajos should i get, this will be in my geo tank, currently i have 9 rio brancos (3-4cm) and am planing to get some tapajos tomoro, their 4-5cm big, can you tell the differnece between the sexes? my rio brancos had a mouth locking comp last night, now one leads the group, out of the 9, 4 had mouth lock fight, so hoperfully the rest are females thanks
  22. Here are some pics of my Tapas spawning last night, first time I've seen them go inverted. Male Female Cheers Larry
  23. these are some geo tapajos i purches off glen about 3 weeks ago. they have settled in really well, i verry impressed with glens fish and highly recomend. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
  24. what type of new life spectrum would you feed geophagus tapajos? and are they classified as cichlid? thanks
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